Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert – If you want the warmth of a real fire without having to burn real wood, a gas fireplace insert may be right for you. If you have decided to buy a gas insert, gas stove or wood burning set, great! Haven’t decided between these three heating solutions? Check out our blog post on the pros and cons of each option. If you have decided, you must choose one of two ventilation options: direct gas introduction or free gas introduction. So what are the pros and cons of each type of ventilation option? What is best for your home, direct ventilation or free gas inserts?

In this blog post, we will look at the pros and cons of direct vent and ventless gas inserts. You will find that the advantages of gas fireplace inserts outweigh the disadvantages. The purpose of this blog post is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about which fireplace insert is best for you. We have already written about the differences between direct vents and free gas fireplaces and gas stoves in previous posts. Read on to learn more about direct vents and ventless gas inserts to discover the best heating solution for your home.

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

What are the advantages of direct vent gas inserts? Let’s take a look at the benefits of using gas fireplace inserts right in your Cape Cod home:

Kingsman Idv 26 Direct Vent Gas Insert

Direct vent gas inserts generally have a more realistic looking flame than non-vent gas inserts. To use gas without ventilation, to reduce the risk of emissions being carried into the home, the combustion temperature of the fire must be higher. So this higher temperature produces an unrealistic, sometimes blue flame. A fireplace insert with direct exhaust gases produces a real flame because the temperature is controlled. This creates a fire that most closely resembles a fire burning wood. If realism and aesthetics are important to you, direct ventilation will remain free.

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

Gas inserts with direct venting use external air for combustion. This prevents cold air from entering the house through windows, doors or other leaks and fuels the fire like a natural wood fire. As a result, the air in the room cannot lose heat and accelerate.

Direct vent gas fireplaces require a method of venting to the outside. Ventilation can be provided through an existing brick or masonry chimney, but you cannot simply use an existing chimney to provide the necessary ventilation. If you don’t have a chimney, the direct vent may end horizontally through the exterior wall rather than vertically to the top of the roof through the chimney. This will provide some flexibility and more options for installing a gas insert directly in your home. Wherever there is an external wall, you can directly insert a gas heater.

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

Kingsman Mcvp42 43 Inch Clean View Direct Vent Peninsula Gas Fireplace With Media

Due to their design, vented gas stove duct liners do not impact the indoor air quality of your Cape Cod home. Direct vent gas inserts use high-temperature glass panels to separate the combustion area of ​​the gas insert from the interior of the home. So a vented gas insert will take in air from outside and let all the gas out. This is in contrast to a ventless gas insert that enters the home.

We discussed the advantages of direct vent gas inserts. What are the disadvantages of installing direct gas ventilation? Of course, direct vent inserts for gas stoves have some disadvantages, although in our opinion you should not buy them. These are just a few details to keep in mind to help you make the right decision for your specific Cape Cod home. Here are the 3 main disadvantages:

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

To install a direct vent gas insert, a chimney or external wall must be used. This is so that it can draw in air from outside and then release the byproducts of the fire into the firebox. They are not as flexible as gas inserts without ventilation. Since the ventless gas insert faces directly forward, there is no need to place it in an area with outdoor ventilation. Therefore, a free gas insert can be installed in a house without a chimney. This is something that a direct gas cartridge cannot do.

Heatilator Novus Gas Fireplace

A gas insert with direct venting is safe because the combustion process is closed behind glass. It is not possible to remove the glass or gain access to the firebox to work with a direct vent gas insert. This may be an advantage for people with small children or pets, but it may be perceived negatively by people who want to start a fire.

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

Generally speaking, direct gas inserts are more expensive to install than non-gas fireplace inserts. With professional installation and any remodeling, a direct vent gas insert will cost approximately $3,500 to $8,000. On the other hand, a free gas insert will cost between $1,000 and $5,000.

Now, in the case of a ventless gas insert, we will compare it with the direct vent option. Here are the most important advantages of ventless or ventless gas fireplace inserts:

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

Montigo Distinction Linear Natural Gas Fireplace 35 000 Btu D3615ni 2

Without the need to exhaust air outside, this gives great flexibility in installing gas inserts without ventilation in your home. Ventless inserts can be installed in many places where direct installation is not possible. For example, it can be mounted on a wall that does not protrude from the outside, such as an interior wall in the middle of the house. No holes in the walls or ceilings, no renovations or other constructions in the house are needed. This opens up many other possibilities that you may not have with gas stove inserts.

Because the water vapor is discharged back into the house through the gas insert, there is no heat loss in the chimney or flue. Thanks to this, the gas-free ventilation insert is very effective and will quickly heat the room. This can be compared to gas inserts with direct venting, which slowly but effectively heat the room.

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

As mentioned earlier, a gas insert without ventilation will be a cheaper gas insert investment than a gas insert with ventilation. So, if budget is a big concern, this option will be easier to implement.

How Much Does A Gas Fireplace Insert Cost To Install? (2023)

So they are professionals in the field of free gas insertion. Read on to find out the disadvantages of using free gas cartridges. Here are the 4 main disadvantages:

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

Gas fireplace inserts without a vent usually look less realistic than gas inserts with direct venting. If you care about aesthetics, it is worth using a gas insert with direct venting. However, if you prefer warmth over aesthetics, choose the option without vents.

Unvented gas supply units have minimum clearances for combustible materials that must be met when installed in a Cape Cod home. This includes wooden coats and other flammable items, which should be kept at a distance. In Massachusetts, unvented gas fireplace inserts cannot be installed in bedrooms or bathrooms. They cannot be the main source of heat in the room where they are installed. Therefore, the room must have a conventional heating source such as gas, electric or oil heating.

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

Superior 32 Inch Medium Direct Vent Gas Insert

When air vapors from unventilated gas inserts enter your home, it also smells of gasoline and soot. Depending on your preferences, this may be uncomfortable or undesirable. If you have a respiratory condition such as asthma, it may cause discomfort or breathing problems. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind when deciding between direct ventilation and unvented ventilation.

Ventilated gas inserts introduce natural water vapor into the house, which increases humidity. This can cause condensation on the windows or doors of your home. Higher humidity can cause problems with wooden elements such as floors or doors. This can cause mold to grow in your home if you don’t stay on it.

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

If you live on Cape Cod, Breakaway is your source for heating solutions. We make and install both types of gas fireplace inserts, which can be the perfect fireplace product to complement your home. If you have trouble choosing between direct ventilation and a free-ventilation gas insert, our experienced staff is ready to help you choose the right model and guide the installation of the gas insert. And if you want to learn more about other heating products such as decorative gas radiators, gas heaters, gas blocks, fire pits or generators, Breakaway can help you

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