Colleges With Fire Science Majors

Colleges With Fire Science Majors – Fire protection in the US is still a mixed bag because there are few universal guidelines. Fire departments are usually municipal, not state or federal. But the system varies from city to city. Throughout the United States, firefighters can be either volunteer or professional. Administrative positions such as fire chief, fire inspector, and fire marshal may be appointed offices. Sometimes they are appointed or hired. Finding a professional job as a firefighter or supervisor is difficult. On the other hand, finding qualified firefighters and fire service leaders is difficult.

With all these differences, firefighter training leads the game. Firefighters may have degrees or diplomas from community colleges, or courses offered only within the fire department. However, in recent years, firefighting has become increasingly popular. Major cities and counties are beginning to expect their firefighters and supervisors to have a bachelor’s degree. Fire science degree programs are becoming the norm across the United States. Students interested in a career in fire protection would be wise to start.

Colleges With Fire Science Majors

To establish the highest ranking, among fire science colleges in America, the editors of the Bachelor’s Degree Center began by looking for accredited programs in fire science, fire management, and other fields. We then ranked the schools based on five factors:

The 10 Best Online Schools For Associate In Fire Science Degrees For 2021

With these five steps, students can be sure they’re getting a bachelor’s degree in fire science based on quality, student satisfaction, and solid ROI. Students should consider financial aid and educational requirements.

The University of Florida’s BS in Fire Safety and Emergency Services degree program is available on campus or online through the School of Construction Management. Students must complete 120 credit units; of which 60 credits must be higher education. Degree candidates can choose specializations in EMS Management, Emergency Management, and Fire Specialization.

The University of Florida was founded in 1853 under the Morrill Land Grant Act. UF is one of a select group of universities that is a space grant; land and sea grants for higher education. UF is the largest member school in the University of Florida system. US News recognizes the University of Florida as one of the top 10 institutions of higher learning in the country.

What we love: UF’s fire science degree program has received accreditation from Fire & Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE)—a recognition of excellence.

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Providence College offers a BS degree program in Fire Administration that has received FESHE Certification – meaning an on-campus or online program. FESHE is an integral part of the National Fire Academy. Graduate students are prepared to work as a Chief, Battalion Fire Chief, Fire Inspector, or Firefighter, among others. Providence College’s emergency management program offers generous transfer points for up to 75 credit units.

Providence College (PC) was founded in 1917. The school’s 100+-acre campus sits on the highest point of Providence – Smith Hill and has more than 3,800 students. The school is made up of four schools – Arts & Sciences, Business, Professional Studies, and Continuing Education.

What we love: This school has the privilege of being the only institution of higher learning in the United States overseen by Dominican friars.

The College of Health and Public Services offers a BS degree program in Emergency Management and Planning at the University of North Texas at Dallas. The UNT-Dallas Department of Emergency Management program is one of the few fire science degree programs with FESHE certification. Students have the opportunity to study abroad in Asia, South America, and many other countries.

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The University of North Texas at Dallas was founded in 2000 as a public university. The 250+-acre downtown campus has more than 3,500 students (mostly part-time). The student body is very diverse with African American and Hispanic students representing 75% of total enrollment.

What we love: The University of North Texas at Dallas is the only institution of higher education located in the city of Dallas.

Holy Family University offers a BS in Fire Science and Public Safety Administration degree program in an online format. These courses include Human Risk Analysis, Public Safety Threats, and Incident Analysis, among others. Students must complete the 27 credit hours of classes required for the Fire Science major. Students graduate with risk management, leadership, business knowledge, and leadership skills.

Holy Family University was founded in 1954 and is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. The school’s student body, approximately 2,000 students, studies in four schools/colleges of Holy Family University — Business, Education, Nursing/Allied Health Professions, and Arts & Sciences. Holy Family University is known as the smallest of the four Catholic universities in Philadelphia.

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What we love: White Family is one of the few fire science degree programs to receive accreditation by IFSAC – the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress.

Lewis University offers a BA degree program in Fire Service Administration on campus, online and in an accelerated format. These courses include Ethics in the Fire Service, Legal Aspects of the Fire Service, Labor Management Mediation, Fire Service Administration, and Emergency Medical Services, among others. Lewis University offers a generous credit transfer program. Lewis University has received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Lewis University was founded by the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1932. The school is recognized as a Roman Catholic institution of higher learning. The Lewis University campus is home to more than 4,600 degree-pursuing students offered by the university’s five colleges/schools. During WWII, the school was converted into a military base to train pilots.

What we love: The Lewis location in Chicago provides fire science graduates with a wide range of career opportunities in the greater community.

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BS from the University of Nebraska Omaha in Fire Service Emergency Science Management from the College of Public Affairs and Community Service. UNO fire courses include fire procedures, public fire safety, investigation and code, emergency services management, among others. The fire department oversees the professional roles of emergency services and firefighters.

Omaha Presbyterian Theological Seminary founded the University of Nebraska Omaha in 1908. The school became an institution of higher learning in 1930. About 40 years later, the University of Nebraska Omaha became a member school of the University of Nebraska.

What we love: UNO’s Peter Kiewit Institute has a $65+ million computer network that supports bioinformatics and academic management at a high level.

Western Illinois University’s School of Police and Justice Administration offers a BS in Fire Administration (which can be completed online) or a BS in Fire Science degree program (which is an on-campus program). WIU’s emergency management program has been certified by the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Program. Instructors consist of retired or active firefighters and managers with real-world experience, and can provide quality advice – not to mention job market connections.

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Western Illinois University was founded in 1899 as a teacher training college with land donated by the town’s builders. Western Illinois University’s small campus has more than 8,000 students, the National Register of Historic Places recognizes the history of Sherman Hall – the first building on campus.

What we love: WIU offers students a four-year fixed tuition (and other fees) rate – the first guarantee of its kind in Illinois.

The Department of Technology offers the BS program in Fire Protection Administration and Technology at Cal State Los Angeles. An online fire science degree provides a comprehensive overview that emphasizes the management skills and abilities required by fire science professionals. Students competing for Cal State LA’s emergency management degree must complete 120 credit units – of which 72 credit units are directly related to fire science.

Cal State LA was established by the California Legislature in 1947. Cal State LA is a member of the California State University system. Cal State LA is known as a Hispanic higher education institution and a land grant school. The school’s downtown campus has about 28,000 students.

Fire Science Technology Degree Options

What we love: The school has a CHARTER program affiliated with NASA – SPACE – the first government-sponsored program in the country.

Jefferson College of Health Science offers a BS in Emergency Services degree program in conjunction with the Carilion Clinic that can be completed on campus or completely online. The Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) program is accredited by the Jefferson College of Health Sciences Department of Emergency Management. The Virginia Department of Health/Office of Emergency Medical Services (VAOEMS) also approves Jefferson College of Health Sciences’ fire science degree program.

Jefferson College of Health Sciences was established in 1982. JCHC operates with four academic areas – Arts & Sciences, Nursing, Rehabilitation & Wellness, and Community Health Sciences. The school has more than 1,000 students represented by Jeff, JCHC’s St. Bernard Mascot. The school has the privilege of having the longest school of medical education

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