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Colleges With Social Work Degrees – SSW, in partnership with other Boston College schools, offers a triple degree program for students seeking an MSW and JD, MBA, or MA in Theology and Ministry. We also offer a BA/MSW degree for Boston College graduates and a highly selective MSW/PhD in Social Work.

The MSW/JD dual degree program is designed for students interested in addressing the combined legal and social needs of individuals, families, groups, and communities. The program reflects the university’s mission to educate individuals who are committed to working with the poor, disempowered, and underprivileged. It is designed for those who wish to combine social work knowledge and intervention skills with legal knowledge and practice skills to better serve their clients or constituencies. Students in the program can earn both a Master of Social Work (MSW) and a Juris Doctor (JD) in four years instead of the usual five years. Graduate students will be eligible to take the bar and social worker licensing exams.

Colleges With Social Work Degrees

Students must be independently accepted by both schools and must be registered as full-time students for the duration of the program. For more information, please contact:

Trinity Launches Social Work Program Designed For Adult Students

The MSW/MBA dual degree program was developed by both the School of Social Work (SSW) and the Carroll Graduate School of Management (CGSOM). It aims to provide professionals with a unique knowledge base that combines management and social work skills and credentials. Students who wish to enroll in the dual degree program are admitted freely to the institution.

The Master of Social Work, Master of Theology and Ministry is designed for students interested in serving the pastoral and social needs of individuals, families, groups and communities. The program reflects the university’s mission to educate individuals with a vision for social justice. A specific goal is to develop the skills and credentials necessary to plan, manage, and/or provide social services within a local church or church-related agency. Students in the program can earn both a Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry (MA) and a Master of Social Work (MSW) in approximately three years of full-time study (more if approved for part-time study). ) SSW).

Through Boston College’s Bachelor of Arts and Master of Social Work dual degree programs, qualified Boston College undergraduates can complete a BA and MSW in sociology, psychology, neuroscience, applied psychology, and human development in just five years. Students take direct service work and foundational social work courses in their junior and senior years, earning a bachelor’s degree at the end of four years and an MSW degree at the end of the fifth year.

To apply, you must submit a free online application to your sophomore year, along with a Boston College transcript, one recommendation, and a two- to three-page personal statement. Please contact your departmental program for more information. To request a curriculum plan, please contact the School of Social Work Admissions Team: This ranking has been excluded because it does not consider all potential institutions and includes non-CSWE accredited programs.

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Christian colleges have a strong focus on students of faith, and social work degrees are becoming a staple on Christian college campuses. They provide a safe environment full of like-minded peers and strong ethical guidelines, and they often have younger classes and highly motivated professors. Depending on what you want to study, a Christian school may be a better choice. For example, students who want to pursue a related major, such as social work or psychology, can take courses in spirituality that complement traditional courses in sociology and human behavior at religious universities.

If you are interested in studying social work at a Christian college, the degrees below are a great starting point. The twenty-five schools we’ve included here cover a variety of degrees, terms, and budgets, so hopefully there’s something here for everyone!

Average Tuition Fees: We used College Navigator to research the school’s tuition rates and determine affordability. Note that most of these schools offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work, although we used undergraduate tuition to keep costs consistent. Also note that your personal financial situation may qualify for assistance packages that we have not covered here. We didn’t want it to be a major cost factor, so we estimated this category at 10% of the total.

Return on Investment: These numbers come from the Salary Foundation, an independent organization that provides a wealth of information on postsecondary salaries and careers. The online website ranks colleges based on their 20-year “ROI,” which takes into account the upfront cost of tuition as well as the average income over two decades after graduation. To be conservative, we’ve considered graduate-level grades, but that only means you’ll earn more with an MSW! We weighted 15% of this category.

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Student-Faculty Ratio: We used the Princeton Review to gather the average number of students per teacher at a school. This category is important because it highlights how much personal attention and advice religious students can receive from professors and spiritual advisors. We refocused on graduation grades; Even undergraduate students can take small classes! We weighted 20% of this category.

Accreditation: One of the most important features to consider when looking for a social work degree is the program’s accreditation. Programs whose curriculum is fully approved by the Council on Social Work Education produce graduates with advanced degrees in state licensure or master’s programs. When it comes to accreditation, we give points to schools based on their status and give extra points to many accredited universities. We weighted 25% of this category.

We must emphasize that not all programs on this list are fully accredited by CSWE. Prospective students should contact interested institutions to make sure the program meets their needs. While this ranking considers a wide variety of social work degrees, experts agree that social work professionals should only earn a social work degree from a CSWE-accredited program. In light of this, we encourage students to research their state laws regarding the use of the professional title “social worker” and carefully consider the consequences of choosing to earn a degree from a non-CSWE accredited program.

Religious Curriculum: Finally, we considered that students of many faiths would have social work courses that integrate spirituality and other faith-based pedagogies into the curriculum. The more “cross-disciplinary” courses (in both electives and at both the undergraduate and graduate level) that schools offer students, the higher we give them. We weighted 30% of this category.

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At the end of the day, we totaled all of our scores and determined that the maximum possible score for a school is 240. Most schools didn’t even come close to that number. This was due to the fact that we didn’t have data for every college in every region, and in those cases we gave them an average score that didn’t help or hurt their final standings. In addition, the schools listed here received impressively high scores compared to many of the other institutions we reviewed, confirming that they are the best Christian colleges for social work.

As “New York Christian College”, NYACK has a proud history of providing religious education to the people of Manhattan and Rockland, New York. The school offers a bachelor’s degree in social work that focuses on general psychological principles, but also includes teachings on compassion and moral integrity. The undergraduate program is CSWE-accredited and provides many opportunities for students to participate in internships or field experiences. To help students incorporate their faith into counseling, NYACK offers interdisciplinary courses in Christian Thought, Old/New Testament Literature, Social Work, and Christianity.

Concordia’s New York location is one of many top Christian college campuses dedicated to social work. The graduate program at Concordia includes a wide range of classes that will appeal to religious counselors, including services for families and children, working with special populations, and social welfare, a social welfare organization. Students can learn skills such as case writing and apply them to field experiences. In addition, study abroad programs help young students develop a more global perspective and learn to appreciate other world cultures and art styles.

Students who take Christ College’s social work degree program with a focus on the welfare of others and an emphasis on the common good will have a wonderful experience at TCC. A small class size (faculty to student ratio of just 11:1) and a rigorous CSWE-accredited curriculum combine to create a comfortable and academically challenging experience. Trinity Christian College is committed to the long-term success of its students, and annual results show that the majority of graduates identify as professional social workers and feel they can successfully apply ethical principles and critical thinking skills to their work.

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