Email Marketing Platforms For Nonprofits

Email Marketing Platforms For Nonprofits – You’ll send out a monthly newsletter featuring your amazing volunteers and how they’ve helped your mission in the past 30 days.

You can “Donate a Day!” Introduce your non-profit organization to a list of warm subscribers who have been following you for a while.

Email Marketing Platforms For Nonprofits

You have an upcoming virtual fundraising event and want to send an email reminding your list of subscribers who have already signed up for the event.

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And what is the first step to planning your email marketing strategy? Get started with the best email marketing software for nonprofits!

What is email marketing software for non-profit organizations? Email marketing software can help you implement your email marketing strategy.

Like CRM software for nonprofits, email marketing platforms are a central hub for organizing your subscriber list. And they are where you create and send your campaigns.

Here is the important part! What separates email marketing software from tools like Gmail is that you can automatically send campaigns to multiple subscribers at once. Whether you want to send a newsletter to every person on your list or send a personalized email to a subset of your list, you can do it all with email marketing software.

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Not to mention, this software allows you to monitor your own analytics on your campaigns. You can track how many people have opened your emails. You can see how many people have clicked on the links

These are very important tools to use in your email marketing strategy! So you need to make sure that you find the best email marketing software

So, we know what email marketing software is! But what in the world should you be looking for to find the best one for your nonprofit?

We’ve got you covered there! Here’s a quick rundown of what to look for when choosing the best email marketing software for nonprofits:

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Of course, some of these features and functions will be more important to you than others. And that’s okay! Be sure to make a list of what

Our list of the best email marketing software for nonprofits 2022 is based on research of tools on the market. We read websites, reviews and user reports to find useful information.

We receive no compensation for these products, we provide this information only to help you find the best software for your nonprofit.*

It’s the first on MailChimp’s list! This email marketing software for non-profit organizations is one of the most popular and for good reason. This power plant is a platform

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You can fully automate and segment your email list based on different categories of subscribers. For example, you might have a list of email subscribers who have already donated and another list who haven’t.

Many people ask, “Is MailChimp free for nonprofits?” The short answer is no. But! They offer a 15% discount to non-profit organizations. And if you authenticate your account as a security tool, you’ll get an extra 10% off.

Their pricing is set in tiered plans, the most basic of which is $0 per month. However, you may find that you quickly outgrow their free plan. From there, plans start at $11/month!

If you know you want great customer service, this is the best email marketing software for nonprofits! Constant Contact’s customer service is responsive, so if you need help getting started with the platform, this is a great option.

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No, continuous calling is not free for non-profit organizations. But they offer a 20% 6-month pre-paid discount for organizations, which gives you access to all the tools you need to create your nonprofit email campaigns! You can also avail 30% discount for 12 months prepaid plan.

Flodesk is relatively new to the email marketing platform game. But they are quickly making a name for themselves!

Easily) create beautiful emails that look like they were created by a graphic designer. The best part? You can do it with super mega speed. With their layouts and templates, you can drag and drop beautiful designs, then copy and paste your email copy right there.

Flodesk is not free for nonprofits. But they offer a free 30-day trial with no credit card required. You can choose to pay $38 per month or $418 per year.

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VerticalResponse is one of the best email marketing software for nonprofits because of its amazing sending limit. You can send 10000 with this software

So depending on the size of your nonprofit, you may not need to upgrade to one of their paid plans!

VerticalResponse has a great email builder with pre-formatted content blocks. You can edit and create content tailored to your nonprofit brand right on the platform.

No, Vertical Response is not free for nonprofits. However, they offer amazing discounts and incentives for non-profits!

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One of their amazing benefits is 10,000 free emails per month. Additionally, nonprofits receive a 15% discount on emails that exceed the 10,000 mark.

Their paid plans range from $11/month to $196/month, all depending on the size of your email list.

This email marketing tool for nonprofits has built a reputation for itself based on the automation and targeted segmentation features it offers!

With automation, Emma helps nonprofits take the mundane, manual work out of email marketing. So, for example, let’s say your nonprofit has a fundraiser. But before? The team takes a week after the fundraiser to manually send thank you emails to participants.

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This creates a more efficient process for your teams and makes your work easier and more effective in your mission.

And with the powerful segmentation that Emma provides, your supporters can have a more personalized donor experience! It keeps them coming back again and again.

No, but it’s not free for nonprofits. And while it’s a powerful tool with great segmentation features, the price may seem a little steep.

Tiers start at $99 per month for 10,000 contacts with an annual contract. So, this is definitely a platform that nonprofits that rely heavily on email marketing need.

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Organizations will benefit from the benefits of this platform. Charity: Missions like Water, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Agape Animal Rescue and Education Center all use Emma! It is a platform

It’s the most trusted email marketing platform for nonprofits, powering emails for organizations like Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, UNICEF, Girls Write Now, and the Library of America.

One of the best parts about Campaign Monitor is the ability to create personalized campaigns. Change images or even email copy based on individual supporters and their interests or demographics.

While Campaign Monitor is not free for nonprofits, they do understand what organizations are doing for the community and the world. So they offer a 15% discount to qualified nonprofits.

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Their pricing works on a sliding scale. The more contacts you have on your email list, the higher your price will be. However, it is an affordable email marketing platform for non-profits!

Their basic feature plan (and <420 email list) starts at $9/month. If you're looking for unlimited emails (aka, your nonprofit sends a lot of emails), plans start at $29 per month.

But the really great thing about it is that you can pay per campaign without signing an annual contract. If your nonprofit is diving into email marketing, that’s great. Or if you want to try out some of the best email marketing platforms before committing to one, this is a great option!

If you’re just starting your email marketing journey (think less than 500 contacts) and stuck to a tight budget, this might be the right choice for your nonprofit.

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There is no goalkeeper here either! You have access to all their tools and features, including automation features.

Plans start at $19.99 per month for up to 500 contacts on your email list. If you decide to pay annually, you will save!

Your nonprofit may have been swimming in the shallow end of the email marketing world for a while.

An active campaign might be just what you’re looking for! It is a more advanced email marketing platform for non-profit organizations. But with it, you have complete flexibility and control over your organization

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Where this platform shines is the advanced automation features they offer. All you need at this stage is to be able to set up simple streams. Or you can create tailored and complex campaigns for specific stages of the donor journey.

And where there is advanced automation, there is advanced segmentation. Focus heavily on the key demographics of your ideal donors. Then, create email campaigns to match. Your nonprofit can use this feature to create a laser-focused personalized experience!

Free for non-profit organizations but they still have your company in mind! As a qualifying non-profit organization you can receive a 20% discount on email marketing tools.

And last (but not least!) on our list of the best email marketing software for nonprofits, we have HubSpot.

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This is a great tool for nonprofits, especially if they are just starting out

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