Construction Management Degree Online Schools

Construction Management Degree Online Schools – An online construction management degree will prepare you for leadership positions in construction. And it’s not just those who want to be construction managers. It will also prepare you for careers in civil engineering, construction technology and other fields. In fact, there are dozens of career paths for construction management graduates to choose from.

The annual salary for a construction manager is $98,890. And the median annual income for the top 10% of earners is $163,800. So the ROI for a construction management degree is incredible. This is especially true when you consider the projected job growth of eight percent through 2031.

Construction Management Degree Online Schools

You can earn a construction management degree at the doctoral level in partnership. But the most common is the Bachelor of Science in Construction. Are you an aspiring construction manager looking for the best online construction management degree programs? This article lists the 20 largest online construction sites. All degree types are represented in this series.

Free Online Course: Construction Project Management From Coursera

If cost is a concern when looking for the best construction degree online, don’t let it detract from your education. Financial aid is available for many of the programs on our list. In addition, online students may be eligible for a number of grant and scholarship opportunities.

Constructive learning is perceived as a hands-on experience. Therefore, not many people know that you can do an online construction management degree program. However, there are hybrid construction management online degree programs available across the country. There are so many that you may become overwhelmed trying to choose the right construction manager program for you. Therefore, we have narrowed down that list to only the best online construction management programs.

To develop our list of the best construction management schools, we started with the NCES database. We’ve also featured our ranking of the 100 Best Online Colleges. We searched for schools that offer construction management programs at all levels. Then we narrowed it down to those that offer online or hybrid programs for construction managers. From there, we ranked them according to the following criteria:

In one case, we chose the school with the fewest classes. Please note that the fees listed are based on undergraduate tuition per academic year. Out-of-state and undergraduate tuition may vary. Please refer to the program(s) you are interested in for more information on typical costs. The schools are ranked in order from lowest to highest score, with our top ones below.

Western Carolina University

Park University is a private university in Parkville, Missouri. The school has approximately 8,700 students. It offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Most events in the park can be completed entirely online. And at least 78% of Park’s students take at least one of their classes online. The school uses Canvas as its online learning management system.

Parks offers a bachelor’s degree in construction management that can be completed online or on campus. It is a 120-credit hour program with a complete curriculum. Students will learn construction and business management skills. And they’ll prepare for a wide variety of careers in construction management, building inspection, and more. Some construction management courses include:

Internship is required. Students will work with the program coordinator to determine a practicum experience that will meet the requirements. They also have to complete an experience letter for this management degree. This program is offered by the School of Business. And it’s ACBSP-certified. The park has an impressive student-faculty ratio of 14 to one. This ensures that students get ample one-on-one attention from their teachers.

Indiana State University offers a bachelor’s degree in construction management that is 100% online. This program combines leadership and technical skills. And it prepares students for management roles in the construction industry. In addition, students will learn about the impact of manufacturing on society and the environment.

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120 credits are required for completion of this online construction management program. And transfer students can be credited for up to 90 hours. Courses are taught by professors with real-world industry experience. Some of the courses in this online construction management program include:

All the students will participate in the internship. This will allow them to gain real world experience on a real construction project. During the project, students will create appeals, schedules, funding estimates, and more. This program is open to all US and Canadian residents who wish to become a construction manager.

Purdue Polytechnic Institute is a division of Purdue University. It is one of the largest technology schools in the country. This public research university has a total of nine campuses. And the Polytechnic Institute has about 5,000 students.

The school offers an online Master of Science in Construction Management. The program is offered in a cohort model, and students are admitted each fall. The course is 100 percent online. Instructors provide assignments, tests, and other course materials. The asynchronous model allows you to create your own schedule for this online construction management program.

The Cheapest Online Construction Management Degree In The Us

Most courses are of 16 weeks. Thesis is not required, but you must complete a capstone paper. You can also choose to take specialized classes. Some of the online courses in this construction program include:

Tarleton State University is a public university and part of the Texas A&M University System. It is home to approximately 13,000 students, and at least 21 percent participate in some form of distance learning. We have one of the most popular construction management programs on our list.

At Tarleton, prospective students can choose a campus construction management program. But the most similar online option is BAAS in Manufacturing and Industrial Management. Most students start in a two-year (or similar) foundation program and transfer to Tarleton. The school has a generous 84-credit transfer policy and accepts many types of workforce credits. Also includes technical military credits and documented work training credits.

The South Dakota School of Mining and Technology is a public institution located in Rapid City, SD. It was established in 1885 and was the first mining school in operation. The school is often referred to as Khan. Mines is a small university with less than 3,000 students. However, it offers degrees ranging from associate level to doctorate.

Benefits Of Online Learning: 7 Advantages Of Online Degrees

Offers MS in Mine Construction Engineering and Management. The program prepares students for careers in construction management. This highly flexible hybrid program includes both online and face-to-face instruction. A total of 33 credit hours are required to complete the program. And it doesn’t require a capstone project or thesis. Some of the courses in this online degree include:

There is also an accelerated degree track for mines students pursuing a BA or BS. In addition to core courses, students can take electives such as Business Strategy, Quality Management, and more.

The University of Southern Mississippi is a public research university in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Home to approximately 15,000 students, it is often referred to as Southern Miss. Southern Miss offers an online construction management degree that students can complete in two to four years. The program covers topics such as building modeling, structural design, and more. It also includes electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. Financial aid may be available at the University of Southern Mississippi.

This is a 120 credit-hour program that requires an internship in the senior year. Therefore, some location restrictions apply. Students in this program achieve a variety of academics. However, there are some major regional courses:

Online Master’s In Construction Management

The University of Southern Mississippi offers one of the cheapest online construction management degrees on our list. Additionally, the school offers several scholarships for online students. It covers up to $500 for the first semester and more! Additionally, federal financial aid is available.

Norwich University is a private university in Northfield, Vermont. It is the Vermont Military College and the oldest private military college in the country. Norwich has 4,219 students. And many of them earn their degrees 100% online.

Norwich students can earn an online master’s in construction management through one of two programs. they include:

The Civil Engineering program consists of 26 credit hours and can be completed in 11 months. The course is available completely online. This master’s degree ends with a traditional compulsory campus visit. It’s a one-week residency leading up to the graduation ceremony.

What Are Some Career Paths With A Construction Management Degree?

In the civil engineering program, you’ll gain real-world insight into construction management major problems and projects. Also, they will prepare for PMP certification. Some of the courses in these programs include:

Everglades University is a private, non-profit university in Boca Raton, Florida. The university also has campuses in Orlando, Sarasota, and Tampa. Around 2500 students attend the school every year. Everglades has a great selection of bachelor’s and master’s programs.

The university offers an online bachelor’s degree in construction management. He has done BS with Major in Construction Management. This construction management program is available online or on campus. A total of 123 credits are required for graduation.

This BS in Construction Management covers the law, planning, and other areas of construction. Also online students will learn

Bachelor Of Science In Construction Management Engineering Technology

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