Cool Science Experiments For 8th Graders

Cool Science Experiments For 8th Graders – On Friday my 8th grade class had their first science fair after working hard for the past three weeks. Later A.

A long first unit in Cells and Systems (I used to teach science!) moved into our Fluids department at the beginning of January. As a summative assessment, I decided to have my students organize, plan, and conduct individual science experiments to be showcased with a science fair (an informal event at our school). This allows me to include not only our unified overall score, but also many of our Cluster 0 results!

Cool Science Experiments For 8th Graders

Having never attended or participated in a science fair (other than a local science fair when I was in high school), I didn’t know where to start. After a quick Google search, I found this awesome science fair plan that Laura Holt put together. Now keep in mind that this pack was originally designed for elementary ages (K-5), but then, after some tweaking, I created a similar format that works for my students.

Project On Desalination Wins Case Science Fair

Friday went off without a hitch and I’m so proud of how the Year 8s got through this whole journey. Their experiments are well-planned and use excellent scientific research and scientific methods. Their presentation was well organized and engaging, and they answered questions from the audience in useful ways!

Now get ready to print (sorry, I’m proud of all the work they’ve done!).

– Other than that, I’m happy with how everything turned out and I couldn’t be more proud of my 8th graders. Tomorrow, I’ll focus on thinking them through the whole process, so I’ll see what they have to say and update this list as needed!

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Science Fair (grades 6 8) — Seven Oaks Classical School

Jenna DeBailes learned about the cause of brain freeze and answered questions about her procedure from her teacher, Sherrill Wicksberg.

Do you know how much iron is in cereal? How much bacteria is in your makeup? What materials can block Wi-Fi signals? Find out the answers to these and other challenging science questions at Island Park’s Lincoln-Orens High School’s 20th Annual Science Fair Jan. 15 in the school’s gymnasium. Under the guidance of seventh-grade science teacher Sherrill Vicksburg and eighth-grade science teacher Phillip DeSantis, the seventh- and eighth-grade students designed and implemented nearly one hundred different experiments to test a variety of hypotheses. Several hundred friends, family members and neighbors watched the show and were deeply impressed by the students’ lessons and methods.

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