Delivery Services For Small Businesses

Delivery Services For Small Businesses – One of the entrepreneur’s and small business’s growing pains is keeping costs low with limited resources.

Especially for e-commerce companies, where deliveries are central to the business, price has been reported as one of the main factors influencing their choice of delivery service. In fact, with more and more consumers expecting the retailers/e-commerce platforms they shop from to incur delivery costs, keeping your delivery costs low ensures the sustainability of your small business. This guide will provide 3 simple but important tips to help you reduce your delivery costs in the midst of increasing customer expectations.

Delivery Services For Small Businesses

As such a small city, express deliveries are quite possible and common in Singapore. Lalamove, Grabexpress and Pickupp are examples of delivery companies in Singapore that support on-demand delivery. What does delivery on demand mean? Similar to on-demand ride-hailing services, on-demand delivery companies have the technology that will allow customers to order a specific time for delivery and have their orders picked up and delivered within that time period. This is extremely important for urgent last minute delivery orders and supports the food delivery industry. However, it is important to note that on-demand deliveries are generally more expensive and may not be a viable option to keep costs down. This is where it is important to consider other types of delivery options for your business. In fact, businesses that do not have urgent delivery needs, or businesses that sell perishable goods such as baked goods that may last more than two hours, may consider other, less expensive delivery options. For example, Uparcel and Pickupp are two companies that support customers with 3-hour, 4-hour and 6-hour to 8-hour shifts on the same day. Although this may need to be planned in advance, you can save on costs instead of relying on one-hour on-demand delivery that may not always be necessary or available for your business. While a 1-hour on-demand delivery service costs an average of $16, a 4-hour delivery service with Pickupp only costs an average of $8. Another type of delivery service would be next day, 1-3 day or 3-5 day delivery. This service will be most applicable to non-perishable products and is often used by fashion and retail businesses. As this service involves bulk collection from the doorstep of the delivery company’s warehouse before dispatch to your respective customers on subsequent days, it is usually more expensive than same day delivery. Companies such as Ninja Van, J&T Express, Pickupp and Uparcel offer this type of service. For businesses that want to save more on delivery costs, you can consider using Singpost. However, this only applies to very small packages. You also have to pack your parcels and haul them to the post office, which may not be an efficient or sustainable time saver.

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Express delivery on request and same day (2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours) – Scheduled express delivery and same day – Next day, 1-3 days, 3-5 days delivery

Although you may have to juggle different delivery providers to meet all your delivery service needs, it can be worth the cost and time. Alternatively, Pickupp is one of the only companies in Singapore with an integrated logistics platform that can support all types of services mentioned above.

Automation improves quality by eliminating human error, improving consistency and accuracy, enabling the creation of more complex items, and identifying errors along the way. Implementing automation techniques is not as daunting as it seems and you can always do it in stages to manage and implement it effectively.

Here are some simple ways you can start automating delivery tasks: – Get rid of the paper and pen and make sure everything can be tracked and stored digitally.

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You may or may not use a courier service provider with a digital dashboard. However, even if you use a traditional courier service, it is important to consider storing all delivery orders digitally. This will save you a lot of time in sorting your orders and will also support the calculation of operating costs in an efficient way, which is essential for managing finances in a growing business. Services from technology-enabled last mile providers will include a digital dashboard with filter and functionality to search for orders based on delivery date. Every order is counted correctly and every delivery is traceable. Delivery companies with 24/7 tracking will also be able to find the exact time/date when the package is picked up and delivered to your customer. This transparency is what you need to track and improve customer service levels. Here is an example of what Pickupp’s digital dashboard looks like:

API integration is not just for large companies. In fact, such an integration will save small businesses enormous amounts of time. What does API integration mean between your website and the delivery provider? With API integration, all delivery details for your customers are automatically imported into the logistics provider’s platform for seamless fulfillment. No additional data transfer is required on your part, which saves a lot of time for your team and also reduces any errors in the process. For example, since delivery was an important part of their e-commerce business, Cat & the Fiddle, a cake shop in Singapore, enabled API integration with Pickupp right from the start of the business. Through API integration, they were able to offer same-day delivery as well as quickly scale their business. Check out the Cat & the Fiddle success story here. But if you don’t have a tech or development team to support yourself with your website and are currently using an e-commerce platform like Shopify or want to use one, you’ll be happy to know that a couple of tech-enabled last-mile delivery companies also have proprietary plugins that will support the same automation process as API integration – with no technical support required from your end! Pickupp contains Shopify and Woocommerce plugins. This means that orders coming in through your Shopify or Woocommerce site can be easily imported into the Pickupp dashboard. All you have to do is check out the details, select the orders and choose “Send with Pickupp!” For an automated and problem-free delivery process. Learn more about our integration with Shopify and Woocommerce here.

If you don’t have any of the above plugins or an API integration option, you can still take steps to improve the efficiency of your delivery process through bulk upload. Before bulk loading existed, requests had to be generated one by one. With bulk upload, you can simply copy and paste all delivery details into a single Excel sheet and upload to your delivery dashboard. Adapting to this way of creating orders may seem like a hassle at first, but you’ll be surprised how much time you can save! How Pickupp’s bulk upload feature works is that you simply upload your Excel sheet and the tool will help identify errors such as invalid addresses and numbers. Learn more about how Pickupp’s bulk upload feature works here.

Did you know that the average packaging cost is $1 for every $11 spent? While packaging is important to your business, finding affordable ways to package your product can save you huge amounts of costs – both for packaging and shipping. Compact and simple packaging is also important because most delivery companies charge a different price level for varying dimensions/weight. It may be a good idea to keep the packages as light and small as possible to reduce any additional costs. Although cardboard packaging is generally cheaper, you can also think outside the box – there are many creative ways you can package your products, and here is an article with 50 Creative Packaging Mockups for reference. While you may not have the ability to address all of the points above, start taking steps to implement them into your business strategy and you’ll be amazed at the cost savings you’ll be able to make!

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Interested in learning more about how Pickupp can help your business? Sign up for a free trial here and we’ll be in touch soon! The growing demand for delivery might make you think it’s time to outsource the last-mile delivery process. But what if your team could deliver faster, more efficient performance and handle more capacity without giving up control over the customer experience? The Path Optimization Program has helped small businesses around the world do all of these things and more.

When it comes to the local delivery challenges small businesses face, we’ve learned a lot from working with more than 800 businesses around the world. There is enormous pressure on businesses of all sizes to compete with Amazon’s two-day delivery standard and consumers’ increased expectations for convenience.

Shoppers expect retailers to offer delivery, and if those customers can’t get their order fast enough (or at a price they find reasonable), many customers will go elsewhere. to me

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