Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

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Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

If your home has an open floor plan, it can be difficult to analyze the space to fit your needs. Old houses often have small rooms, so as not to divide the room. While doors or room dividers may not be the first thing you think of when looking at replacement door options, they can be super effective ways to update your space.

Types Of Sliding Doors

So, whether you’re DIYing a new door or installing sliding doors to divide your living space into an open concept, you’ll be adding some interest to the functionality of your home. Here we’ve rounded up some of the less popular (and more importantly, attractive) door alternatives.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

The natural color of this 2×4 wooden room divider adds visual interest and helps separate the living room from the kitchen and dining room.

A large glass window on half the wall in this room adds an element of privacy. Although it lets in a lot of light, it effectively divides the room.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

Types Of Internal Doors To Choose For Your Home

This unique piece of metal art is more than just a fun decorative item. It is also a smart way to separate one part of the kitchen from the surrounding living space.

This fun alternative to a door can be done as a DIY project, or you can have it professionally installed. This option by @Lalialovisolo features a series of 1×2 timbers, painted the color of your choice, to add a sense of privacy but still let in light.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

This beautiful, colorful room divider was created by @mayumifiberartsculpture to divide the room artistically. It combines three different natural settings to create a fantastic way to ensure privacy.

Small Pantry Ideas: 7 Space Saving Designs For Any Kitchen |

Take an excerpt from your favorite mystery book and solve your case in this renovated 1920s house with a bookstore-style door. Its dual purpose function is a plus in addition to its irresistible charm and character. Often only the investigators know what is hidden behind it.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

If you are thinking of replacing your doors with curtains, here is some inspiration to do so. Designed by Rustam Bohemia, this handmade curtain showcases boho entryway style. Bonus: Curtains can be much more expensive than doors.

We love this Dutch door that separates the mudroom from the kitchen in Amanda’s home. Dutch doors are often the exterior interior of a home, but this homeowner proves they can be an interesting divider between interior spaces.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

Arched Door Ideas That Will Change Your Space

Old West bars aren’t the only places that use saloon-style doors. The designers of Studio Arastu placed these sliding doors in front of the wardrobe, but also ensured that light still enters the room. The result is an interesting transitional space that does not live up to expectations.

If you don’t have a dedicated office, a sliding door like the one above by Joanie Merrihu of TTM Development can take space from a larger room and turn it into an office space. Because these types of doors are mounted on tracks, the door opens easily, feels comfortable – not heavy.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

You don’t need a set of doors to complete a room – as seen in this cute Brooklyn apartment, a pleated curtain can serve as an effective door alternative. The shower curtains also add a little boho feel, providing a nice contrast to the rest of the black and white style room. If you use tension wire, you don’t have to drill holes in the wall, which is a plus.

Living Room Door Ideas

Why stop at one door when you can have two? A set of symmetrical doors can add an elegant feel to a room, as seen in this European-influenced double door in this Berlin apartment. Opening up this pair is definitely the way to go.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

For a doorless basement, consider using a room divider to separate the space, as shown here in this great example from blogger Courtney Rogers. Folding screens are elegant, portable and require no installation, making them a great, cost-effective solution for creating a decorative effect near the door.

Hanging yarn art separates the main living space from the bedroom like a sliding door in this artsy Oakland living room. A craft like this will add a little more texture and personality than purchased pieces.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

Stylish Closet Doors Ideas

Want to open a boring old door? Take a note from this California craftsman and update your interior doors with this leather treatment. It has a classic look, but is quirky and unexpected enough to stand out among modern decor.

A rattan unit, like the one in blogger Niki Brantmark’s bedroom, offers an air of privacy and creates a little hidden reading nook. Partitions can make a big difference in making small spaces without doors or extra rooms feel bigger. If you are worried about blocking the light with partitions, the fabrics remain light and airy.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

Vintage-inspired bi-fold doors can add a lot of contrast to a room and work well to separate different living spaces or areas, which is exactly the case with this home. Buenos Aires. While these sophisticated pairs are still technically doors, their adorable shape will add some interest wherever you put them.

Creative Laundry Room Door Ideas

Mani’s home in Germany uses a table, DIY string curtains and climbing plants as an alternative door to outdoor-style living. This arrangement acts as a “wall” to help create a separation in the open space.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

Another way to accent a door is to cover it with chalkboard paint. This way you make the door doubly functional as you can add notes, reminders and lists. A bold color – cherry above – can make your door a stunning focal point, as seen in this minimalist London apartment, with a contrast between the panel painting and the walls.

If your room lacks doors or privacy, installing vertical walls, similar to blogger Bianca’s house in Germany, shows how you can divide space without building a door. With a room divider like this, you are essentially creating two doors on either side. Rebecca Henderson is a freelance design and decor writer with over three years of experience in design, architecture and everything in between.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

Small Living Room Ideas To Copy For Rooms Of Any Size

Kitchen doors are often pushed into the kitchen, stuck in odd corners and rarely thought about. But instead of thinking, what if the kitchen door looks as good as your kitchen? Maybe it’s time to change the look of the dishes. Read on to see 21 of our favorite pet ideas.

Barn doors are an easy installation option that does not take up kitchen space. They are perfect for narrow pantry areas or country or farmhouse style kitchens. But if you’re looking for a less luxurious option, choose a minimalist, less ornate door.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

For inaccessible doors, use inaccessible options such as security doors or pocket doors. These slim doors are perfect for a full foyer or hallway. To make the door stand out, dress it up with stylish accessories that match the rest of the kitchen.

Closet Door Ideas

A favorite of craftsmen everywhere, sliding doors are the ideal small space solution for tight corners. Refined and simple, these doors suit any kitchen style, making them the perfect choice for kitchen cabinets.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

Glass doors are a great combination of a solid door and a non-glazed door. You can still view the contents of the container, but not necessarily.

Looking for a more modern look than glass? Try frosted glasses. Frosted glass can blend in with the rest of the kitchen, while giving the dishes a modern and minimalist look.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

Pantry Door Ideas To Optimize Your Kitchen’s Potential

Of course, you can always remove the door completely to reveal the dishes. For the best look, make sure the pantry interior is nice and tidy, and paint your shelves the same color as your cabinets.

To make this (lost) barn door stand out even more, add a door trim for more character.

Door Solutions For Tight Spaces

Unique door designs can be found in solid black doors,

Space Saving Doors

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