Colleges With Sports Psychology Degrees

Colleges With Sports Psychology Degrees – Sports and exercise psychology is a scientific study that examines the relationship between various psychological aspects and participation in sports and/or physical activity. The two-year program in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion provides students with the opportunity to obtain a graduate degree in sports and physical education through an applied or research approach. Each approach combines research-based learning and application of key concepts related to performance management and development. In this context, the successful completion of the program will provide a strong understanding of the various psychological factors that affect participation and participation in sports.

Once accepted into the program, students will be assigned an academic advisor who can assist with course selection and preparation. The exact educational plan outlined in each individual’s plan will depend on the individual’s academic background and/or goals.

Colleges With Sports Psychology Degrees

The purpose of the course is to prepare students to obtain professional certifications (for example, CMPC) and professions (for example, sports and physical education consultants, trainers, special coaches, strength and conditioning, educational consultants, etc.) in sports and physical education. In addition to 300 hours (minimum) of supervised work, students in the application process complete graduate courses in a variety of professional areas related to sports and exercise, including counseling psychology, sports medicine, and exercise science. Students in relevant courses must take written and oral examinations.

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Students will have the opportunity to choose from an accredited training center with standards, allowing them to build a foundation in applied games and cognitive/emotional training. An instructor accredited by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CMPC) will supervise all courses, preparing students for a CMPC degree upon graduation.

The field of study is recommended for students who wish to continue their degree and/or do research work. Students pursuing academic research will be asked to verbally defend their ideas. In some cases, students on the research track may pursue a limited user experience (eg, peer sharing, shadowing, etc.) at the request of the program instructor.

Students entering the research program will complete specialized courses that will allow students to increase their understanding of topics of interest. Each study aims to explore an original research idea that should be presented to be presented at conferences, published in specialized journals, and/or lead to future research.

The goal of the Sport and Exercise Psychology program at the University of Kentucky is to build a community of future professionals and leaders in Sport and Exercise. Regarding our work, we are committed to justice and equality, through diversity and inclusion. We strive to foster a culture of respect, participation, and encouragement among our students. As a program, we value diverse cultures, perspectives, experiences, and perspectives, and we intentionally seek to embrace and celebrate the unique qualities of our community and beyond. These are the pillars of professional and successful Sport and Exercise Psychology and the main goals of our program.

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About me: I am a first year student from Northern Virginia / Washington D.C. region. I attended the College of William & Mary where I studied psychology and competed as a Division I heptathlete on the track and field team.

My research is on adolescent mental health, risky health behaviors among college students, and mental health in the military. My research interests in the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology include the body image of athletes, the psychology of sports injuries, and mental disorders in sports. Outside of the classroom I also volunteer as a Crisis Hotline Counselor, which has strengthened my love for helping those in crisis.

My natural inclination towards mental health, mixed with my lifelong encounters with different types of athletes is what inspired me to pursue a masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology. I want to become a CMPC and a Certified Psychologist specializing in athletic psychology. Helping athletes advance their careers by combining the skills of mentoring and creativity is my dream. I am excited to be a part of the SEP program here at the University of Kentucky and look forward to continuing to pursue my passions here in Lexington!

I am a first year graduate student at the University of Kentucky pursuing a Masters in Sports & Exercise Psychology. I am also an Outstanding Teacher in the Transformative Learning Dept. where I work with students to promote growth and well-being, create opportunities to use their strengths, and create strategies for success in college and beyond. In previous projects, we have worked with athletes at the University of Tennessee and Central High School in the area of ​​strength & conditioning with the Director of Applied Thinking at the University of Louisville. My current research interests include: the psychology of injury and rehabilitation, the effects of fear on elite sports, and building trust in the coach-athlete relationship.

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I was happy in college during my undergraduate and graduate studies. In 2021, my team won first place in The Cheerleading Worlds Competition (my dream 10+ years later has come true). During my time as an athlete, I learned the importance of mental skills and good health. I believe that Sport & Exercise Psychology is the missing puzzle piece that can take good athletes/professionals and turn them into good people, building life skills beyond their sport. After completing my Master’s, I hope to get my PhD and eventually work at a major university as a professor and teacher of psychology. Outside of school, I consider myself a very athletic person and enjoy hiking, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and (most of all) eating donuts.

About Me: I’ve always been a Kentuckian, so the opportunity to get an advanced degree in the UK is very exciting. I played soccer for 12 years for fun, in select sports, and at school. I tore my ACL, LCL, and meniscus, along with a bone fracture, in a soccer accident when I was 17. Throughout college, being an Honors Program student, completing research and teaching, and participating in the community , I really missed it. being in the game world and interacting with the players. After taking a Sport Psychology course as an undergraduate, I realized that I could combine my love for psychology and mental health with the athlete in me.

I am interested in many areas of research. I want to explore the concept of injury recovery, confidence building, and life support/promotion for athletes. My career dream is to become a Clinical Practitioner Counselor (CMPC) after graduation with the goal of working with high schools, colleges, or individuals.

About Me: I am a sophomore from Aurora, Colorado. I played basketball as a teenager and in college. I attended Florida Gulf Coast University where I played Division I football and earned my degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration.

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My academic goals while at Kentucky are to pursue my interests in teaching, studying psychology, and youth sports development. I am also completing internships with Morehead State University Athletics, a Division 1 program near Lexington, in pursuit of my CMPC certification. In time, I hope to further my development in the PhD program and contribute to the field as a student and practitioner. Sports has always been a passion of mine and I am excited to continue doing it in Kentucky!

About Me: I am a freshman from Ankeny, Iowa, a town outside of Des Moines. From a young age, I played competitive football until my sophomore year of college at a Division III university in the Chicago area. After that, I transferred to UMKC where I found a love for studying psychology in many of the classes they teach. One of these methods gave me a great influence on mind games; I can thank a sports psychologist who came to speak at one of my psychology conferences about this. Since then, I have done my research and I am proud to say that this work is something I am most proud of.

My areas of focus in sports that interest me are mental health, teamwork, meditation, mindfulness, exercise, motivation, social media, and a few others. All these points remind me of the time when I was an athlete and I struggled with success and adversity. I believe that the British will do me justice by explaining new ideas and teaching methods that I did not know before. It’s one thing for a research unit to be linked (which

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