Digital Media Marketing Manager Job Description

Digital Media Marketing Manager Job Description – The term digital marketing is relatively new, but the components that make up digital marketing have been around for a long time.

It is only in the last few years that marketers, SEOs, and the industry have realized that they need to leverage all digital marketing channels for a complete digital marketing strategy.

Digital Media Marketing Manager Job Description

So “digital marketing” is getting more attention and like any other profession there is always room for a “manager”.

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I have been working as a Digital Marketing Manager for the last 10 years and in this post I will cover the following topics:

A digital marketing manager is responsible for planning and executing a digital marketing campaign to promote a brand, products or services across all available digital marketing channels. The role also includes supervising other experts working in the digital marketing team.

In a typical scenario, the digital marketing manager is the head of the digital marketing department. In the department there is a manager for each digital marketing channel.

It is the responsibility of the Digital Marketing Manager to ensure that all departments are working towards the same goals.

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Search Engine Optimization – Design, plan and execute SEO campaigns to increase search engine rankings and traffic.

This is a very important element of a digital marketing strategy and in the absence of a dedicated SEO manager, a digital marketing manager must have the necessary skills and knowledge to manage all SEO-related tasks.

An SEO manager is an expert in search engine optimization. It can tell you how to optimize your websites for search engines, how to build links from other websites (link building) and how to make sure that Google is available to give your website more exposure.

Maybe he started out as an SEO consultant, because that’s really where it all starts (in the internet marketing world).

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But he has knowledge and skills related to other components that make up digital marketing i.e. content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing.

So, in a nutshell, the difference between an SEO and a Digital Marketing Manager is that the latter has broader skills and knowledge and can develop and execute a complete and effective digital marketing strategy beyond SEO.

Content Marketing – In the digital world, you need content in any form (text, images, video, audio, etc.) because without content you can’t do anything online.

The question is what type of content you need, who produces the content, topics, titles, length of content, etc.

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These are typical questions that a content marketing manager should answer, and if there is no content marketing manager (which is the case for many companies or agencies), then it is the responsibility of the digital marketing manager.

Social Media Marketing – Social is a great tool and a great way to promote your online store or business, but how do you decide which social networks to use, how to set goals and what content to post?

What is a successful social media campaign and how do you manage your followers? Questions a digital marketing manager should answer with a social media manager or social media expert.

Paid Advertising – PPC advertising on Google, Facebook or other platforms is an essential task for almost all types of digital marketing campaigns.

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Larger organizations or digital marketing agencies are more likely to have a dedicated PPC manager and Facebook Ads expert to handle these tasks.

For small businesses or sole proprietors, this is not the case, so it is the responsibility of a digital marketing manager to run and optimize PPC campaigns.

Email Marketing – Unless you use email in more advanced ways like sending newsletters and subscriptions, email marketing may not require a dedicated email marketing manager.

It is the digital marketing manager’s job to create an email marketing strategy that aligns with the company’s overall digital marketing strategy.

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Mobile Marketing – Mobile is no longer an option, so every online business should have a mobile marketing strategy.

This can be related to providing users with a mobile website or even developing mobile applications for different markets (Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, etc.).

A digital marketing manager must have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the market for the best way to reach it.

By education, we don’t mean having a degree in marketing. While a degree in marketing or digital media is an advantage, it is not a strict requirement.

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You can then earn an accredited digital marketing certificate to test your skills and prove to future employers or clients that you have the necessary knowledge to work as a digital marketing manager.

Equally important to making a career in digital marketing is experience. A digital marketing manager should have enough experience with all digital marketing techniques.

The first reason is to run successful campaigns. You need a lot of practice and testing to get to the point where you can maximize the performance of your campaigns.

The second reason is the proper management of specialists in your team. It is not enough to have people management skills to manage a digital marketing team, but you need the right technical skills.

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For example, you should have SEO experience to guide and mentor your SEO manager.

So, if you are thinking about entering the digital marketing industry with a “manager” role, keep in mind that a manager’s job is not like other professions where the job is primarily to manage people and resources.

In addition to technical and team management skills, a digital marketing manager must have good communication and organizational skills.

Communicate with the client – ​​Communicate with the client and explain to them the benefits of digital marketing in general and more importantly the benefits and advantages for their business.

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Build a Digital Marketing Strategy – Use all the tools in your arsenal to create a complete strategy to promote your business online.

Communicate the strategy to the client and stakeholders – Explain the strategy to the client and other stakeholders (eg experts and managers in his team).

Track Plan Execution – Track the execution of your digital marketing plan to ensure everything is done correctly and on time.

How Much Money Do Digital Marketing Managers Make? A recent study found that the average salary for a digital marketing manager is $97,000 per year.

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How much money you can earn depends on your experience, the size of the company you work for, the type of clients you have and your success story.

Unlike “offline” marketing, everything in digital marketing is measurable, and digital marketing managers with a proven track record of increasing traffic and business conversions earn more than managers who only know the theoretical part.

Digital marketing is not a theoretical concept, but a practical one. It is not enough to know the theories of different digital marketing techniques, but you need to know how to implement them.

A digital marketing manager must have practical skills and this means that a digital marketing course is a good starting point, but not enough.

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It takes time to become an expert in all components of digital marketing, but unlike other professions, these are skills that can be gradually acquired without requiring a special level of education.

A digital marketing manager is not only an expert in a digital marketing discipline, but also a set of skills related to various methods of promoting a website on the Internet, as well as planning, project control and team management.

In my opinion and experience, you cannot be a good digital marketing manager if you do not have deep knowledge of SEO.

SEO is the skills you need first and then you can build your knowledge for the rest.

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If you don’t have a good SEO foundation, it will be very difficult to become a successful digital marketing manager.

Alex Chris is a digital marketing consultant, author and instructor. He has over 18 years of hands-on experience in SEO and digital marketing. Alex has a master’s degree in e-commerce and has consulted with Fortune 500 companies in various industries. He regularly blogs about SEO and digital marketing and his work is referenced by leading marketing websites. Connect with Alex on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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