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Computer Science Associate Degree Reddit – Aaron Saunders, CEO of Clearly Innovative, took a traditional path to becoming a technology professional: He earned a degree in computer science from Ohio Wesleyan, studied marketing and information technology on his way to an MBA from New York University, from Po -later worked as an application architect for Lotus Development, a web strategy architect for Time Warner Cable, and an e-commerce site redesign manager.

Now, at age 50, Saunders is mentoring students who will be hired in jobs that didn’t exist when he entered college 32 years ago.

Computer Science Associate Degree Reddit

Saunders himself is part of this new arena: He runs a startup in Washington that launched three years ago to advise companies on web and mobile applications and components. He has 15 employees, two outsourcers and a practice based in New York. Most of them do not have computer science degrees. When he considers what colleges teach the people he hopes to one day hire, he’s not optimistic.

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“Universities are slow to change,” he said. “They need to rethink education. What you teach is the same as how you learn.”

As tech jobs grow at the speed of light via fiber optic cable, Saunders and other leaders at tech companies like Mozilla, Reddit and Tumblr say students should consider schools that will not only teach traditional skills like coding, but also soft skills. which are not listed in the course guide but are important in the 21st century workplace: working with other people, solving problems, being able to draw enough from disciplines other than their own to create products where users believe that they are necessary for their life.

This means that high school students should ask different questions of colleges than their parents. (After all, how many colleges have problem-solving schools?

Mozilla’s Mark Surman: “You really have to be a well-rounded, renaissance, internet guy.” (Cole Burston/For The Washington Post)

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“The coding, the visual editing, the design — it’s really the tip of the iceberg,” said Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, based in Mountain View, California. Mozilla produces the Firefox web browser. “What is below the tip of the iceberg is participation, critical thinking and the ability to collaborate. You really must be a well-rounded, renaissance, Internet type.’

While it’s still possible to get a job without a college degree, as you mature, companies tend to look for employees who have experience working with their peers on projects and have acquired skills beyond, say, programming. Coding can be learned online, but the ability for students to connect with people and alumni who can direct them to internships, jobs, and mentors is not easily replicated outside of a college setting.

Employers say the big choice isn’t important. It’s the discipline of spending years in a field of study – and producing work that demonstrates the results of that effort – that convinces employers to risk hiring a 20-year-old.

“We really don’t care what school you go to,” said Ellen Pao, senior vice president of strategic partnerships at Reddit, the San Francisco-based social news aggregation website that rates content based on a user rating system. “We’re interested in people who really love what they do.”

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Employment statistics reflect the promise of job security for young people looking to acquire technical skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth of 22.8 percent for software developers through 2022, more than double the overall job growth of 10.8 percent. The average salary isn’t bad either: $101,410, according to the Department of Labor. As more business—from making restaurant reservations to moving metal shipments—moves online and people increasingly surf online on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices instead of computers, businesses will need more people to create and manage software, the Department of Labor says.

US News and World Report ranked “software developer” as the top tech occupation in 2014, up from seventh last year. Third and ninth overall on the US News 100 Best Jobs list is Web Development (median salary: $62,500).

Meanwhile, the growth of technology-related colleges is increasing. According to the Association for Computing Machinery, enrollment in accounting majors increased 13.4 percent in 2012-2013, the sixth consecutive year of student enrollment increases. In its list of “11 College Majors That Lead to Jobs” last year, US News included cybersecurity, data science and computer game design. The Princeton Review began ranking video game design undergraduate and graduate programs in 2009, starting with eight programs; The latest survey included 50 programs.

“Students are really pushing for these kinds of majors, and schools are kind of responding,” said David Soto, director of content development for the Princeton Review.

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Mayank Jain, a graduate of Northern Virginia High School from the University of Illinois and a startup coach in San Francisco: “It’s becoming less important to teach concrete things and more important to teach how to think critically and solve problems,” he said. . (Gabriella Hasbun/For The Washington Post)

Mayank Jain, a 2012 graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology in Alexandria, will be a senior this fall at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is working this summer at a startup in San Francisco helping develop an iPhone app. He said he wants to start college after college and is impressed by UI’s strong computer science department and “spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.” (He’s also quick to note that Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape, and Mark Levchin and Luke Nosek, the founders of PayPal, attended UI.)

Jane already has business experience: He and his high school friends founded an organization called Pilot, which organizes events for high school students around the country to teach them how to build apps and websites.

“The old way of learning was to be good at one thing and do one thing for the rest of your life,” Jane said. “Students these days don’t know what jobs will be available in the next two to three years. It’s becoming less important to teach concrete things and more important to learn how to think critically and solve problems.”

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Colleges raced to add classes and majors—sometimes starting programs from scratch, other times expanding existing programs or creating majors in different fields of study. In 2007, North Carolina State University launched the Institute for Advanced Analytics, whose mission is to teach students how to use data insights. In 2013, the University of Texas launched UT3D, billed as the first 3-D production program that trains students to create 3-D dramas and documentaries and explore creativity as “glassless” 3-D for televisions, tablets and mobile phones . This fall, the University of Maryland will add an advanced data science class to teach students how to access large amounts of user-generated data for analysis. U-Md has offered mobile app development classes since 2010

“There are a lot of interesting things that come and go, schools try to create little programs for someone to try to get a job in a certain field,” said Brandi Adams, associate director of computer science at U-Md. . “The problem is, if you only know one type of software, you’re not going to prepare for market disruption. It’s really important that students learn the theory behind things – but also practice.”

Other schools with strong reputations in science, technology and engineering mix in a healthy dose of humanities. This fall, Stanford is offering a new joint major in computer science combined with English or music. “We aim to help foster and provide an academic framework for a new generation of human programmers and computer engineers whose creativity and adaptability will enhance human engagement,” said Nicholas Jenkins, professor of English.

Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top computer science schools in the country that also ranks high in the arts, is turning part of its library into a co-working space. In addition are eight new areas of focus, including media design, physical computing and intelligent environments.

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“It’s a different kind of technology that we want to train,” said Thanasis Rickakis, Carnegie Mellon’s vice chancellor for design, art and technology — itself a new position created in 2012. “We want to train people who are good at what they are. they do, but they work as a team in technology and art. It will be a key strategic force.”

Nathan Hahn, 22, Annandale just finished his senior year at Carnegie Mellon and is pursuing a PhD in human-computer interaction. He says high school tech geeks need to think beyond coding and consider whether what they’re creating will fit well with “human mental models: it must be understandable from a human perspective; must be used.

“Design is the most important thing these days,” he said. “Application development is more about understanding the requirements that a

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