Costa Coffee Machines For Businesses

Costa Coffee Machines For Businesses – Find out why Costa Express has chosen to work with smart coffee machines in 17+ countries.

Costa Coffee is a leading supplier of premium beverages in a highly competitive and constantly evolving market. Hungry for growth and strong for innovation, the introduction of Costa Express and self-service machines allowed the brand to expand its reach and rapidly increase market share.

Costa Coffee Machines For Businesses

The coffee-on-the-go concept allowed Costa Express to dramatically increase its brand and reach. However, as a premium brand, it is essential that the machines match the quality, service and experience delivered by the coffee made by the barista in the store. An excellent reputation, combined with a strong track record of innovation and ambitious plans meant that Costa Express needed to deploy an end-to-end IoT service, bringing together the best services across a range of experienced providers.

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Using the status information, the engine will indicate when it needs to be serviced. This prevention means lower maintenance costs and higher availability.

Display marketing campaigns can be combined and used as an additional channel to communicate with customers. Contactless payment is also convenient and hygienic on the go.

Dive deeper into Costa’s IoT journey. Learn how we’ve helped them overcome the smart sales barriers holding up your IoT project, and learn how we can help your business succeed with IoT.

International expansion plans and the need for real-time data transfer have prompted Costa Express to explore various IoT solutions. Initially, he explored several connectivity solutions, including on-site Ethernet or over-the-air (OTA). . However, Ethernet means increased risk to the site owner – often a shop or front-end operator – and connectivity. For example, a modem failure causes connectivity to drop and can result in lost business, frustrated customers and costly engineer site visits.

Perk Up With Costa Coffee At Selected Shell Stations In Malaysia

Costa Express benefited from a technology partnership from Device Insight.

Each machine is equipped with IoT’sHERA 604 router, which has over-the-air network switching as standard when installed. AnUICCcompliant, embeddedAnyNet + SIM integrated Costa Express machines can connect automatically in 190 countries and achieve close to 100% connectivity. Firmware updates can be easily pushed over the air to routers when new features are developed and available.

With a single SKU, new coffee machines are launched much more efficiently – machine parameters are preset, such as language and price. The installation partner simply configures it, then the machine automatically accepts the correct settings, connects to the local network and is ready to start serving coffee.

Costa Express coffee machines around the world are reliable and ubiquitously connected, providing transparent access to machine and sales data, intelligent situation monitoring and alert notifications.

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A fully redundant fault-tolerant network provides a globally managed connection service, while supporting multiple cellular networks in each geographic region ensures near 100% uptime. This means we can install connected devices and deliver premium drinks almost anywhere in the world. A real advantage as the company looks to rapidly expand into international markets” Paul Borrett, Director of Systems and Information

The incredible and ongoing success of the IoT-enabled Costa Express brand is something we are proud to be a part of. The combination of hardware and mobile services will help ensure that Costa Express can easily access, stay connected, receive valuable information and deliver a superior experience for its customers from anywhere in the world, and of course, great business opportunities. ‘growth’ As discussed in the book Growing the Core by Nick Earle, Chairman and CEO, leveraging distribution for core growth is a great business builder. A cup of Costa coffee at my local Shell station is the best example of this lately. Costa recently announced a 23% rise in quarterly sales.The brand remains ambitious, with owner Whitbread aiming to double sales to £2bn.

Costa has been effective in expanding its high street presence in its core UK market, which has more than 1,300 stores and is now twice the size of Starbucks. Not as sexy as social media. But finding the right sites and then opening stores faster and better than the competition has been a key driver of growth.

Costa has been very good at breaking new ground for the consumer. The company acquired the Coffee Nation brand of freshly ground coffee vending machines and rebranded them as Costa Express. Costa currently has more than 2,000 machines in petrol stations, supermarkets and motorway service stations. Costa Express uses fresh ground coffee and fresh milk to make a better cup of coffee than your average machine.

Coca Cola Buys Costa Coffee From Whitbread For £3.9bn

Costa has also expanded its range by creating Costa At Home capsules that work with Tasimo single-serve coffee machines. This is a good way to increase the reach of the brand and keep it in front.

A third driver of distribution is expanding geographically, especially in the growing Chinese market, where Starbucks is also very active.

In short, Costa is a great example of grassroots growth, focusing on what is best, but finding new ways to bring it to the consumer through distribution.

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