Financial Services For Small Businesses

Financial Services For Small Businesses – Running a small business today requires a lot of support from various financial institutions. Not only a business account, but also a merchant account is needed for strong performance. The best financial services for a small business include many features that ensure stability, security, and operational success. TodayGenome examines financial services, what types are available, who provides them and which provider we should partner with.

These are services offered by financial sector institutions and organizations to companies and individuals. There are several major types of providers.

Financial Services For Small Businesses

The first is the banks, their range of services offers people and businesses the opportunity to participate in the world of payments. The second is the exchange of services that provide foreign currency. The third is investment services that make it possible to bring money and grow it. And the last is the insurance companies that create the risks.

Finding The Best Financing For Your Small Businesses

This article is dedicated to financial banking services. Banking services deal with personal funds issuing payment cards, and bank accounts. And also, with business customers, payment options can be made through merchant accounts and provide other features to support business activity. This article focuses on the best financial services for businesses, especially small ones.

Before we get into the detailed typology of the best financial services, let’s briefly clarify the difference between personal, business, and corporate bank accounts online.

A personal bank account is easy to understand: it allows an adult to participate in the financial system, make payments, receive money, transfer money online and more. Online personal accounts should not be surprising because most of us have them and know how they work.

The next level of banking is business accounts. Their functions make them similar to personal accounts, aging of payments, transactions and receiving funds. But in addition, an online business account is advanced with special features for freelancers and companies, which we will describe later.

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And finally, there is a seller account that is very different from the previous two by its nature. There are no payments it can make, no transactions; it has only one purpose: to receive money from electronic payments in stores or online. This is the most important part because only one merchant account can be used to receive card payments, personal and business accounts will not have this option. When the funds are received into a merchant account, they are later sent to a merchant account of the business.

As we can see, there are basically three levels of working with funds: personal, corporate and business. The trick is that they work as levels. Without a personal account, one cannot have a business account, and without both, an online trading account cannot be issued either. And that’s why a small business needs them all. Now we are ready to look at the types of financial services depending on the account level.

Online transfers are available within a business account such as payments, typically transfers include SEPA for the European Union area and SWIFT as the global option.

Years ago, getting a bank account online might have sounded futuristic. However, today it is a basic function that we all expect

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The best small business banks not only provide financial services to manage funds, but also good support to facilitate deals

Issuing a merchant account is also a simple function when it comes to the needs of a small business.

A payment gateway is a web tool that creates a connection between a merchant’s eCommerce website and the payment processor, it is the first step in the transaction process.

With an instant transfer, an individual, or in this case a company, can transfer money without having to wait 3-5 days, allowing them immediately

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Having multiple accounts within a digital wallet is one of the best financial services because it can divide the banking space and make it better.

Currency exchange is important for companies that offer services and products in multiple markets, such as the UK and the EU

Account level allows a business owner to set exact roles for team members within a wallet and grant them different permissions.

Today, people don’t just want to pay for goods and services using credit and debit cards. Payment methods such as Apple Paye, Google Pay and other alternatives are very good, especially for young customers

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Sophisticated business analytics allows not only to solve business performance, but also to improve it, relying on customized reports.

Having an ecosystem means that all the necessary personal, business and merchant accounts are in one banking space and can be easily accessed and managed.

When it comes to opening a business account for a small business, only banks can offer these financial services along with all aspects of the business. Yet there are differences.

A small business can have a bank account within a classic financial institution with a physical branch. By partnering with a regular bank, the account holder gets all the main benefits and in most cases even an online account. Yet classic banking continues to hold up bureaucracy, incur higher fees and demand more documentation. They also usually charge higher fees for various operations and processes.

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Classical banking was the only possible option before the emergence of neo-banking. Today, opening a small business business account with an online entity offers many of the best financial services for little effort. The documentation is simpler, the onboarding process is friendly, and the support is human. Even the costs are lower because there is no need to finance the physical affiliates.

Finally, in terms of security, neobanking is more advanced because it is a technology itself. So all fraud prevention software and detection services are definitely up-to-date.

When it comes to issuing a merchant account and taking advantage of merchant services, there are three types of financial institutions that can provide that: classic claims banks, payment service providers, and payment gateway providers.

A claimant bank is a fairly established institution in terms of banking, which means that it is reliable, offers many financial services, but at the same time is quite old. An acquiring bank issues merchant accounts and provides payment services to businesses of all sizes in retail and e-commerce.

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Like classic banking, it has the same disadvantages: heavy documentation and contracts, expensive in fees, and not at all friendly in its approach to customer support. Yes, acquirers are the only entities that can provide financial services to retailers. For e-commerce companies, there are alternatives.

A payment service provider is an online financial institution that provides merchants with merchant accounts and payment processing services, along with fraud protection and other useful e-commerce features. PSPs are relatively new, which means they are open and communicative, the onboarding process with them is quick and pleasant, the prices are fair and no heavy contracts are required.

A payment gateway provider is very similar to a payment service provider, except that it usually provides merchants with payment gateway technology, a web tool that secures transactions.

After that, we recommend cooperation with neobank institutions for business financial services and for merchant services – together with payment service providers. This way you can be sure that your small ecommerce business has the best deal and is treated well.

Keeping Small Businesses Alive

First of all, pay attention to safety and compliance. The security features offered by the provider are important for your business and the provider itself. When it comes to compliance, there are many rules that govern how a cardholder’s personal and sensitive information is handled. These compliances must be strictly followed to ensure safety and reliability.

Another thing to consider is the services offered by the provider. Always keep your business needs in mind and choose advanced services accordingly. For example, if your company works with young people as a target group, you should implement some alternative payment methods on the website. Or, if you have overseas customers, you want to make sure their money is received.

The last criterion is simply comfort. Ask yourself how comfortable you are working with a specific provider, does it offer everything you need to keep your business running smoothly? Does it have an established ecosystem at the account level? Can customer support help? Such simple things are often underestimated, but in the long run they make a big difference.

We recommend Genome. Genome offers a full ecosystem of personal, business, and merchant accounts with easy switching between them on a web page or application.

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Genome allows each customer to have multiple accounts within one wallet, separating the spaces wisely. It allows having multi-currency accounts in EUR, GBP and USD, allowing exchange at a flat rate of 1%.

For businesses, it features shared accounts and paperwork so that each owner can better manage the small business and track expenses and processes. For merchants, Genome provides small businesses with payment systems and payment gateways for eCommerce websites, which accept alternative payment methods. It also offers robust analytics tools and advanced fraud protection

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