Columbia Southern University Graduate Programs

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Columbia Southern University Graduate Programs

2015 Program ManagementCharokey Davis2014 CSU Graduates Flexible. it is possible. online. 2015 Program Guide Cherokee Davis 2014 CSU Graduates Flexible. it is possible. online. Copyright © 2015 Columbia Southern University Superior Service. FLEXIBLWE is here for you to have a better service experience Amazing Benefits at Columbia Southern University: Affordable credit transfer Tuition, Employment and Disability Services Our competitively priced education allows CSU to transfer credits to receive one of your previous education credits, better service Gives value to. . FLEXTalented and Supportive Staff Quality education for authentic training, and average senior and professional license books and our Success Center offers are provided free of charge. identity card. Various services for students and better services for alumni, including tutoring, employment and disability services. Military and Veteran Auxiliary University Careers Better. Advanced Military Training, G.I. Military Careers and Careers have both recognized CSU as a top choice for military education, and it’s no secret why. CSU not only offers graduate-level tuition discounts and special services to military men and women, but their spouses and dependents are eligible for a 10 percent tuition discount. CSU is proud to be a member of GoArmyEd, the Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC), and a voluntary cooperative educational institution under DoDI 1322.25, Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding (DoD MOU). CSU is committed to the principles of excellence, provides academic credit for military experience and assists service members and veterans in achieving their educational goals. you can do it. He worked better. Flexible Prochad Carey Lily Miller Julie Carter SUPERI2014 CSU Graduate 2014 CSU Graduate 2013 CSU Graduate Superior Service. Flexible schedules Superior service. flexible schedule. Ex Superior Service. flexible schedule. A special program. EXEXPSUTIPOESNRUAIPOLEVRASIELORVES.IECSREU.VPFIECLEE.XIOFIBLRLESEXEIPBRRLVOEICGPERR.AOFMLGERSX.AIEBMX Superior Services. GEPXERCRAEIMOPTSRI.OSEENXRCAVELIPVTEAI.OLFUNLEE.LXIVBALLEUPER.OGR Superior Service. flexible schedule. EXVICE. FLEXIBLE PROGRAM RUAPMESRU.IEPOXERCRSEIEEOPRTRVIOSIECNREA.VLFICLVEEA.XLFIUBLELE.EXSIPBURLPOEEGPRRRRIOAORMGSRSE.AREMXV SUPERIOR SERVICE. flexible schedule. Extraordinary Value.EX.IBFLLEEXPIBROLEGPRAMSGUSSURP. AEPEXRMECRISSOEIU.OPREPTRSXEIEOCSREENIOPRVATRVILCIIOSECVE.ENARF.ALLFVULELIEXVE.EIXAB.ILBLFUELEEEP.XPRIRBOOLGRPRARAMOSG.SRE.XAECXMECSPE.PTE Superior Service. flexible schedule. Ex Superior Service. flexible schedule. EXCEPTIONAL VS.EFRLVEIXCIEB.LFELPEXRIOBGLREAPMRSSSOSUUU.GPPEPREXEEARCRRMIEIIOOOPSSRRUTR.IEPSSOSXEEEENCRRRRAEVIVVOPLIIICTRCCVEIEEAOS…LEFNFFURLLALEVEEELX.IXXCVISIIBEBBAU.LLLLPEFEUEELPEPRPER.RXIROSOIOOBURGGGLPRSRREEAEAARPRMMMIRVOSSOSIR.C..GEEEESRXOGRAMSSU.2A0NEP14TXEHCSCORUNEIGYOPraGdTRuOaIUteOSDEINARAVSLUICVPEAE.LRFUILOEE.RXSISBUELPREEVRPICIROEOR.GFSRLEAERXMVIBSIC.LEEE.XPFCRLEEOPXGTIIRBOALNEMAPSLR.VOEAIOR SERVICE. flexible schedule. special value. Super MSSU. EPXECREIOPTRIOSENRAVLICVEAS.LUFULPEEE.XRISIBOULPESPRERIROVRGICRSEAE.RMFVLSIE.CXEEIX.BCFLELEPXTIROBONLGEARPLARVMOASGL.UREAEX PERIOR SERVICE. flexible schedule. Special value. The plan is flexible. special value. Superior Services. special value. Superior Service. Flexible Programmer Service. flexible schedule. special value. theoretical value. Superior Service. flexible schedule. Good program. special value. Superior service.rams. special value. Superior Service. Flexible work schedule. special value. Superior Service. FLEXIBLPMESR.IEOXRCSEPRTVIOICNEA.LFLVEXLIUBEL.ESPURPOEGRIORMSSE. REXVCICEEP.TFI2JE0OL1F4EFNCXSSAWUIBLGarnaLVduEAatePLUROE.GRAMPERIOR Service. flexible schedule. special value. XIBLE project. special value. a better job. another value. Superior Service. flexible schedule. special value. Superior Service. Flexible schedule r service. flexible schedule. Exceptional Value. Pairer Service. flexible schedule. Special value CE. flexible schedule. special value. Superior Superior Service. flexible schedule. special value. special value. Superior Service. flexible schedule. ERAMS. special value. Superior Service. Flexible programming service. flexible schedule. special value. Blue. Superior Service. flexible schedule. Exceptional vaporizer service. flexible schedule. A unique value.program. special value. Superior Service. flexible ex. Superior Service. flexible schedule. Exceptional Value Service. flexible schedule. special value. mes. .FELXEXCIEBPLTEIOPNRAOLGVRLAMUSE..EXCEPSTUIPOENRAILOVRASLEUREV.ICE. FLEXIBLE PROGASFAOPRDAOBRILITYYRCFILPMXTSIIBO.SELNEXAPPLERPOATOGORUSAUSA.MEPLRSEVV.RIAEICOLXEUCR.EEFSP.LSETURIXOPVIBNECRLAEIL.OPFVRLSEOLXUGRIBREW.ELECMEPS. TO SUAPLEVRAILOURES.ERVICE. Flexible program tuition rates are some of the lowest in the country. We also offer multiple payment options, so you can make sure that the company’s tuition fee is charged to the institution that manages the exact amount to fit your budget. A school for workers. Company Approved or Government Voucher or MS. ETXUCITEIPOTNIO AND SNFUANPLAEVNRACIOLINURGES.ERVICE. flexible schedule. Unless purchase orders must be accompanied by nomination agreements. Types of Federal Student Aid Available To qualify for federal student aid, students must be admitted to a university without conditions. Undergraduate Courses ………………… $210.00 Federal Student Aid (FSA) provides federal aid and loan programs administered by the United States Department of Education. CSU participates in the following aid and loan programs: Federal Grant Programs • Pell Grants Federal Direct Loan Programs • Direct Subsidized Loans • Direct Loans • Direct PLUS Loans Undergraduate Courses*……….. …. . ……………. $275.00. flexible schedule. EXEPSTUNERIOPAILOVRASLEUREV.ICE. Flexible program rates are per credit hour. Most courses are three credit hours. Tuition and Fees in the US are paid to the Treasury. *The tuition rate per credit hour for undergraduate courses is P.TEIXOCPNSEAUAPYPLTMEIVOERSANNIULOTAPUROLEEPSVR.TEAIIOROLRVUNIESSC.EER. FVLICEEX.IBFLLEEXPIRBOLEGPRAOMGSR. AEXMCSE.PETXIOCENPATLIOVNAALU$250 for all active-duty military. Payment methods include: check, money order, automatic credit card payment system, military education documents, application process, FSA and loan benefits, corporate payments, or students to get detailed information about federal student aid including federal aid. In counseling, students should use the Office of Financial Aid’s automatic credit card payment planservice. flexible schedule. special value. Automatic Credit Card Payment Program information at Applies to all online learning options: LifePace Learning, Term, and Veterans Benefit. CSU offers an automatic credit card program for students paying out of pocket. This is a program for students outside SUAPLEVRAILOURES. Allows ERVICE to spread tuition fees over time. flexible schedule. Basically they are automatically charged to the credit card at the specified time. The student’s credit card will be charged to RAMS. EXCEPTIONALSVUAPLUREIO. r service. flexible schedule. half of the time allotted for registration and half at the beginning of the fifth week of the program. for eligibility requirements. Go to Military Educational BenefitsSCSU is authorized to provide Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits through DENTS. In most cases, these benefits cover the full cost of your plan. Students who are accepted for these educational benefits must make tuition payments through the necessary legal documents. PROGRAMS. Students using the Exception SAULPVEARLIUOER.VA benefit must register in Term or E. Service. flexible schedule. Veterans Benefits Option. Patrick Rinehart 2014 CSU Graduate Vice. flexible schedule. special value. Gram. special value. Superior Service. Flexible Pro Ice. flexible schedule. special value. Value. Superior Service. flexible schedule. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR VRAMS. special value. Superior Service. Flexible primary value. Superior Service. flexible schedule. outside. special value. Superior Service. flexible schedule. flexible schedule. special value. real value. Superior Service. Flexible Programs.ICE. flexible schedule. special value. Rams. special value. Superior Service. flexlue. Superior Service. flexible schedule. Important Important. Superior Service. flexible schedule. The plan is flexible. special value. Superior Service. flexible schedule. Special Value E Programs. special value. Superior Service. flexvice. flexible schedule. special value. l value. Superior Service. Flexible protoalgesiaamandse.rseoxnconceptual value. Superior Service. FLEXCSIUBGLraEduaPte 2R01O4 g. outside. flexible schedule. A unique value.RIOR service. flexible schedule. special value. VICE. flexible schedule. Special Michael Horak, Special Value. Superior Service. program. E VFLAELXUIEB.LECSU GRADUATE 2012R SERVICE. flexible schedule. Amazing Value.ICE. flexible schedule. special value. Life is a complicated picture. special value. RVOAGLRUYAE.MOSU. ERXCEEPDIONACLAVTLIUOE.N should have no theoretical value. M/s. EXOCNELPINTEILOEANRANLINVGAOPLTUIOEN.S CSU courses are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Our programs provide the access needed to earn your degree at your own pace outside of the traditional academic semester system. XIBLE L E A R N I N G Providing the most flexible, step-by-step learning for your life (formerly known as on-course) LUE. It allows you to start your degree program and PROGRAMS.COURSE at any time and take your course responsibility at your own pace. TERM TERM provides a standard, structured system common to most college classes. Due dates help to complete the syllabus on time, while AL VALUE. The course allows the student to be flexible throughout the week to complete assignments and projects. CE. flexible schedule. special value. Veterans Benefits To provide more online learning options for those using military benefits, the Veterans Benefits option adds flexibility with scheduled term start and end dates that align with the academic term calendar. Visit the Online Learning OptionsXIBLE PROGRAMS page. special value. for eligibility, specific information and course completion restrictions. L VALUE.PTIONCOLALUMVBAILAUSOEU.THERN UNIVERSITY PARTNER PROGRAM CSU Learning Partners receive 10 percent of tuition and are eligible for private learning opportunities. Spouses and children of participating staff/members are also eligible for a 10% tuition discount. special value. For more information about how your company or organization can become a CSU Learning Partner, visit Easy to apply1 There is no application fee. application. Submit an admissions application at Students wishing to receive federal financial aid must follow the admissions process listed in the Office of Financial Aid section of the CSU website. 2 REVIEW CSU will conduct a thorough review of your application and provide you with detailed evaluation information. Based on your application and any transcripts, we will tell you exactly which courses you will need to complete to obtain your degree. Our friendly admissions staff will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are accepted to your first CSU class without a hitch. The CSU Admissions Department will contact you to complete your registration and schedule your first counseling session with your academic advisor, who will serve as your main point of contact throughout your degree program. . Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management in Health Care Administration Master of Business Administration Master of Science in Organizational Leadership Master of Public Administration College of Business Certificate Options College of Safety and Emergency Services Associate of Science in Criminal Justice Associate of Science in Fire Science Associate Bachelor. of Science in Occupational Safety and Health Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management Bachelor of Science in Fire Administration Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security.

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