Communities In Schools Site Coordinator Job Description

Communities In Schools Site Coordinator Job Description – Give students access to the support and resources they need to learn and succeed in the classroom and beyond today.

At Communities In Schools® (CIS®), we surround students with a supportive community that enables them to stay in school and succeed in life.

Communities In Schools Site Coordinator Job Description

US First Lady and lifelong educator Dr. Jill Biden spoke to community leaders from more than 300 schools at the annual Leadership Town Hall Conference and highlighted the critical role of integrated student supports and mentors in supporting students, schools and teachers.

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Our new film Push follows the inspiring relationship between Darrell Smith, a caring field coordinator for CIS, and Ja-Mez, a high school graduate with confidence and the promise of a bright future. tells a story. two years ago it would have seemed impossible. Watch the trailer below and learn more about our new film.

At Communities in Schools, we empower all students, regardless of race, gender, zip code or socioeconomic background, to reach their greatest potential in school and beyond.

Put students at the center and surround them with a caring and supportive community supported by our dedicated staff. Here are some stories about how we do it.

Learn more about Teams in Schools’ work to empower and equip all students to embrace and overcome barriers and provide an equitable path to education. Featured Photos Team of Communities in Schools Schell Hopwood, Family and Community Specialist; Amanda Nucilli, site coordinator at Elkins High School; Jenetta Ross, Site Coordinator, Beverly Elementary School; Randolph County Supervisor Debbie Schmidlen; and Mark Rosencrance, Elkins High School site coordinator, visited the Elkins Rotary Club.

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ELKINS – Shell Hopwood, Randolph County Schools Family and Community Outreach Specialist and Community in Schools program coordinator, and a team of Community in Schools field coordinators visited the Elkins Rotary Club.

Teams in Schools was founded by Bill Milliken in New York in the 1970s. Milliken’s idea was to put public resources into public schools where they could be accessed, coordinated, and held accountable.

The West Virginia Department of Education rolled out the program statewide in 2018 and now serves more than 84,000 students in 36 counties, 194 schools. This is the inaugural year for Randolph County Schools.

Beverly Elementary School, Elkins Middle School and Elkins High School participate in the program, and each school has a site coordinator. Site coordinators work with school support teams and school leadership to identify at-risk students in need of support, coordinate the efforts of school partners and service providers, and support the whole school strives to support the climate and culture of and students participating in the program. and providing the school management with the necessary information about these students.

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Jenetta Ross is the site coordinator at Beverly Elementary School. Ross is currently focusing on chronic absenteeism. At Beverly Elementary, 30 percent of students miss 18 or more days of school.

“I have a fifth-grader who did not want to come to school. His primary turnout was 78 percent,” Ross said. “After the first nine weeks, the number of participants increased by 87 percent, and after the second nine weeks, it increased by 90 percent. Some of the things he was interested in and I could help him with were art. We started an art club, about thirty children go to the art club. “This student also participates in the Randolph County CLIMB Youth Mentoring Program, so he has a mentor that comes every Friday.”

Amanda Nucilli, site coordinator at Elkins High School, also focuses on truancy. The school works closely with the probation officer and attendance officer to encourage and increase student participation in the program.

“We’re trying to be that person, that kind and caring person that maybe isn’t at home,” Nucilli said. Efforts are also underway to start an after-school program at Elkins High School.

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Mark Rosencrance is the site coordinator at Elkins High School. Visiting that school also presents challenges, Rosencrans said.

“Attendance is a big problem after the pandemic. Availability is a symptom of something else, a basic need that often goes unmet,” Rosencrance said. “Our community has great resources, a lot of good resources, so the goal of this program is to get students with basic needs and those with resources is to connect with a member of society.”

Rosencrance has seen how the community has helped students in need, including repairing a broken window in a student house, providing clothing and supplies to a student whose house burned down, raising funds for student aid, and helping students with disabilities. cites several specific examples, such as the provision of equipment. Financial options for an ACT prep class.

The school community recognizes that there are many challenges that traditional educational strategies cannot address. Students struggle with poverty, a lack of adult role models, and a lack of basic needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare. Field coordinators build relationships to help students stay in school and succeed in life.

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Rotary is a global network of 1.4 million neighbors, friends, leaders and problem-solvers, where people come together to make lasting change in themselves and in their communities around the world and they see the world in action.

For more information about Rotary International, visit, visit the club’s Facebook page – Rotary Club of Elkins – or contact Club President Christy Vandevander at About Elkins Rotary Club ‘need for more information.LAS VEGAS, NEV. (February 3, 2022) – Communities in Nevada Schools (Nevada CIS), the nation’s fifth largest state agency, works to ensure that all students, regardless of race, zip code or history of marginalization, have access to what they need. ‘works to provide. success in school and beyond, announced that it is part of an unprecedented and transformative gift to the Community Schools Network and National Office of $133.5 million from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott.

CIS Nevada received $5 million of that amount and is one of 40 affiliates out of 110 organizations in the CIS network selected for funding. The donation is the largest one-time gift both nationally and to the Nevada branch in the organization’s history.

“We are very grateful to receive this generous gift from Mackenzie Scott,” said Tami Hans-Lehr, CEO and state director of Communities in Nevada Schools. “With our evidence-based approach to keeping kids in school, led by caring and committed field coordinators on school campuses, we mobilize our state’s resources to surround students with supportive communities. After extensive research, Ms. Scott and her team were inspired to invest after demonstrating our success in serving students across the country and our focus and capacity for education and racial equity. It’s not just a great day for teams in schools. This is a great day for all Nevadans who care about the success of our children and for the thousands of students and families we serve across the state.

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CIS Nevada currently operates 81 high-needs schools in four rural and urban school districts across Nevada. The organization places full-time field coordinators in enrolled schools to support more than 75,000 students.

At a time when the global pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for students and families, including social isolation, economic crisis, stress and trauma, this investment will help Nevada CIS students implement those that support building sustainable systems. According to Hance-Lehr, families who would otherwise be left behind. “Investing in CIS to leverage its exemplary and evidence-based programs to help students overcome barriers to learning is a major fuel for impact, infrastructure and people in schools. However, this does not change the reality of the ongoing work, which requires an integrated approach across the public and private sectors,” he said.

Since 2004, for nearly two decades, Nevada CIS has achieved measurable success in student outcomes. In the 2020-2021 school year, the graduation rate for CIS high school students in Nevada was 92 percent, 13 points higher than the 79 percent graduation rate for students receiving free or reduced lunch in Nevada. Ministry of Education.

According to Hans-Lehr, this gift goes a long way toward achieving the goal of having CIS programs and services at every Title I school in Nevada. “Our goal is for every child in a Title I or high-needs school to have access to a CIS site coordinator and an evidence-based model of integrated student support. While this gift helps expand our reach, we understand that more is needed to reach every student in Nevada who needs our services.

At Communities In Schools®

Students enrolled in CIS programs may come from low-income households or experience other adverse childhood experiences. There are and are several barriers to graduation for these students

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