Creative Meeting Rooms London

Creative Meeting Rooms London – Are you looking for a great conference room in London to attract potential new clients, perhaps a special conference room? Or are you holding a company meeting and need a place that inspires your team to think big? Whatever it is──we know what the drill is about.

Sometimes, a regular-looking conference room with colorful flowers on the wall and a dark gray table just doesn’t cut it, so we’ve listed six across the city in London Cool, weird and fun conference room. All of these great spaces for informal meetings can also be booked through Tally Workspace, where you can find all of the best meeting rooms in London!

Creative Meeting Rooms London

Creative Meeting Rooms London

We start with something special. The office space on the city’s Blackfriars site features “Space”, a Star Wars-themed conference room. With a futuristic theme, metal chairs, and views around the planet, this place will make you feel like you’re on the Death Star and planning to take over the galaxy.

Meeting Room Name Ideas That Inspire Creativity And Boost Roi

If you need “blue sky ideas” or want to discuss some planetary stewardship, this might be the conference room for you.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

Named after Apple’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, this 14-person conference room corresponds to the style of this reference. With clean lines and a colorful palette, this stylish space looks like it was designed by Steve Jobs himself.

Huckletree is a cohesive, technology-focused workplace in Shoreditch that attracts some exciting new start-ups, so it’s no wonder they offer such great meeting rooms.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

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Described by Missionworks as a “city oasis”, The Sky Garden is a beautiful conference room and venue in Hammersmith. Lush tropical plants are everywhere, bringing life to the forest that we truly love. Combined with hanging chairs and hammocks, this is an incredible setting for all occasions, but perfect for those with low energy!

Thanks to the large windows, the room is filled with natural light, providing a great atmosphere for workshops and other creative events. The mission house can be found just a short walk from Goldhawk Road Station.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

Next is the ministry’s kitchen and dining room. Combining these two beautiful rooms, the venue can accommodate up to 26 people and is ideal for large or large informal gatherings. In addition, the hotel also has a fully functional kitchen where you can enjoy cocktails and snacks in the evening.

Meeting Room Redesign Tips To Increase Creativity

Ministry is a sister company to Ministry of Voice (post-acquisition) and is based in Borneo so is easily accessible via the Northern Line or London Bridge.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

The place is a little cozy but still fun. The Office Group (TOG) offers an excellent choice of meeting rooms at all locations, particularly at Liberty House next to Oxford Circus. We chose the Sofa Room as it is a great room that can only accommodate 3 people – perfect for intimate performances or conversations where you want your guests to feel comfortable.

The meeting room is beautifully designed with a rich clay palette. But it can also be used with a large screen on the wall so you can easily display or receive Zoom calls.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

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One of Tully’s favorite places in his adopted home of Spitalfields is Jane Jacobs’ room. Named after the American journalist and activist who championed new community-based approaches to urban design, the conference room is perfect for board meetings or dinner parties.

The 60’s style will impress your guests as well as the thousands of plants in the building. The conference room has a video conferencing room, including unlimited tea and coffee, and Second Home can provide additional food/beverage packages.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

On the 24th and 25th floors of The Shard you’ll find the wonderful offices of The Office Group. They have a wide selection of meeting rooms with great views of the London sky, so don’t blame us if your guests are disturbed! Available in different sizes and layouts to suit every occasion, the team are on hand to help ensure your event runs perfectly as planned.

Creative Meeting Rooms In London

We thought we’d end this list with something a little unusual. If you are on a budget and want to keep your guests entertained at your party, Menil Penthouse is the perfect choice for you. Calling this place a “meeting room” is a service. It covers the entire upper floor of this stunning riverside building, boasting a spacious terrace with unobstructed views across the city. The Menier Penthouse is filled with light, perfect for product launches or company gatherings.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

The in-house team is on hand to provide food they normally source from local restaurants and suppliers, with sustainability as a priority. The venue is also very flexible, with different layouts and equipment to suit any event you have planned.

This concludes our list of quality meeting rooms in London. If it doesn’t suit you, you can browse our selection here or contact our live chat team who will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect room. We have hundreds of great meeting rooms at Tally Workspace and other great workspaces across London and the UK, so there’s a good chance we can meet your needs, even if it’s the only meeting room.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

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Creative Meeting Rooms London

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Give your team access to quality equipment – no matter where they are. We’ll pick you up and run fast. London’s meeting rooms can be very inspiring – but only if you know where to look. Whether you’re looking to rent an unusual conference room for an in-person event to get the best out of your team or venue, we’ll be back!

Creative Meeting Rooms London

Forget about the gray hollow spaces between soulless corporate windows. We’ve got 10 of London’s best meeting rooms that are unique and inspiring. While each room is equipped with some meeting facilities, group grouping times are also available; another place where you can enjoy time with your team or clients at the end of the day. Interested in? Read on to find the best and most unusual conference rooms to rent in London.

This level in Central Shoreditch features large windows and an open floor plan, ideal for meetings throughout the day. This rental conference room comes with parking, a projector and sound system, as well as a spacious kitchen and self-catering kitchen with everything you need. Large windows, home-style decor, trees, and plants are sure to help your team unleash their creativity.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Hotel Conference Room?

The modern Xinlu Hotel has two conference rooms, each equipped with state-of-the-art blackboards and free wireless Internet, office supplies and mineral water. This boutique hotel is a former textile factory close to Whitechapel, Aldgate East Station and Shadwell DLR. The kitchen area boasts natural light from the sky and a Smeg fridge stocked with snacks and drinks. If you need to entertain yourself for the evening, you can rent famous chef Marc Pierre White’s signature restaurant.

This sustainable venue is the perfect choice for a space with plenty of space to host a variety of events from conferences to group building and workshops. These places are the perfect environment for creativity and inspiration, with rooms filled with plants bathed in sunlight. Whether you want to book a half day or a full day, the party venue can accommodate your needs in a variety of ways. Book The Courtyard for those hot summer days, or The Café for an inspiring coffee break between work days.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

If you need a conference room that will wow your guests, check out a wine tasting room in St. Petersburg. “Pancras” by Sirsis. The 1920s Art Deco restaurant and outdoor champagne bar enjoys a prime location above the hustle and bustle of St. Louis. Pancras International will feature a private dining room, ideal for meetings and entertainment. This is a great place if you have foreign clients visiting and need to impress.

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If you’re looking for a quirky conference room to rent in London, then The Little Yellow Door is undoubtedly your best choice. The two-story apartment features an open plan kitchen (with full catering) and an upstairs living room with comfortable sofas, coffee table and long kitchen counter. Downstairs is “The Flatmates Den” – a cozy spot with a DJ bar, massage room and tables. This is indeed one of the most unusual places.

Creative Meeting Rooms London

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