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Environmental Law And Policy Center – Lee First is the co-founder and water keeper of Twin Harbors Waterkeeper. Please describe your relationship with water. I became obsessed with the water when I first got into a canoe at the age of 12. As a teenager I spent summers in northern Ontario…

“In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Blue Ocean” is a memorable poem that most American students study along with the achievements of Christopher Columbus. He is often credited with “discovering America” and as a result the US has recognized Columbus Day since 1792…

Environmental Law And Policy Center

Thank you to everyone who came to our Celebrate Waters 2022 event on September 15th! It was a lively evening filled with engaging conversations, networking with friends and colleagues, an informative keynote presentation and we were treated to all…

Report On The 8th Colloquium Of The Iucn Academy Of Environmental Law In Ghent By Prof. Victor Tafur

As a member of the Tulalip Tribe, Daryl Williams has dedicated his life to protecting Washington’s waters and left an indelible impact on watersheds across the state. “As the late Billy Frank Jr. once said, ‘A measure is a salmon…

Pursuant to the Hurst Decision (2016) and RCW 90.94 (2018), Snohomish County found this county code noncompliant. As a result, all rural development had to stop until there was a new way to move forward – to issue building permits without allowing…

Please join us for an evening of food, drink and celebration — Thursday, September 15 — as we celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and honor those dedicated to protecting and restoring Washington’s waters. Tickets are $55 each and can be purchased here.

Seattle, Washington – We are very excited to have Bridget Brick as our legal intern this summer. The opportunity to gain hands-on experience has a long history of hosting interns who have demonstrated an interest in environmental issues. there…

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Seattle, Washington. Getting out into the community to talk to people about Washington’s waters is critical to achieving this mission. With summer upon us and the easing of COVID-related restrictions, our Communications and Outreach Coordinator Kaeli was excited about Pride in the Park…

Seattle, Washington – Harriet Bullitt – granddaughter of K.D. Stimson, owner of Seattle’s largest sawmill and real estate mogul, whose Metropolitan Building Corp. helped to rebuild the city after the great fire of 1889 – was a famous philanthropist, conservationist and shrewd businesswoman. He…

Seattle, WA — We are pleased to welcome Kelly Fertal to the team as Communications and Outreach Coordinator. Kelly’s new full-time position will lead Kelly’s communications across all media platforms, as well as coordinate outreach efforts in… Chicagoans hospitalized for asthma twice the national average. Worse, asthma hospitalization rates are even higher in many of Chicago’s predominantly working-class African-American and Latino neighborhoods.

To address the disparate exposure to air pollution faced by Chicago’s working communities of color, the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) created a monitoring program called Air Quality Chicago that trains residents to collect air pollution data using the AirBeam + AirCasting platform.

Maumee Watershed Manure Impact Sheets — Alonzo Zamarron

Connects the dots between air pollution, local emission sources, and public health, thereby improving participants’ understanding of how air pollution affects their communities and helping them make more informed decisions that protect their health.

The city of Chicago has only twelve public air quality monitoring stations that measure fine particulate matter (PM2.5). Twelve stations lacked the numbers needed to quantify local air pollution exposure. Also, measurements from these stations are averaged before they are published and are not available in real time. This makes it impossible to use state station data to analyze differences in air pollution exposure in different areas of Chicago or to empower people to make real-time decisions that will reduce exposure to pollution. On the contrary, ELPC integration of the AirBeam platform + AirCasting in them

The program allowed them to pinpoint and visualize when and where air pollutant concentrations were highest and lowest, and provide this information directly to participants. Since 2017, ELPC has partnered with an expanding group of local partners and summer youth programs to systematically collect air quality data in Chicago, focusing on the South and West Sides. Some of the groups ELPC works with include MAPSCorps, Chicago Public Schools, and the South Side Childhood Asthma Center.

Working together, ELPC and its community partners collected millions of PM2.5 measurements across Chicago. ELPC has also created its own dashboards and displays, available at AirQualityChicago.org, that display Chicago data in an interactive, easy-to-understand format. The ELPC analyzes this data, along with respiratory and community asset data, to identify neighborhoods, street corridors and intersections where air quality issues should be prioritized and promote practices and policies that will improve air quality for all Chicagoans. The Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review (ELPAR) is published annually in the August issue of the Environmental Law Reporter (ELR) in collaboration with Vanderbilt University Law School (VULS) and the Environmental Law Institute () in Washington, DC. Each year, Vanderbilt Law students work with an expert advisory committee, senior staff, and Vanderbilt Law professors to identify the best academic articles of the year that present legal and policy solutions to pressing environmental issues.

It Is Not Too Late To Protect Our Melting Planet! %

The result is a single, student-edited issue that includes abridged versions of selected articles, as well as commentary from leading experts from academia, law firms, business, government, and non-governmental organizations.

Together with the publication, Vanderbilt co-sponsors an annual conference where authors and commentators present their ideas and perspectives to an audience that includes business, government (federal, state, and local), think tanks, and nonprofit organizations. .

ELPAR is designed to bring ideas from academia to policymakers and practitioners, and to identify and encourage academics to write articles that include creative and actionable legislation and policy proposals. This became possible thanks to the support of the expert advisory committee.

Vanderbilt University Law School ELPAR 2022-2023 students with Senior Attorney Linda Breggin (front row, third from right) and Professor Michael Vandenberg (front row, far left).

Climate Futures Initiative:

Vanderbilt and co-hosted a virtual conference in late March 2022 to discuss the remaining three ELPAR articles for 2021-2022. See the conference agenda and speaker bios to learn more about panst.

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