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Financial Planning Software For Advisors – Software Advisor, Inc. provides asset management solutions to financial institutions, investment advisors and asset managers. The company pioneered the first business balancing solutions and financial planning platform with a single leadership that combines legal analysis and financial planning approaches.

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. and NEW YORK, July 19, 2016 // –Advisor Software, Inc. ( has partnered with Quovo ( to provide asset managers with seamless access to financial data for customers, which can help establish a complete financial picture for each customer. The integration allows advisors to take advantage of Quovo’s accounting capabilities when using apps in the Advisor Software Wealth Management Cloud, a unique platform that enables financial institutions to provide quality advice to clients on flexible, efficient and scalable method. .

Financial Planning Software For Advisors

“In today’s wealth management reality, it is important for advisors to have a comprehensive financial view of clients’ assets to provide better guidance,” said Kevin Kraus, vice president products and sales at The Advisor. Software. “We’re excited to partner with Quovo to add accounting capabilities to our cloud-based application, and provide advisors with the tools and insights they need to deliver long-term goal-based planning. “

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Quovo offers powerful and comprehensive financial account integration that includes personal financial accounts, current customer accounts and security enhancements. The company also offers the industry’s first “full stack” integration, which allows advisors and agencies to manage accounts, strategies and portfolios through a comprehensive and intuitive analytics engine. Quovo integrates multiple feeds automatically, and automates each feed to provide a data source for multiple RIAs.

“As the wealth management industry continues to evolve, especially in a post-DOL environment, bookkeeping is becoming as important to advisors’ practices as managing accountants,” said Lowell Putnam, CEO and Partner at Quovo. “Advisors must monitor all client accounts, and use the data from this information to help clients achieve their goals and navigate a changing market. By combining solutions with ‘s cloud-based platform, Software Advisor helps clients stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing wealth management industry.”

Software Advisor, Inc. is a leading provider of asset management portfolio services to financial advisors and institutions. The company has taken the first step in investment management that provides integrated access to various financial services and products. Advisor Software products address the needs of the advisor workforce, including Planning, Proposal Development, Portfolio Construction, Restructuring, and Investment Analysis. The company’s solutions serve a variety of institutions and professionals, enabling asset management companies, broker dealers, banks, insurance companies, Internet brokers, custodians and providers of investment services and products to provide information. more, investment advice. more profitable customer relations.

Quovo is a leading financial technology company in the field of wealth management and financial services. Quovo provides data integration and analytics services to help financial professionals and technology providers better serve their clients with powerful and accurate data. For more information, please visit Follow @quovo on Twitter. Use of financial planning software by independent financial advisors; Results from a survey of 2,019 independent advisors show MoneyGuide Pro no. 1 hot

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70 percent of A4A members are non-broker-dealer (BD) investment advisors — financial advisors only — while 30% of those surveyed are licensed to sell securities and connected to BD.

MoneyGuide Pro, in a 2002 survey of 1,100 advisors, was used by 5% of respondents, was one of seven programs we asked advisors to use, and one of the programs two drafts. It is based on the web and can be used at that time. Ten years later, in a poll of 2,019 independent advisors, MoneyGuide Pro has a market share of 29.8%, despite facing a very large field of 13 competitors and eight of the planning programs are in current market based on a website.

Remember, there are many types of financial advisors. While this survey accurately measures the software preferences of RIAs targeting high net worth individuals—A4A’s target members—it does not measure the preferences of advisors affiliated with large corporations. Brokers, consultants and insurance companies are not well represented.

Financial advisors are divided into different types, such as financial advisors, investment advisors, and investment advisors. The fact that the number 1 software in our survey is MoneyGuide Pro, while NaviPlan Extended and NaviPlan Standard are not so popular. NaviPlan Extended and Standard has tens of thousands of users in the brokerage industry whose preferences are not reflected in our survey.

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– The number of advisors using financial planning software appears to have increased significantly over the past decade. A 2002 survey of 1,100 consultants who responded to a mailed survey of 35,000 subscribers to another App magazine not included in our database. In the new survey, we did not ask Excel that its users would be under “other”. Recent data shows that only 35% of consultants do not use planning software, Excel or “other” planning programs.

– The number of consultants relying on Excel seems to have decreased over the past decade. Ten years ago, 16.8% of consultants said they used Excel. The new survey did not specifically ask about Excel, but those who use Excel think they checked “Other”, which is only 9.4% of those surveyed.

-E-Money, a comprehensive planning program known for cash flow analysis, is growing in use, especially among advisors affiliated with BD. While 8% of RIAs have eMoney listed in their software, 15% of registered dual advisors use e-Money.

– Morningstar’s financial planning division faces opposition from advisers. While Morningstar Office’s portfolio management application is used by 9.2% of advisors surveyed, only 1.4% of those advisors use it.

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While 32% of advisors affiliated with pure RIAs (read: fee-only plans) are MoneyGuide Pro users, only 20% of registered agents use MoneyGuide Pro.

– In addition to MoneyTree’s Silver program used by 5.8% of independent advisors, the company’s Golden Years and Easy Money programs are used by 5% and 1.3% of those each of our consulted advisors. So Money Tree’s total market share is 12.1%, making it the number one choice. 2 of the consultants.

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Update: We just released our 2017 review of the Top 4 Financial Planning Apps for Advisors including eMoney Advisor, MoneyGuidePro, Navicent and Advizr.

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As the digital revolution continues to disrupt business models in all sectors, financial planning is an area that is dependent on technological advancements. Wealth managers with stronger financial planning tools that can create stronger relationships with clients will have a competitive advantage.

Financial advisors are already inundated with endless information and marketing messages. And with so many options for financial planning software, how can they decide which platform is right for their practice?

Here at Wealth Management Today, we hope to clear up some of this confusion with a review and comparison between two of the most popular financial planning programs among financial advisors; eMoney Advisor and MoneyGuidePro. (See FinPlan Shootout: Financial Logix Survey)

We prepared this article late last year, before the recent announcement that Fidelity was buying eMoney Advisor. But our timing was lucky. This review should be useful to advisors who may be concerned that Fidelity may decide not to support other trustees or make changes that harm its competitors.

Why Should You Want Professional Help With Your Financial Planning?

While Fidelity’s spokesperson says everything is positive about keeping eMoney private, the future is uncertain. There’s no time like this to review your options and see if another solution is right for your practice. Stay tuned for the show! –

Founded in 2000, eMoney Advisor is a comprehensive financial planning software application that provides clients with objective and financial analysis and forecasting. The platform manages more than $1 trillion in client assets across more than 875,000 accounts and services clients, such as TD Ameritrade, RBC Wealth Management, New York Life, and LPL Financial. The company works with 46 of the top 50 intermediaries, which can receive eMoney’s value.

The first thing we noticed on the eMoney advisor page was the “Financial Feed” feature on the right side of the display, which gives advisors a Facebook user interface that keeps them up to date. ‘everything that happens in his book. This feed provides real-time and interactive notifications, events and news, linked to all the data stored in the application, which helps them track important customer data and the market. Alerts interactive function allows consultants to click on alert links to get detailed information about alert messages.

Additionally, the feed generates notifications to alert advisors when customers log into eMoney, or add a

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