Computer Science Electrical Engineering Double Major

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Computer Science Electrical Engineering Double Major

This dual degree program provides graduates with a background in computer science and its applications in computer systems and electrical, electronic, and communications engineering. The combination of the two degrees provides graduates with versatile skills that open up a wide range of job opportunities. At the end of the programme, students are awarded both an Electrical and Electronic Engineering Honors and a Computer Science Double Degree Major (BEng Hons/BSc).

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This major is a dual degree program of Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and Bachelor of Science. To apply for this major, one must apply for a dual degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and Bachelor of Science.

Graduates meet the Level 1 qualifications required by Engineer Australia at the Washington Convention level of professional engineers.

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What you need to enroll in this course There are different path options depending on your level of work and educational experience.

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Successful StepUp Entry and StepUp Equity Adjustment Entry Path (StepUp Bonus) candidates are eligible to be considered for admission to this course.

All applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English. The specific English requirements for this course are outlined in the IELTS table below.

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See the ATAR section to see the lowest, average and highest ATAR scores for students who have recently started this course.

Electrical Engineering And Computer Science

You left secondary education two years ago (ie not classed as recent secondary education entrants) and have not undertaken vocational training (VET) or higher education since then.

‘Experience’ includes a combination of factors sufficient to demonstrate readiness for higher education, such as entry at an advanced age, professional experience whether or not a special Tertiary Admission Test (STAT) is required, community involvement or work experience. Applicants may have undertaken non-formal programs that have helped prepare them for tertiary education or related to the proposed higher education course.

Applicants to a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course after leaving secondary education have a higher level of study than a VET course. This includes studying at a public TAFE or other VET provider, whether qualified or not. Applicants with a VET course may have other qualifications such as a Year 10 or Year 12 Secondary School Certificate.

Applicants with higher education have a higher level of study as leaving secondary education is a higher education course such as a university degree. This may include applicants who are currently studying a higher education course with another provider and wish to transfer to the University, or applicants who are currently studying but wish to transfer to a different course. This may include applicants who have completed previous studies with university and non-university higher education providers.

Master Of Science In Electrical Engineering

Has completed at least Rs.100 crores; 75 crore in the semester preceding the application; and completed specific course requirements.

We are here to help you solve your university admission problems. Choose the support you need from the options below. Want to explore a STEM field, major in business or the humanities? A computer science double major for you.

A double major in engineering, mathematics, or a comparable discipline complements, reinforces, and builds on what you learn in a computer science program.

A double major in business introduces new knowledge and skills in subjects such as marketing, management and finance. Humanities double majors develop analytical and critical thinking along with writing skills.

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The six computer science double majors listed here serve only as a selection of options. You don’t have to limit yourself to these majors. Combining a computer science degree with any major can have benefits both in the classroom and after graduation, so consider unexpected computer science double majors.

Adding a double major can add a semester or two to your degree, depending on the overlap in required classes. You may be required to take full coursework and summer classes to complete both major requirements within the normal four-year graduation timeframe.

However, institutions such as Oregon State University and the University of Miami offer programs specifically designed as dual computer science degrees.

Why it’s a good fit: Physics and computer science have a lot in common, but their differences make them great complementary majors. Physics involves the study of matter and energy and how they interact in the universe, while computer science explores the theoretical and practical applications of computers.

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Both physics and computer science use mathematics and modeling, with physics relying mostly on computer science for work.

Challenges: Physics requires more math than a traditional computer science program. Moreover, most experiments in physics are theoretical. Computer science students who want to see clear, concrete data may find physics challenging.

Why it’s a good fit: Combine electrical engineering with computer science to learn how the electrical guts of computers work and how to use computers to solve problems. Electrical engineers develop solutions with electrical components, while computer scientists use calculations and logic. A double major with computer science trains students to find logical solutions by designing and optimizing computer systems and devices. Alternatively, consider a computer engineering degree.

Challenges: Electrical engineering requires abstract thinking. Additionally, computer science majors interested in cybersecurity, data science, and artificial intelligence may not find topics like digital systems and electric circuits useful or interesting.

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Why it’s a good fit: Data science is a growing, interdisciplinary field that combines computer science and statistics. By combining a data science major with computer science, you deepen your understanding of how to effectively analyze data and apply computer science principles and practices to solve problems.

A data science and computer science double major exposes students to applications of data science in areas such as business.

Challenges: A computer science major requires more programming coursework than a data science major, which has similar disadvantages and advantages. You will also need to complete additional math and statistics classes for the data science major.

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Why it’s a good fit: Economics involves the study of resources and their distribution. Economics applies to individuals, societies, organizations and nations. Combining economics with computer science prepares you to use computers to evaluate data and solve problems related to economics.

Challenges: Although math is a fundamental aspect of economics, computer science degrees often include more advanced math classes than economics degrees. Although economics encourages analytical thinking, some may consider finance or business a more practical option.

Why it’s a good fit: Computer science is founded in mathematics, so a double major in computer science and mathematics enhances your understanding of computer science fundamentals. A double major with computer science may benefit students interested in graduate study or computational or applied mathematics.

Challenges: A math major’s extra math and statistics courses can be challenging for a computer science major who isn’t interested in or gifted in the discipline. Fitting the different degree requirements for two degrees into a typical four-year degree timeframe can be challenging.

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Why it’s OK: Cybersecurity and computer science complement each other. Their overlapping topics and courses can prove useful and informative. Computer scientists with cybersecurity expertise can analyze threats, protect systems, and detect breaches. Cybersecurity degrees include courses in criminal justice, national security and risk management.

Challenges: Even though fields overlap, this double major may still take an extra semester or two to complete. Double cybersecurity and computer science majors should be interested in working in cybersecurity or a related field.

Options for double majoring in computer science and another field include adding an emphasis or choosing a minor.

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A good minor in computer science complements and complements a computer science major, but without the repetitive or redundant coursework.

Sierra Kawlowski, PE, received her BS in Civil Engineering and is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Washington. He has worked in a private engineering consulting firm and in public companies. Sierra mentors engineering students and junior staff. He also leads the project team for Engineers Without Borders, and currently sits on the board of directors for Kilowatts for Humanity. Minors, majors and dual degrees offer students the opportunity to expand outside of engineering. Often you can choose your courses so that they ‘dual count’ – that is, the courses count towards your minor (or major or dual degree) and engineering. Many technical minors (mathematics, computer science, life sciences, etc.) often count both

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