Criminal Background Check For Landlords

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Thorough tenant screening is one of the most important steps in finding the right candidate and weeding out tenants who are not the right fit for your property. When you consider that nearly one in five people screened by SmartMove had a felony on their record in 2015, you can see the importance of background checks as part of the hiring process to identify the right criminals.

Criminal Background Check For Landlords

By keeping an eye on potential tenants, you can avoid putting your property and community at risk. A background check is an important part of a thorough tenant screening, which should also include a landlord’s credit check (to give you a picture of the borrower’s financial situation) and an eviction report (to learn more about the borrower’s credit history). Reviewing the applicant’s credit history, lawsuits and evictions will give you complete information about who they are, their ability to pay and the risks associated with lending.

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But what does running a background check on rent involve? Let’s look at the process below.

Finding the answers to these questions can give you peace of mind and help you protect your property, your community and yourself.

According to our 2016 Smart Move survey, 86% of landlords will check applicant information, and for good reason. A background check will help you verify that the applicant’s information provided at the first screening is correct. If the interviewer tells you that their background check is clear, it is best to confirm this by ordering a background check from them. It is unwise to simply take the petitioner at face value or rely on gut feelings as it may not reveal that he has a valid case. Verifying an applicant’s information and criminal record is a useful way to check their background.

Along with a credit check, a lender’s background check helps verify the applicant’s identity. previous address or date of birth) to expand search results. In addition, TransUnion’s matching policy uses more than 40 years of TransUnion’s matching experience to better match your enrollees and candidates.

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You can weed out people with criminal records before they apply for a job by explaining what you want up front in the ad and in the first interview with the interviewer. People with a criminal record often avoid applying if they know it’s a background check. This allows you to attract a small (but well-qualified) pool of applicants to your rental.

It is your responsibility to choose tenants who do not put you or your community at risk of violence or theft. A lawsuit will help you find out if you are renting to someone who could damage your property or your community. If you skip a background check, you may end up with a tenant that you have to remove later – a costly mistake that could have been avoided by checking the owner’s background. This can cost money, effort and time that you may not have.

A full eviction costs around $3,500* and the process can take weeks or months to complete, depending on the location of your property.

In addition to a criminal record, it is important to order an eviction report as part of your screening package to determine if the applicant has had any previous eviction related charges. Migration history can be informative, as past migration predicts future migration. When you consider that evictions can be prevented by screening the tenant before moving in, it’s not worth skipping the screening step.

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When checking criminal records, it is important to take an individual approach to each applicant. Consider HUD’s recent guidance for landlords regarding how to take action based on a person’s criminal record. Not all criminal records have business records.

A 2016 SmartMove survey also found that 44 percent of landlords agreed and disagreed that they would be willing to ignore some criminal records if the lender reported them. When you have a criminal record, you can consider the nature, severity and timing of each crime to make any decision.

SmartMove uses advanced filters and industry best practices to provide a solution that meets their requirements under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other federal laws. Developed by TransUnion, SmartMove searches databases including:

As a result, owners benefit from a search that covers nearly 300 million criminal records from all federal and state sources.

Online Criminal Record Check

As always when dealing with job applicants and lenders, you need to know the rules and regulations you are following. Consult an attorney to determine if you are subject to the Fair Housing Act or any other laws. Your state may have specific rules about borrowing.

You want to make sure you do all the background checks so you can get the full picture of your potential applicants. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a screening service like SmartMove. By using an online survey service, you get results in minutes. Results are available 24/7 for viewing, allowing you to access information whenever it is convenient for you.

TransUnion SmartMove’s crime control system is fast and efficient, giving you the results you need quickly. SmartMove background checks provide access to:

*Criminal results are not available for Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Cook County, Illinois.

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Each owner will have their own criteria for what offenses are acceptable. Here’s how to read SmartMove’s crime report.

In addition to a criminal background check, you should also check your credit and eviction records to learn more about their background. This will help you determine if their financial situation and past credit history are compatible with what you want to do. You may also need to check the recruiter’s income and references. Ask to see current salary rates as proof of your income and talk to your employer and previous employers. You can also ask to see their bank statements or rent receipts to see if they have a history of paying rent on time.

Having an affordable and cost-effective background check screening service is essential when looking to rent your rental property. Without a full inspection, there is no real way to know if they will respect your property and other residents.

Armed with the information provided by TransUnion SmartMove’s online monitoring system, you can make informed decisions about which applicants will protect you, your property, and your neighbors.

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Andrea Collatz is a business analyst at TransUnion SmartMove. They focus on topics that empower independent property owners with data, knowledge and industry best practices that are often reserved for large property management companies. She also works on marketing and social media efforts focused on explaining the importance of rent inspections to independent landlords. A good borrower review is essential to your success in borrowing.

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