Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

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Are you dreaming of your dream house? Some envision a large backyard with a pool and spa, others envision a rustic mountain home with quirky details, and some dream of choosing a home with a fireplace in the living room.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

A fireplace is a modern luxury that can boast not only an enviable style; It is one of the most practical interior design additions to any home. Imagine yourself curled up on the couch, wrapped in a cozy blanket, with a good book in hand, and a fire burning nearby. It’s the ultimate hygge dream.

Warm Up W/ 5 Living Room Ideas With Fireplace

So whether you already have a fireplace in your living room and are looking for decorating inspiration, or you’re still dreaming about your future abode, keep scrolling to see the full 23 perfect living rooms with fireplaces.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

A large fireplace sits in the center of this Pacific Palisades living room, under a round mirror and surrounded by potted plants. With textured cushions, green plants and plenty of thoughtful details, including natural wood accents like exposed ceiling beams and window frames, the space feels fresh and inviting. Not a bad place to have a cup of tea at the end of the day by a roaring fire.

Never underestimate the power of color. Thanks to the paint from top to bottom, this dark green cave gives us all an elegant and whimsical impression. And we’d guess the massive brick fireplace didn’t look half as amazing before the makeover. Mid-century modern style makes this space look great—all that’s missing is a throw.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

Living Room Design Ideas With Fireplace: Cozy And Inviting Spaces

Be sure to invest in the right type of paint that can withstand the intense heat of the fireplace inside and outside the firebox.

This modern black and white living room positively oozes effortless luxury. But what you really get is an asymmetrical fireplace and adjacent panels that are quite remarkable. A floating shelf on one side of the stove balances the opposite wall. lesson? Don’t be afraid to take risks like playing with oddities and balances.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

If you don’t have room for a traditional fireplace with all the other accessories, don’t worry. A free-standing fireplace can be just as comfortable and more modern. We love the way this dark wood stove sits against the crisp white walls and colorful artwork and adds a whole mid-century modern vibe to this living room in Portland, Maine.

Fireplace Designs: 10 Fireplaces That Create A Warm Glow

Nice). Proof of that can be found in this living room, where traditional elements like built-ins and intricate moldings and vintage furniture are beautifully balanced with minimalist styling and a stunning wall-mounted fireplace to die for. This is another proof that fireplaces should not be extravagant.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

When we see this ultra-modern space, the word classy comes to mind. From the wide stone walls to the Chanel velvet chairs to the ribbed rug, this room is all about texture. In contrast, a sleek black fireplace with sparkling fireproof glass almost juts out of the wall, adding plenty of drama.

There is no such thing as a well-worn coat. It’s the perfect place for your favorite trinkets and can be changed seasonally (think evergreen necklaces). Take a look at this dramatic French living room that combines traditional architecture with playful, modern decor with a trumeau mirror, including wooden handles and a stained glass sculpture on the fireplace.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

Tyler’s Design Living Room Fireplace

This huge sculptural hearth is proof that fireplaces are not for everyone. The proportions of this fireplace can easily overwhelm the room, but the fresh white color keeps it in check. Look closely and you’ll see that modern glazed stone replaces wood here, with a log angled underneath to reveal an extra book, pile of blankets or a very cozy spot for pets.

This living room is a great example of an updated modern traditional space. It features a neutral, textured rug that frames a room filled with elegant leather and wood furniture. In the middle of the far wall, between the floor-to-ceiling windows with dark blue shades, is a white fireplace. Above the fireplace, the walls are lined with regular gallery walls. It is an incredibly well-thought-out space that leaves no corner without style.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

This contemporary Florida living room features a charming fireplace. Unlike more traditional fireplaces, this modern design element completes the floor-to-ceiling installation with a dark gray textured stone wall that also includes a massive TV. An elegant but quiet space with sharp, modern lines.

Ravishing Living Room Designs With Corner Fireplace

For a completely modern and dramatic look, consider a black fireplace surround like this one that stretches from floor to ceiling. We love the stark contrast to the white and cream colors in the rest of the room. A narrow recess below holds a log for added functionality and style.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

This Nantucket residence is full of charming traditional decor and charming farmhouse style. The fireplace is clearly the star of this living room – it immediately catches the eye with its elegant herringbone design on the inside of the hearth. Above the fireplace, a round mirror hangs on the wall flanked by two small lamps. All the accessories are tied together in shades of blue, in a nice contrast with the red and orange upholstered coffee table.

This fun cabin-style living room is as cozy as it is charming. Dark wooden beams are exposed on the ceiling with crisp white walls and are used to frame the living room. While the sofa, coffee table and chairs all have their own design qualities, this fireplace is a real eye-catcher. It has an intricate carving design in an unusual shape that looks attractive and classy.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

Modern White Living Room With Floor To Ceiling Fireplace

From style to perfection, this living room combines the best elements of rustic and contemporary design with modern tiles and a fireplace with painted wood panelling. For an added touch of innovation, instead of wood logs fueling the fire, this fireplace is filled with concrete balls for a style unlike any other.

To use a decorative log substitute, you must have a gas fireplace. Always check with the manufacturer before making any changes to your fireplace.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

You can decorate your living room fireplace with wood or marble materials, but don’t knock an artistic tiled fireplace until you’ve tried it. This peaceful space proves how dynamic and visually interesting design elements can be. The rest of the room is decorated in natural tones and muted colors, which places an artistic fireplace in the center.

Bring On The Heat: 28+ Modern Fireplace Ideas To Keep You Warm

If you have a fireplace that stands out more than anything else, it’s not easy to figure out how to style it. We love this unique idea of ​​using it as extra book storage in a historic house in Virginia. Stack your favorite notebooks, choose a few to display in front and there you go. Just make sure your fireplace is completely inactive.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

Another idea for a non-working or even fake fireplace is to fill this fresh living room with a bunch of candles. Warm light creates an atmosphere of fire without noise and clutter. Aim for candles at different heights and place the most inside and the least outside. Decorative tree stumps look great here and look even cooler with candle drops.

Bold designs call for equally bold fireplace treatments. Finish your fireplace in a light color for an infusion of personality, just like in this eclectic living room. An eye-catching blue-green fireplace pops off the wall and provides the quirky punch this quirky space needs.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

Living Room Ideas To Brighten Your Home

With such a view, the fireplace in the living room is not the focal point of this beautiful space. Several wooden elements tie the room together, including a coffee table, leather chairs with wooden frames, a log tower located in a cozy alcove on the wall by the ceiling, and a fireplace. Above the simple fireplace are two graphic paintings that complete the dynamic living room.

There’s something charming about a rustic interior, like this moody living room in Connecticut. Is it just us or does a natural stone fireplace invite you to curl up with a blanket? It’s the perfect rough touch to balance out all the luxurious surfaces in the room. Earthy elements like these are a surefire way to up the coziness factor.

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

If you prefer to make a big statement, turn up the volume with modern graphic elements. Let this living room be the inspiration you need with bold floral wallpaper and a geometric tiled fireplace. We can only imagine how those sparkling jewel-like tiles would look against a dancing fire.

Living Room With A Standard Fireplace Ideas You’ll Love

Classic architecture meets light and airy design in this refreshing living room. The fireplace is painted white like the surrounding walls

Designing A Living Room With A Fireplace

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