Do Lavazza Pods Fit Nespresso Machines

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Blog The Complete Guide to Compatible Coffee Pods and Which Machines They Fit Posted on March 27, 2017.

Do Lavazza Pods Fit Nespresso Machines

The struggle is real! You just bought a new coffee machine, because someone recommended it to you or the guy in the store was too nice and you just couldn’t resist, but now you’re wondering: which capsules fit in that coffee machine? Where can I get the capsules? Can I buy only original capsules or are there compatible ones on the market at a better price?

Lavazza Nespresso Compatible Capsules Variety Pack (pack Of 60)

First things first: this is a jungle, so there are more machines and types of pods than you can imagine. To make it easier for you, we have listed the most popular systems below and explained which capsules fit which machines. Please note that the list below may never be complete. There are so many machines on the market that there is not enough space to list them all.

If you can’t find your machine, contact us (it’s best to send a photo of your machine), and our coffee experts will tell you which capsule fits yours!

Nespresso, although not the first capsule to appear on the market, was the most successful so far. Recently, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, a sister system, stole some of the market. These two systems should not be confused with each other, the capsules are not interchangeable. However, there are many machines on the market that can use original or compatible Nespresso pods.

Capsule shape: Strong V-shape, diameter approximately 37 mm, height 30 mm. Capsule Features: Some are made of aluminum, but most, especially the compatible ones, are made of food-grade plastic with aluminum caps, 100% safe to use in your machine, read more.

What Coffee Pod Type Is Compatible With My Coffee Machine?

Watch out for… Keywords like Nespresso or Caffeluxe Compatible with market leading machines Price: Original Nespresso capsules range from R6.50 to R10 per capsule. Compatibles are available from as little as R3.49 per pod, mostly when bought in bulk (50, 100 or 200 packs at a time). Always calculate the price per pod to compare items with each other (price / quantity = price per pod).

These capsules fit… Nespresso® U, U Milk®, Inissia®, Pixie®, Pixie Clips®, Lattissima®, Lattissima Touch®, Lattissima Plus and Pro®, Essenza®, Essenza® Mini, CitiZ®, Kmix®, Maestria ® and Gran Maestria, Le Cube®, Creatista®, KitchenAid®, Prodigio®, Essenza® (manufactured by Krups and De Longhi) Caffeluxe Duo, Verona, Sienna, Torino, Milano, Piccolo Cafelaane, MyCoffee by Cino, Russell Hobbs, Russell Hobbs Vivace , Ethical coffee WARM-INOX MACHINE, Platinum by Cino, Vida e Caffe, Vittora and many others. Find the capsule here

Please note: Nestlé owns both Nescafe and Nespresso systems, however, these two systems should not be confused. The Nescafé Dolce Gusto system requires very large capsules. Capsule shape: Strong U-shape, approx 54mm diameter, 36mm height Capsule features: Original and compatible are all made of plastic and have a spout/nozzle at the bottom of the capsule and come with plastic caps.

Watch out for… Nescafe, Dolce Gusto, Nescafe Dolce Gusto Compatible (NOT NESPRESSO! Just saying) Price: There are many different flavors available for the Nescafé Dolce Gusto range. Basic prices range from R5, 60 per pod (R89, 99 for 16) to R6, 20 per pod (R98, 99 for 16), but be warned, some drinks require you to use 2 pods, so you’ll need to cap your drink. on R12. Consistencies are available from R5.40 per pod (R87.50 for a pack of 16).

Lavazza 18000396 Idola Coffee Machine Comp, Black

These capsules fit… Nescafe Dolce Gusto® Circolo®, Jovia®, MiniMe®, Genio®, Esperta® Krups Piccolo®, Krups Melody 2®, Krups Creativa®, Krups Fontana®, Krups Melody 3®, Krups Oblo®, Krups Drop ®, find capsules in De Longhi Stelia® Caffeluxe Duo

Caffitli, a machine originally from Italy, is very popular throughout Europe, especially in Germany, and has also found success in North America. The Cafitaly system also exists in South Africa, but some places sell capsules that fit into the machine. It looks like a K-fee system capsule, but is not compatible with K-fee machines.

Capsule shape: Soft U-shape, approx 45mm diameter, 25mm height Capsule features: Original soft plastic capsule and lid, compatible, usually you are looking for hard plastic… keywords like cafitally or cafitally compatible.

Price: Caffitaly is a premium system. The original is R10.00 per pod (R119 for 12) but you can find compatibles for R5.75 per pod (R69 for 12).

Best Nespresso Pods To Buy Right Now

These capsules fit… Caffitaly S04®, S06HS Nautilus®, S03®, S05®, Amante®, Gaggia Evolution®, K111 D Gaggia®, S11HS Nautilus®, S16 Diadema®, S08 Venus®, S07 Murex®, S15 Amrapho®, Find capsules on the S21 Clio® Bellini “Map” coffee capsule machine Cafè Expresso by Pingo Doce Caffisimo Tchibo CBTL Chicco d’Oro Dallmayr Dualit Piccolina Fagor Stratco

K-fee originates from Switzerland and is sold worldwide under different brands. In South Africa they call it espresso. Each espresso capsule will fit into the K-Fee machine and vice versa. Look for the K-fee logo on your computer.

Capsule shape: Capitaly looks like a capsule, but they are not interchangeable. Soft U-shape, diameter about 45 mm, height 25 mm. Capsule features: Original are soft plastic capsules and lids, compatible ones usually have a hard shell.

Look out for… Keywords such as K-fee, Espresto, Preference, Wave Compatible Prices: Original Espresto pods retail for R7.40 per pod (16 for R119), so compatible pods only R5.75 per pod ( per pod) from a real saver. R69 for 12). These capsules fit… Find capsules in Espresso Wave, Espresso Prefenza, Kaffee

Best Coffee Pod Machines For Delicious, Fuss Free Coffee

The original and oldest Lavazza has three main types of machines: Blue, A Modo Mio and Espresso Point. These systems are not mutually compatible and require three different types of pods. Here’s what to look out for with Lavazza Blue.

Capsule shape: soft plastic tub-shaped capsule with lid, approximately 47 mm in diameter, 27 mm in height. Capsule Features: Both original and compatible capsules have soft plastic capsules and caps.

Beware… Keywords like Lavaza Blue, Blue, Lavaza Blue Compatible Price: Genuine Lavaza Blue capsules are hard to find in South Africa these days, usually costing R6.50 per pod (R650 for 100). But don’t fret, compatibles are available to buy online for just R5.58 per capsule (R279 for 50).

This capsule fits… Lavazza LB 800, LB 850, LB 1000, Lavazza in black and compact, LB 2000, LB 2100, LB 2200, LB 2300, Guzzini, LB 2500 Plus, Panafe CA CPCA, PCA 100Lfe- -L CP V , Find here LB Compact, LB 4100, LB 1010, LB 2312, LB 4700, LB 5010, LB Brio, LB Colibri, Ciro Solo capsules

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The Modo Mio system is very different from the Blue and Point system. The pods are much shallower, and the marking on the machine is also different. Capsule Size: Shallow soft plastic capsule and cap, approximately 47mm in diameter, 17mm in height. Capsule Features: Both the original and compatible capsules are made of soft plastic for the capsule and cap.

Searching for… ​​Keywords like Lavazza A Modo Mio, A Modo Mio, Lavazza A Modo Mio Compatible Price: Today it is impossible to find the original in the South African market. You can get compatibility for R5.80 per capsule (R3 279 for 48).

These capsules fit… Saeco Piccina, Electroux Favola, Saeco Extra, Electroux Espria, Saeco Minu, Espressgo, Electroux Magia, Minu Caffe Latte, Lavazza Simpla, Electroux Favola Easy, Electroux Favola Plus, Electroux Favola Plus, Electrolux Favola, Joe, Lavazza, find the capsule in Electroux Fantasia

Milex machines were originally brought to South Africa by a local brand but were later discontinued, leaving many customers with the machine but no capsules. Capsule size: hard white plastic containers with different colored lids. Capsule Features: Both original and compatible capsules are hard plastic capsules and caps.

Single Cup Classy Plus

Search for… Keywords such as Milex, Home Mark, Espresso Cap, Café Barista. Prices: Compatible pods are available at R4.98 per pod (R249 for 50), but you’d better stock up when you find them, because you’ll never be able to. Get it again! These capsules fit… Find capsules at Milex Café Barista

The ESE system is the oldest, highest quality espresso you can get, and it’s also environmentally friendly. It is an open source created by Ily. Almost every coffee machine manufacturer has a coffee machine that can be taken or converted for ESE capsules.

Capsule size: resembles a tightly squeezed tea bag, 44 m in diameter, filled with espresso ground coffee. Capsule characteristics: Coffee in two layers of filter paper material. It should not be confused with Sensio Pod, because Sensio is an unfilled soft floor.

Search keywords such as ESE, Easy Serve Espresso, Soft Capsule, Paper Capsule, Hard Capsule Prices: Compatible capsules are available at R4.98 per capsule (R349 for 50).

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