Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads – We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are temporarily returning all saddle pads as we work on some design improvements. Only in-stock items are currently available for purchase. Thank you for your understanding as we work to improve our products.

Introducing our Garnet saddle designed to enhance your riding experience. This extraordinary piece has a 100% virgin wool lining and a stunning, durable, tightly woven wool blanket on top.

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

Designed to meet the needs of a variety of sports, including barrel racing, trail riding, cutting, bridle and roping, we proudly offer saddles in a variety of lengths to accommodate a variety of saddle preferences and sizes. We have pads in 27″, 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″, 36″ and 38″ lengths, providing a perfect fit for most saddles.

Lemieux Loire Cc Saddle Pad White

Our standard saddles have a spine length of 30 inches, making them ideal for medium-sized western or fender saddles that are approximately 27 inches or less. If you have a horse with a short back, don’t worry! We also have specially designed 27-inch and 28-inch spine pillows for them.

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

Like this saddle pad but your size is not listed, we have the flexibility to customize the Unicorn Saddle Pad in a smaller or larger size to fit your unique needs. Just specify the desired length and width in the order notes and we’ll make it happen. Please note that the lead time from order to delivery is 4 to 12 weeks for custom orders, including our Pony series, which are standard 28″ wide with a 27″ spine. We understand that this period is extensive and we are committed to fulfilling orders as quickly as possible.

Before placing your order, please take a moment to measure your saddle to make sure there is at least 1 inch of space between the length of the pad and the front and back of the skirt. Check out our handy photo guide to find the perfect measurement point for your saddle.

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

Adjusta Fit® Tekno Quilt V Free® Bellyband Horse Stable Blanket

The thickness of the felt under the pad is an impressive 16mm, resulting in a total pad thickness of around 21mm. These extraordinary pads ensure that your horse gets the maximum shock absorption it needs, especially when moving at high speeds. The base pads are made of 100% natural virgin wool felt that breathes and effectively removes heat from the horse’s back. In addition, it wicks away moisture and sweat very well, keeping your horse cool and dry while riding.

We pride ourselves on prompt delivery of your order, and unless otherwise noted, this diaper is available in our inventory and ready for immediate shipment. When we are out of stock, we offer convenient backup options. Additionally, we are happy to accommodate custom sizing requests so you can get the perfect size for your saddle pad. Just remember to specify the desired length and width in the order notes and we’ll take care of the rest. Most of us use them for various reasons. Whether you choose a soft half pad to provide extra cushion for our horse’s back, a beautiful color to contrast with our saddle pads, or an insert to provide extra shock absorption or padding…half pads are available to suit your needs. Saddle fitting is as art and science as it gets!

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

This is good news and bad news. For one thing, buying a half pad is a much smaller investment than buying a new saddle, and for a saddle that fits almost perfectly, the right half pad may be exactly what the modder ordered. On the other hand, with such a wide range of mid pads, it’s easy to choose one for the wrong reasons, thinking you need one because a lot of other riders use it, or because it’s just popular in the world. moment, or because what horse doesn’t like an extra tuck under saddle? Worst of all, too many half-stuffings lead the rider to try to “fix” a completely bad saddle by adding a ton of extra padding…which obviously doesn’t work! Unfortunately, this flawed logic only leads to an uncomfortable horse and a frustrating ride.

Lemieux Loire Fly Hood Hunter Green

To use an oft-used analogy… think about your shoes. Assuming they fit well, a regular pair of socks (that fit well!) can improve the experience of wearing your shoes, make them more comfortable, less prone to shedding, and also extend the life of your shoes by wicking away sweat. This pad is just like your regular saddle pad. Now imagine wearing a pair of very thick wool socks with your regular socks with your favorite running shoes. Does all that “extra cushioning” make the shoe more comfortable? Or have today’s shoes become too tight and restrictive? How about two pairs of extra thick socks to add even more “softness”? When did these comfortable shoes become a real pain?

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

A half insole is like an extra insole or insert into your shoe. Thin socks are fine if the shoes fit perfectly, but extra socks can make the shoes too tight. If the shoe fits perfectly, even adding a gel insole can make the shoe too snug, and the foot that was supposed to provide extra comfort suddenly has the opposite effect.

With this very thick half pad, the saddle now “sits” on both sides of his back, all the way up! Too much room in the back and not enough room on the sides. It’s a very good half pad that provides plenty of cushioning and impact absorption, but it doesn’t pair well with this horse’s saddle, and the combination can result in a very stiff ride due to the saddle’s limitations. . muscles around the back. It’s all about “adding extra socks to shoes that fit well.”

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

Ultimate Back Protection

If you think about shoes that fit well but have enough extra room, gel insoles are now very comfortable! It adds impact protection and fills in extra space to give the shoe a custom-made feel. Sometimes we don’t need a full pad, sometimes just adding a bit of gel where the heel hits will do the trick. Or in the winter we might actually buy shoes half a size bigger than normal because we know we need extra thick socks to wear comfortably for extra warmth!

So when you really consider whether it improves fit and comfort, you can see how something as simple as “extra padding” can quickly become more complex and situation-specific.

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

Back to the semi-packed…just like your favorite pair of running shoes, if the saddle fits perfectly, extra padding won’t make it any better. With the right saddle, less padding is better, and your best bet is to stick with a high-quality saddle pad that fits the shape of your horse’s back (if your horse has a big back, your saddle pad should too!). Pads are mainly used to absorb sweat and prevent dirt from forming on the bottom of your saddle, and just like your sports socks, they should be washed often!

Bates Wide Dressage Saddle

If your saddle is good, the right extra padding can make the saddle fit perfectly. As an added bonus, when your horse changes shape, gains or loses weight or muscle, extra padding can be adjusted more easily than a saddle (and cheaper!). Here comes the art and science part!

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

Half pillows are available in a variety of materials. Some of the most common are sheepskin, memory foam, gel, and high density foam. Of these, sheepskin is generally the thickest material (and will take up the most space under the saddle), while high-density foam is the thinnest. Memory foam can be very thin or very thick, but it can be a bit of a feature in its role under the saddle as it compresses into a thin layer in areas of high pressure, but remains thick in areas of less or less pressure. The pressure is wider. Many materials will help relieve pressure points and absorb certain impacts. Some materials are better for one purpose or another, something to consider if you are using a half pad for one of these purposes. But at the end of the day, if your saddle is good, you probably want to use a thinner half pad like the Thinline pad. If your saddle fit leaves room for improvement, you have more options.

Half of all pads change the fit of the saddle, some just the tiniest bit, others a drastic change. When adding a half pad, be aware that half pads can also affect the saddle’s balance, sometimes unexpectedly. Usually, half pillows also do not have back and spine channels, so you will want to

Cutting Horse Saddle Pads

Trooper Cut Felt Saddle Pad

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