Colleges With Good Chemistry Majors

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If you are unsure whether or not to pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree, you should consider an associate’s degree as a great alternative for you.

Colleges With Good Chemistry Majors

With a two-year specialization, you have the freedom to create your own path after graduation. This program is enough to build a foundation to earn a bachelor’s degree if you choose.

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While other industries and jobs require a bachelor’s or master’s degree, these 2-year programs provide intensive training to help you find work in certain fields. Soon you will be ready to pass the professional field.

An Associate in Chemistry is your stepping stone to earning a bachelor’s degree or launching an exciting career. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the best college that offers you quality training to become educationally or career ready.

Our list includes the top 15 colleges in the country that offer associate degree programs in chemistry. Colleges and universities were ranked based on their courses, quality of teaching, accreditation status, peer reputation, affordability and overall program value, and financial aid options.

Our goal is to make the program selection process easy for you so that you can enroll in a chemistry associate program that will shape you into an educated professional in the field.

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Glendale Community College offers an Associate in Physical Science degree where you can specialize in chemistry. This program emphasizes critical thinking, data analysis, and problem solving as learning methods. The curriculum includes an introduction to scientific laws and theories and all their applications.

According to the American Chemical Society, graduate students benchmark their general chemistry exams against the national performance norm.

This program started already in 2010, which Dr. Carlos G. Gutierrez Structuring. It was then that the community college began investing in research equipment and supplies.

When undergraduate research was successful three times in a row, additional investments were made in 2012 to further develop the research. Since then, it has proven how beneficial this program is to many college students.

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Let’s say you want to earn a degree that prepares you to specialize in other programs at four-year colleges or universities, or to transfer to a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

In this case, you may be eligible to enroll as an Associate in Chemistry at Raritan Valley Community College. You can work in a variety of academic, industrial and clinical environmental science, chemical sales and chemical engineering laboratories.

Their laboratories are equipped with modern equipment and facilities and their computer systems are advanced in data acquisition and analysis.

You can prepare for later graduation or college transfer by taking courses at Green River College. This is the best program for your education fund. You can focus on current distribution options and elective credits so that you can meet your educational goals efficiently and effectively.

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This transitional stage helps you learn more about composition, properties and the study of matter. You have a broader knowledge of taking substances, taking them apart and combining them in different ways. Your learning in this program is vital as you contribute to the industrial world.

Rose State College’s associate degree program in chemistry focuses on providing a comprehensive basic education program for students who plan to transfer to 4-year colleges and universities. They are trained to be able to pursue and commit to a professional degree.

As a two-year institution, this college has an “open door” admissions policy that offers educational opportunities to a wide range of young learners.

The courses and academic services included in this 2-year degree are aimed at improving students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of chemistry. At the same time, they can acquire an educational background in life sciences, physics and general education.

Why Study Here?

Oxnard College offers its courses of study in chemistry to prepare those who will continue or transfer to a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a bachelor’s degree in science. You must complete core courses and general education degree requirements as a prerequisite.

After completing this program, you will be prepared and equipped for upper division coursework offered by 4-year colleges and universities.

You can build technical skills through this program, so if you plan to start working immediately after completing this two-year degree, you might as well do it. Coursework is sequenced so that students can focus more on completing the large-scale chemistry requirements.

Earning an associate degree in chemistry from Phoenix College will set you up for an early career path as a chemical technician or chemical equipment operator. However, if you continue with a bachelor’s degree, you can become a chemist, chemical engineer or materials scientist.

Bachelors (bs) In Chemistry

This 2-year program is the basis for preparation for graduate programs. After completing your master’s degree, you can work as a chemistry professor if you wish. Start learning the basics of chemistry and let Phoenix College hone your essential skills before enrolling in an undergraduate program.

As part of this curriculum, you will experience hands-on learning in laboratories, procedure design and risk mitigation. You will also explore safety protocols, prioritizing ethical and social responsibilities. Your critical thinking skills will improve as you learn to solve real-world problems.

Some of the courses offered in the associate degree in chemistry at El Paso Community College are focused on:

You will experience lectures and laboratory sessions to learn laboratory techniques and procedures. After completing this two-year program, you will have a degree that will support you in finding a job and starting a career in chemistry.

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This education path is much more affordable than attending a four-year university starting freshman year. Smaller classes are also a definite advantage of this two-year curriculum.

As a preparatory study for a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, Truckee Meadows Community College’s associate degree program leads to many careers in the following fields:

This two-year transferable degree program includes core courses in the physical sciences and mathematics. The American Chemical Society provides guidance on these if you plan to transfer to an ACS-accredited chemistry program in the future.

All of the courses you take meet the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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In addition to using the knowledge of chemistry as a study, you will understand how our society uses it in our daily lives. Air, food, the human body, snow, gasoline, gadgets and everything around you are integrated into the study of chemistry.

Earning an associate degree in chemistry will help you prepare by using it as a general education requirement to enter a field such as:

There are seven universities in the Minnesota State system that honor the Associate of Science in Chemistry as a pathway to a bachelor’s degree. All course credits are useful when you eventually go on to your bachelor’s degree.

Those planning to transfer to institutions outside of the Minnesota State system are advised to first consult with their preferred transfer school to verify that courses meet their curriculum requirements.

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In terms of computer skills, you will also be exposed to laboratory procedures for data analysis, presentation and documentation. Your skills will be honed in all aspects of chemistry and related fields. You can also collaborate in teams during oral and written presentations.

Rio Hondo College’s Associate’s Degree in Chemistry is designed and structured to match lower-division chemistry majors. With this two-year degree, you can prepare to earn a bachelor’s degree soon. Among the majors, you can qualify for biochemistry, chemical engineering and other fields.

The curriculum of this program provides a broad and comprehensive overview of the main areas of chemistry and their applications. You can develop your critical thinking skills and use tools to help you solve chemistry problems.

Scottsdale Community College offers an associate degree program that specializes in chemistry for the first two years of a four-year degree program. Students who accept this program can later progress to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field.

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Once you complete this 2-year degree, you can work as a chemical technician or chemical equipment operator or in procurement. And if you go on to earn a bachelor’s degree, you’ll have a broader career opportunity as a chemical engineer, chemist or materials scientist.

Through this program you will develop your skills in creating qualitative and quantitative models of chemical phenomena. You can also solve chemistry problems through scientific research. In terms of experiments and laboratory activities, you will be given the opportunity to conduct research, collect data, and use technology and equipment.

The requirements for a bachelor’s degree in chemistry would be different from other colleges. So be sure to inquire about these schools and speak with an academic advisor to discuss specific requirements.

Earn an associate’s degree in chemistry and use it to build your foundation

What Can You Do With A Chemistry Degree

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