Cyber Security Master Degree Programs

Cyber Security Master Degree Programs – Students who are on the Master’s program will have the option to subscribe to the -DMU Double Degree Scheme. Under this scheme, students will receive 2 certificates and transcripts upon graduation: 1 from Asia Pacific University (), Malaysia and 1 from De Montfort University (DMU), UK.

The Master of Science in Cyber ​​​​Security program is designed to give you a head start with the latest technologies aligned with the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Cyber Security Master Degree Programs

• Bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.75 out of 4.00, or an equivalent qualification accepted by the Senate.

Cyber Security And Pen Testing Msc

• Bachelor’s degree with CGPA 2.50 out of 4.00 but below CGPA 2.75; may be accepted subject to rigorous assessment (includes test, interview or portfolio).

• Bachelor degree with CGPA below 2.50 out of 4.00, or equivalent qualification can be accepted with at least 5 years of relevant work experience in a related field.

° Applicants without a bachelor’s or equivalent degree in cyber security or computer forensics must pass the required modules in cyber security and digital forensics to continue with the master’s degree.

* Applicants without a Bachelor’s degree in computer science must complete the prerequisite modules to continue with the Master’s degree.

Msc In Cyber Security

Note: The above entry requirements may differ for specific programs based on the latest program standards published by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Students from English-speaking countries and those with English-taught qualifications (previous degree/master’s degree taught in English) are exempt from the English language requirement. Requests for exemption must be accompanied by supporting documents.

This program is aimed at practicing IT/computing industry professionals seeking further formal qualifications in Cyber ​​Security. In addition, professionals and managers who wish to advance their Cyber ​​Security knowledge and skills to graduate level will find this program attractive. Freshers with a background in cyber security/digital forensics will also find this program valuable as a pathway to further their academic qualifications.

* Elective modules can be pre-selected for students at the beginning of the semester. If students wish to change these pre-selected elective modules, they can choose from the available modules offered in the semester OR from intensive teaching modules – such changes may, however, extend the duration of the studies.

Master Of Science (msc) In Cyber Security

As part of this course you will be required to complete an extensive project paper relating to Cyber ​​Security for both academic and industrial purposes. This project work will be supervised by a member of academic staff as the main supervisor. This may involve working with an external organization (possibly directly relevant to your work or organization or one of our business partners). You get considerable flexibility in choosing any Cyber ​​Security topic to base your project document on. In terms of deliverables, you are expected to come up with a prototype / simulation / framework etc. (the list is only an example and is not limited to this) and produce one project paper and a publishable conference / journal paper consisting of a paper abstract.

The Rocheston Certified Penetration Tester (RCPT) program emphasizes research, live labs, and interactive sessions on emerging security breakthroughs, providing space to define information security requirements while finding options for improving existing methodologies. The RCPT certificate was designed and built in as part of the Advanced Ethical Hacking module in the Master of Science in Cyber ​​Security program, to allow students to have industry-standard exposure to penetration testing, as well as the opportunity to really upgrade. life scenarios and simulations through presented CyberLabs. As such, every student in the program has an equal opportunity to obtain the certificate as part of the curriculum taught in the module, without the need for additional training resources. Studen can opt for Rocheston certification which is valid for 2 years and is subject to a renewal process to ensure all penetration testers are up to date with the current scope of penetration testing.

Upon completion of the Advanced Digital Forensics module, students will be ready and can opt for the Certified Hacker Forensics Investigator (CHFI) professional certification. CHFI certification is provided by the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants [EC-Council], an American organization that provides cybersecurity certification, education, training, and services in a variety of cybersecurity skills. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, EC-Council has certified more than 237,000 professionals from 145 countries ( The CHFI is an advanced cybersecurity certification for network security forensic investigators.

After completing the Security Operations Center (SOC) & Incident Response SOC modules, students will be ready and can opt for the Certified Security Operation Center (CSOC) professional certification. The CSOC exam is certified by Global ACE Certification where the certification body Global ACE Certification is the Information Security Certification Body or ISCB, a division within CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM). Candidates can take the exam in authorized exam centers in member states. Candidates who have successfully passed the CSOC exam will be eligible to apply as an associate or professional member by meeting the membership criteria defined by the Global ACE Certification.

Part Time Master Degree Courses In Singapore

“Both the government and the private sector are fighting for talent. Thousands of information security jobs remain unfilled as the U.S. industry struggles with a shortage of adequately trained professionals. According to one estimate, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021.”

“As digital transformation programs continue to dominate, a larger cybersecurity budget is needed. Almost all companies are looking at technology like robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and so on. All these changes will be accompanied by additional cyber risks and necessary investments.”

“Malaysia is one of the top three ASEAN countries expected to contribute 75 percent of the cybersecurity services market share by 2025.”

“Organizations have struggled to recruit talent, with 32% taking 6 months or more to fill cybersecurity positions.”

Online Master’s Degree In Cybersecurity

​* The above fees do not include registration fees, registration fees and other miscellaneous fees. See Fees Guide for details.

All information is correct at the time of publication, but is subject to change in the interest of continuous improvement. Home » Coding Bootcamp » What is Cyber ​​Security Bootcamp? How are they different from the Master’s program in Cyber ​​Security?

The practice of protecting networks, systems and all other information assets from malicious threats is known as cyber security. Not surprisingly, banks, technology firms, hospitals, government departments and almost every other industry are investing in cybersecurity systems to secure their business processes and the millions of people they serve.

To land a job in this lucrative business, you need to demonstrate your skills to an employer, and attending a bootcamp or master’s degree is one of the many ways to help you do that. But what’s the difference between a cybersecurity boot camp and a master’s degree? How to choose the best program that suits your needs? here is the answer

Cybersecurity Master’s Degree Program

Bootcamp is a modern approach to your IT education, an intensive, short-term, often immersive experience created to provide potential IT professionals with all the skills needed to launch a career in their chosen specialty.

Cyber ​​Security Bootcamps are focused educational programs designed specifically to prepare you for an entry-level Cyber ​​Security position. Intermediate and advanced bootcamps will help you apply for mid- and high-level positions (eg penetration tester). Bootcamps are shorter in duration (ie less than one year) than undergraduate and graduate certificates and can be provided by any number of different providers, including universities, private businesses and skills academies.

This is a 480-hour full-time and part-time cybersecurity program offered by The Flatiron School designed to help students develop the skills they need to pursue a career in cybersecurity as a Level 1+ SOC Analyst, Threat Intelligence Analyst, security consultant or compliance analyst. Online learners benefit from synchronous tutorial schedules as well as private study hours, integrating a connected network with life-specific flexibility.

This springboard program boot camp will teach students what they need to know. After completing the boot camp, students will complete 50 labs, 30 assignments, and one capstone project to demonstrate subject area expertise to employers. Students work closely with a personal trainer, a trained cyber security specialist now working in the industry.

Information Assurance And Security

This boot camp includes technology skills training, insight into current cyber trends and simulated cyber threats with hands-on experience. Students choose a curriculum plan that works well for them and leave prepared for 17 (full-time) or 26 weeks (part-time evenings and weekends) to pursue a career in cyber security. When training for graduation, students work closely with the full academic career resource team for resume assistance, networking advice and an exclusive college job fair.

Cyber ​​Security bootcamps are intensive programs and many Cyber ​​Security bootcamps are designed to be completed in less than 6 months. Students may need more or less time to complete the program depending on how they take the courses and how many hours per week they invest in the program.

Students can complete the program in 4 months if they attend the program full time, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

The program takes 8 months to complete

Master Of Cybersecurity Management

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