Crm Programs For Small Businesses

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Your small business or startup is bursting at the seams because your disorganized contacts and spreadsheets and manual, time-consuming processes limit your potential to scale and acquire more customers.

Crm Programs For Small Businesses

It’s time to get a CRM, but there’s one problem. As you strive to lighten your workload and optimize your processes, you must now explore and choose from the 846 CRM options available in this crowded space to find a solution that fits your company’s goals, budget, and growth trajectory. Not exactly the relief you were hoping for.

Best Small Business Crm 2023

To eliminate the time investment and headaches of researching each CRM and digging into the details, we’re happy to do the hard work for you.

We’ve handpicked 14 CRMs that we believe are right for your small business or startup.

We’ve also listed some key features for each tool, what size and type of business the CRM is suitable for, the industries that use the platform, and other relevant information.

We’ve also created this handy comparison chart below so you can see the key features/attributes of each CRM at a glance.

The Best Crm For Small Business: How To Choose The Right One

Prices: All prices are annual prices unless otherwise stated. We’ve also listed which tools offer a free plan. Note that most CRMs also offer monthly pricing if you prefer.

Comprehensive: A comprehensive tool will have marketing automation, email marketing and/or customer service available with CRM plans or as a product add-on.

We rated usability as it relates to how easy it is to acclimate to the platform and use it. Of course, your user experience will be different depending on your experience and background. But we tried to go by user reviews and our personal experience with the tools to come up with a usability rating. Despite our reviews, we still recommend trying each tool, as most come with free plans and/or free trials.

CRMs that offer more features and integrations usually take longer to onboard and learn. However, this should not prevent you from adopting a tool that you think would be a good fit.

Tips On Choosing The Right Crm Solution For Small Business

Some simple to medium and moderate CRMs may take some time, but once you’re up and running, it’ll be worth it. Just because a tool is rated “Easy” doesn’t mean it won’t take some time to get familiar with CRM and its features. It just means that using the tool and navigating is a bit more intuitive.

PRO TIP: Be careful when calculating costs. While we list the prices of each tool, we encourage you to contact your dealer to get an accurate idea of ​​your outdoor costs. Some tools have setup fees and contact/user limits.

Below is a summary of the 14 small business CRMs we cover in this guide, along with the standout features for each.

HubSpot is a popular CRM that caters to businesses of all types, from independent contractors to enterprise organizations. This tool is attractive because its free plan includes enough features to get any small business or startup started.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Crm For Your Business?

HubSpot’s product stack includes Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and the newly added CMS Hub, which offers optimized website creation. Each of these products comes with a monthly fee and a minimum contact limit with unlimited users when you upgrade to a premium plan. The free plan includes basic marketing, sales and service features.

Automate all your marketing tasks with HubSpot’s marketing features. Send automated emails using HubSpot’s template library, customize campaigns with advanced segmentation, and customize workflows to match your unique goals.

HubSpot’s sales feature allows you to track the behavior of your website visitors in real time. Use this data to create a personalized email sequence and gain additional data on how the prospect interacts with your communications. Track lead progress in HubSpot’s all-in-one sales dashboard.

Great features: We like HubSpot’s feature-rich free plan, which you can scale without paying for additional users. HubSpot’s interface is also intuitive and not difficult to navigate, which is not typical among similar feature-heavy CRMs.

Best Crm Software For Small Businesses 2023 (compared)

The plan includes features that other CRMs would charge for, such as contact management, unlimited users, email tracking, appointment scheduling, activity and business tracking, email marketing, list segmentation, and more.

Plans starting at $40 per month billed annually add features like landing pages, ad management, social media, video hosting, advanced analytics, and more.

We love Active Campaign here at Venture Harbor because we use it every day and it serves us well. As a CRM-less nomad, we’ve been searching and searching for the best CRM for our business for years. We’ve even tried 100+ CRMs but weren’t confident until we came across ActiveCampaign.

We originally used ActiveCampaign for email marketing, which is what it was known for. However, it has since branched out into a fully loaded CRM.

Best Crm Software |contact Management

We love Active Campaign because it offers email marketing and marketing automation on a platform with robust features that surpass top brands in quality and depth.

One of our favorite features is ActiveCampaign’s offer channels because they are based on a Kanban board style (think Trello) or agile framework. To use this feature successfully, you need to break down your sales cycle into steps that give you a better visual idea of ​​where each deal is landing in the cycle and how close or far from completion it is.

A rare CRM feature, ActiveCampaign, also allows you to split test emails into automated campaigns. With unlimited split testing, we were able to increase email open rates by up to 300%.

Standout Feature: ActiveCampaign offers powerful automation features with high-quality, in-depth features that are affordable enough for small businesses to scale.

Top 5 Best Crm Software For All Your Small Business Needs This 2020 That You Can Try For Free!

Prices depend on the number of contacts and users. For up to 500 contacts and three users

The plan starts at $9 per month billed annually and includes unlimited mailings, email marketing, marketing automation and subscription forms.

Plans starting at $49 per month billed annually for up to 500 contacts and 25 users also include custom Facebook audiences, lead and contact scoring, SMS marketing, integrations, dynamic content and more.

We love Pipedrive for small businesses that want an affordable, robust and intuitive solution for generating leads and managing them throughout the sales cycle without the bells and whistles of a bloated CRM. If you want to keep things simple and easy, Pipedrive might be the solution for you.

Why Is Vca The Best Crm Software For Small Businesses?

While most small businesses that generate and manage leads will benefit from using Pipedrive, the tool also includes reporting features and eight recurring payment models for subscription-based software businesses.

Pipedrive allows you to prioritize the sales activities that matter most, while automating and consolidating your workflow in an easy-to-use interface. Pipedrive’s USP is that it was built by resellers for resellers, putting the needs of resellers first. The platform’s simple and highly visual interface focuses on activity-based sales.

Pipedrive provides visual cues of probability and rot so you know which deals are cold or hot, so you know how and when to approach them.

With Pipedrive’s visual interface, it’s easy to create multiple sales pipelines, customize each stage of your sales cycle, and track them through to completion.

Best Crm Software For Small Businesses In India

Pipedrive also has a robust contact management platform that imports, syncs, and manages all your contacts and connects them to offers as needed. The interface also allows you to view the history of interaction with each contact.

Standout feature: While Pipedrive isn’t as complex as some of the other content management systems we’ve included in this guide, we like its simplicity, which eases the onboarding process and allows for quick learning.

The plan is quite robust with features like managing and organizing contacts and deals, customizable channels, web forms, activity management and more. We also like that this price is static and doesn’t increase with more contacts.

Plans start at $24.90 per user/month billed annually and include additional features such as unbranded forms, customizable email templates, group emails, workflow automation, and email open and click tracking. All plans get access to 24/7 support and mobile apps and integrations.

Best Crm For Small Business

Note that while we love Pipedrive’s feature pack for its simplicity, take a look at its features to make sure it can scale with you as you grow. For example, there is no internal email platform. To implement mailing, you need to integrate an external solution with Pipedrive.

If you’re looking for a simple system to manage contacts, deals, and leads without having to wade through full-fledged platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot, Streak might be a good choice for you.

Streak is a Gmail-powered tool that integrates directly into your Gmail inbox. It brings the power of CRM right to your email inbox, enabling seamless communication and workflows.

Note that Streak is not an all-in-one CRM. It does not come with marketing automation and email marketing functionality. Still, it’s powerful enough to manage your contacts and track leads and deals without the excess bloat of a higher-end CRM. It can also be integrated with your other tools via Zapier.

What Is Contact Management

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