Fake Brick Around Fireplace

Fake Brick Around Fireplace – Last Monday I shared that we were planning to add an electric fireplace to our small front room. I kept saying “I hope this turns out well”! And folks, it totally worked! I had big dreams for the fireplace. A white brick painted fireplace to be exact. And when our house was built in the 1950s, we thought our 1,100 square foot home should have a fireplace. Are you ready to see what it looks like? Today I’m going to explain how much it cost us to add this electric fireplace, how long it took, and what went into the choices we made.

We absolutely love it! I can’t stand it either. That’s right, “better than ever”! Good use of space. Because that is the goal.

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

I never liked what we had on this wall. In the three years I lived here, it changed several times. That’s how you know it’s not right. You want to change!

Inch Faux Brick Freestanding Electric Fireplace

The fireplace was finished on Friday and Kevin finished painting on Saturday. Since Friday, Lola has asked several times: “Can’t I light the fireplace and read next to it?” Put a big smile on your face. If the mood strikes, they come. (Links to all below).

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

When this fireplace core is lit, it is not hot to the touch. Hot air is pushed from the top air like a small heater. It heats up the area around the fireplace, not like a normal fireplace, but after burning enough, it gets the job done. It doesn’t cost much to run (I don’t know the exact amount, but that’s what an Amazon review says). You can simply light a firecracker without turning on the heat. (The exact chimney core we used can be found here).

I want to talk about the fireplace. I wasn’t even going to mention it. But I thought someone else might point it out here and help some of you out. I got two messages on Instagram the other day when we shared one in front of the fireplace. One said: “I was wondering before I did the first one, do you think the gown is too tall?” I did not bother with this question and such questions are welcome. Then I immediately got a message saying, “Your chimney is too tall and doesn’t look good with your fireplace.” I resented that statement (I blocked him and didn’t respond, because if a friend said that to his face, he probably wouldn’t invite him back). I’m not going to lie, the message got to me, making me feel stupid for hanging the mandap that I did. But after talking to Kevin, we decided that we still like where it’s placed. Before hanging up my coat I did my research and did the best I could.

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

Faux Fireplace Ideas That Will Shine In Any Room

A little less is better, maybe! But we went with it and we’re happy. I thought I’d share this in case you’re planning a project like this and want to consider all your options. And remember: do your research and understand it!

The exact quote we used can be found here or another option can be found here. You can build your own fireplace like we did in this post. *The exact description of our shelf is “3×7 Thick Reclaimed Floating Wood Shelf, Solid Pine, Handcrafted, 1800, Antique, Vintage” (If we run out of stock, please help us!)

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

I used existing artwork. I believe in taking the time to choose artwork, I didn’t want to run to my home improvement store and grab something because I was doing a blog post or people came over. I will change it soon for Christmas and winter. Can’t wait to add socks! I like to turn the side chairs so you can face the fireplace or the piano or the couch.

Diy Fireplace Makeover: How To Add Brick To A Fireplace :

Find beach art here. Find swivel chairs here. Vulcan scented candle here. White stool here.

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

We hired someone to build our electric fireplace (Marcin) and we are very happy. It took about 10-12 hours to complete the fireplace. True, this was the first time he had done something like this and the first time he had laid a brick. But he was very talented and he succeeded. Marcin has done many projects at our house including building our banquet hall.

I took pictures on the side of the road. But like I said, we were hiring someone, so it was difficult for me to stop the whole process. But we hope it helps if you are interested in completing such a project. If you have any questions, comment and I’ll find the answer for you!

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

I Added Faux Brick Wallpaper To Our Fireplace

Confirm the area or make a plan. I should have asked for the exact frame size before I started. I worried that I was getting too much or not enough. You can find it at Lowes and Home Depot, but they don’t carry it in my area. We had to order and they came out in about a week or two. I got it from a local tile/mason shop. And they charge 20% for returns per box. No matter how average you want, the box has a minimum. We calculated our square footage and then calculated the sum. Remember that you want to buy angles and they cost two or three times the cost of flat bricks.

After determining the size, we placed the brick on the floor to determine how much space to leave between each brick. We crossed six bricks, then the next row timed out. On his way out he had to cut a brick. We built the chimney into the wall, so the depth was about 8 inches the size of the brick. If you don’t have a heat gap in your wall (like E) you can do better with the wall. If it sticks out a bit, it seems more real to me.

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

He marked the entire mount and then added the chalkboard. I could not take a picture.

Emma’s Tiled Faux Fireplace

At this time they did not attach the electric fireplace to the wall. He waited until the end to install it and then rewired the electric fireplace.

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

You can see that he put the fireplace mantel on tin instead of brick. The wood fireplace came with a mounting system.

And one thing to note, the output cable is on the right and the plug is on the left, so we made sure we had room to extend the cable to the other side. Our outlet was also old and only had two prongs, so she had to change the outlet to three prong and make sure to plug it into the wall.

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

How To: Diy Faux Brick Fireplace & Shiplap

We ended up with a Sherwin Williams pure white brick fireplace with a flat finish. I tried Sherwin Williams Bright White and found it too white (I like bright white for wood finishes). I love how the pure white turned out. We used Sherwin Williams Emerald paint which is a one time dye and print and low VOC also gives a smooth finish. Kevin shot with a 1/4 inch nap roll. Then they had to cut it with a brush to fill the grout lines. We used a little less than a gallon of paint for this project. It took about three hours to paint the fireplace.

At this point, I haven’t decided if I’m going to hang anything on either side of the fireplace. The bookshelf is pretty busy, so I like it simple (for now).

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

Two readers sent me pictures of their electric fireplaces and they have the same ones we just installed! I thought it would be fun to show you another look!

Fireplace Reveal Our Electric Brick Fireplace

It is very important to find inspiration before you start. It keeps you on track and is your go-to resource for questions or concerns.

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

I love this decorative panel. We thought tile was overkill in our kitchen. But consider the height of the coat. Inspiration – Deco Tile Fireplace (source)

My favorite comment this week from reader Ray, “When you’re lucky enough to establish something that brings joy and warmth to your family, it never pays to share.”

Fake Brick Around Fireplace

Dave’s Diy Faux Fireplace

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