Degree In Graphic Design Jobs

Degree In Graphic Design Jobs – You want to start a new career in graphic design. But can’t you just work for three years to get your degree? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In 2019 many people are looking to retrain as graphic designers in a flexible way that allows them to continue their daily work. And a number of college courses have sprung up to help make this possible.

At Shillington we have campuses in the UK, New York and Australia, where three-month intensive courses are also available part-time for up to nine months.

Degree In Graphic Design Jobs

Best of all, we have a proven track record of getting people into graphic design at the end of this period. In fact, Shillington’s courses are often taken by graduates who want to be more industry-ready than preparing for their more theoretical degrees.

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So what is really important for you to be industry ready? In this article, we’ll take a look at some typical phrases found in real-life recruitment ads and how they reveal the specific qualities you need to land your first job as a graphic designer.

Then we’ll look at each of these qualities in turn, and how a part-time design course at Shillington can help you realize them…without quitting your day job.

Actual Job Requirements: “We are looking for an experienced and passionate junior designer with a keen eye for detail and can create pixel-perfect work that passes through a rigorous quality control process.”

For most companies, the days when graphic designers could be trained on the job are long gone. Fierce competition between design studios and ever-shrinking client budgets means creative directors don’t have much time or resources to formally train new hires. Instead, they need someone who hits the ground running and requires minimal guidance.

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It’s the old Catch 22: “You can’t get a job without experience.” You cannot gain experience without work. ” That’s why Shillington’s classrooms are specifically designed to replicate a real, dynamic studio environment.

When you start with a thorough study of design theory, this is just the beginning. From here, you’ll build the fundamentals to learn the technical skills and disciplines that are in demand in the design industry right now.

You will learn by doing in an environment created by professional designers and as close to the real thing as possible. This means you’ll have a head start compared to graduates from more theoretical courses that don’t have a strong practical component.

Real job requirement: “Ability to solve design problems from start to finish: transform research findings into insights that shape revolutionary new products and features, and then develop workflows and detailed communications to bring them to fruition.”

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Every design studio lives and dies by making their clients happy. And the art of executing a client brief is completely different from creating eye-catching visuals that look good in your portfolio and get lots of likes on social media.

It’s really about knowing the client’s needs and business goals, helping the studio achieve those goals with original and creative approaches, and then perfecting them.

It cannot be taught in the abstract, it is largely a skill that you learn with experience. Thus, in Shillington’s design courses, you are given real briefs and expected to complete them by providing technically accurate resources for print, digital or physical production.

By taking you out of the lecture hall and into a real environment where your work will be judged by top professionals, you’ll be fully prepared when it comes to your first design job; And recruiters aren’t slow to admit it.

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Actual job requirement: “Ability to handle a large workload and prioritize multiple projects. Flexibility to adapt quickly to changing priorities in a highly dynamic environment, work under pressure, solve problems and meet deadlines.

It’s a matter of knowing your design skills and completing the client’s task. Another thing is to do it in less time.

Dealing with tight deadlines in a real studio is something easy to promise but hard to actually deliver; Even experienced designers can face difficulties. So how do you convince recruiters that you have the right stuff?

In truth, the only real evidence that will convince them is the actual document. And that’s why Shillington’s design courses don’t give you endless time to complete your projects, but tight deadlines that reflect what you’ll have in the real world; From two hours to two days.

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In a sense, you are treated more like an employee than a student. And while it may seem intimidating, it gives you a real boost of self-confidence that will help you convince the recruiter that you can meet the actual job requirements and that you can do it.

When hiring ads requires you to have a long list of design tools, it can be difficult to read between the lines. After all, there is probably no living designer who has mastered every aspect of Photoshop. What if you’re not good at illustrator, but you’re good at sketching? What is generally considered an “average” skill level?

It is better not to think about such things. Employers’ requirements vary depending on their specific focus, they are unlikely to give you a written test on a particular piece of equipment or ask you to explain how its various features work, for example. Instead, they’re usually looking for designers who (a) are well-versed in the underlying software and (b) can use it to bring real projects to life.

In this spirit, Shillington teaches full-time and part-time students quality design software—Adobe Suite InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop—as well as the digital prototyping application Sketch. You start from scratch with software demos, share best practices, tips and shortcuts, and tutors are available for personalized technical guidance.

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But more importantly, you’ll quickly jump into the real world and learn how to get software to do what you want it to do; As working designers do in the real world.

Although design is a business, it is not a production line. Employers are therefore looking not only for reliable individuals, but also for people with talent, imagination and a spark of inspiration, meaning they actively generate ideas and don’t just sit in the background and wait for instructions.

At Shillington, you don’t work on your own projects as you would on a more academic course; You collaborate with classmates just like you would in a real studio. You will also receive a constant stream of feedback and constructive criticism, both written and verbal, as you consider, develop and implement your ideas. All of this requires a bit of a thick skin, but gives you a good base when you have to do the same thing in your first job.

Actual Job Requirements: “You have the ability to clearly and effectively communicate creative processes, ideas and solutions to teams.”

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There’s no point in having great ideas if you can’t explain them quickly, clearly and quickly. Customers don’t have time to wait for your finished product before deciding whether they like your idea or not, so communication is one of the most important skills a designer needs to develop.

At Shillington, you’ll learn how to explain your ideas, processes, and results to clients and creative directors in an easy-to-follow way.

This means developing a level of empathy for what different people need to know; Creating a story that explains the evolution of your ideas and the purpose of your design; And be brief because people don’t have much time in the real world and they don’t have time to stand and listen to your chat.

Actual Job Requirement: “Portfolio of personal or professional digital design work. We want to see the document in .psd format, not just the final work.

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As they say the proof of the pudding is in the food. And no one will offer you a job as a graphic designer unless you show them some impressive portfolio work. But it’s not just about visual appeal.

You’re not an artist, you’re a designer. The difference is that design solves a problem. And so employers want to know how you approached the problem and how your design solved it.

At Shillington, you’ll complete a graphic design course with an enterprise-level portfolio that includes a variety of projects and styles, including digital, print, packaging, UX/UI, branding, campaigns and more. This portfolio will clearly show how your idea turned into your final design, and you’ll develop the skills to communicate it fluently during an interview.

If you are looking to change careers and become a graphic designer, Shillington has all the qualifications to confidently and successfully apply for a position in a competitive industry. Choose between three months of face-to-face training and nine months of distance learning in New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane ->

Benefits Of Taking Graphic Design Courses

Graphic design is a career where skills pay the bills. As with any job, there are some important ones

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