Flatbed Trucking Companies Near Me

Flatbed Trucking Companies Near Me – We offer turnkey solutions for flatbed inventory. Get flatbed trailer capability and access to proven flatbed carriers for your heavy loads.

Cowtown Express has more than three decades of long-distance flatbed cargo experience. Our dedicated logistics team and drop shipping experts provide a single point of contact to facilitate communication and provide dedicated support from pickup to delivery.

Flatbed Trucking Companies Near Me

We will fit your heavier and larger cargo with a suitable flatbed trailer. All Cowdown Express carriers are pre-qualified; We carefully evaluate their safety ratings and driving licenses. As a fully insured and bonded company, our team and partners follow statutory regional and national protocols to maintain industry standards.

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Our team will arrange proper authorization to bring your shipments of all shapes and sizes to the border. Our tablet trucking service coordinates everything from securing trucks, shifting loads and planning efficient routes to cut miles. Our tablet shipping services include technology that allows you to track your cargo and shipping status 24/7. At Cowdown Express, we coordinate every detail and take every precaution to deliver high-quality, irreplaceable solutions with impeccable service.

Our truckload carriers offer custom solutions for bulk loads and heavy loads. We have access to a wide range of equipment through our fleet and large carrier network. They include: flatbeds to accommodate your cargo, step decks, dry vans, removable gas chocks, hotshot tractor trailers, constogas and flatbed trucks.

These step-deck trailers typically have an 11-foot-long upper deck and a 37-foot-long lower deck. They are designed to carry loads that exceed the legal height limit.

At 29 feet long, 8.5 feet wide and 18 inches wide, the low boys are built to pull heavy machinery like bulldozers, diggers and backhoes.

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The front of these trailers is detachable so that motorized equipment can be driven on them. They support loads up to 150,000 pounds.

These flatbeds have a maximum length of 40 feet, a width of 102 feet and a height of 3’4 feet, and are generally used to transport light loads.

The maximum flatbed extension is 80 feet long and 8.5 feet high. These flatbeds are used to transport pipes and large air blades.

Measuring approximately 53 feet long, 8.5 feet wide and 5 feet high, these trailers have a roll-up tarp that protects loads from the elements.

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These enclosures cover top-down loads such as dry vans. Typical side sets are 48 feet long and wide enough to accommodate side panels over 18 inches.

With increased axle strength, these trailers can carry more than 200,000 pounds. They are used to transport many vehicles and heavy construction equipment.

Our rugged flatbed trailers are typically used to transport a variety of goods that require bulk transport or heavy machinery that requires rough off-road handling. If your large load does not fit into our standard size flatbeds, we can arrange special equipment. Below are some of the larger hauling and flatbed equipment we regularly carry:

Cope with volatile markets and reduce capital costs. When you partner with us, you add our premium fleet to your transportation infrastructure at no additional cost.

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Simplify your logistics with just one phone call. Working with our logistics team: allows you to make strategic decisions based on covering development costs, market, shipping rates and your long-term business goals.

Our certified flatbed carriers handle heavy loads, oversized and heavy loads with ease. We offer both truckload and part truckload transportation. Cowtown Express’ logistics team will obtain and arrange relevant permits, plan efficient routes and book carriers so you don’t have to manage.

We offer industry-specific expertise and understand the nuances of trucking. From transporting raw materials to finished goods, we have solutions for your open deck shipping problems!

We started as a domestic flatbed trucking company three decades ago. We now offer same-day and next-day delivery via flatbed trailers and dry vans (including liftgates when needed) throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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The operating rate for flatbed inventory is highly variable and there is not even a base rate that can be derived from it. Factors Affecting Flatbed Freight Rates:

These are the main factors, but there are many variables such as the day of the week, how long it takes to load/unload, or whether there are multiple stops or one stop. It’s best to talk to a professional who can get the details and give you a shipping quote.

A flatbed truck is a large vehicle with a flat body and no sides or roof around the bed. Flatbed trucks are versatile. It is generally used to carry heavy loads that are not dangerous in bad weather or rough roads. They can handle uniquely shaped loads and cannot fit into a closed hull.

In addition, flatbed trucks allow more flexibility in loading cargo by loading from both sides and from the rear.

Ps Logistics Acquires Shoals,indiana Flatbed Company Jason Jones Trucking

Want full visibility, one point of contact and hassle-free shipping? Cowtown Express is ready and waiting to take your business forward. Simplify your supply chain and move your goods with our freight solutions. ARL Transport LLC is your fail-safe link when you need convenient, reliable and economical flatbed services.

Whether you’re looking for heavy loads or need to haul smaller loads, we have every equipment option to handle your move.

Best of all, your shipment is handled by a team of experienced professionals who will make your delivery one-stop in record time. With 42 terminal locations across North America, you can sit back, relax and save time and money.

Over the past 41 years, ARL Transport LLC has served as the primary carrier for many major pipeline companies on a variety of projects. We have the ability to transport pipeline and gas field products through the cushion to the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale regions.

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For more information, contact our central dispatch department at dispatch@ or call us toll-free at 800-245-4722 ext. 403.

We wouldn’t be where we are without our drivers at ARL Transport LLC, and we’ll never forget that! When you drive for us, you become part of a team that treats everyone like family. Multiple benefits, flexible scheduling and working with a logistics company will advance your career with new opportunities. PS Logistics Holding, a provider of tablet shipping and logistics, announced this week that it has acquired another tablet carrier. The Birmingham, Alabama-based company has acquired Jason Jones Trucking of Shoals, Indiana.

JJT operates a fleet of 38 tractors and 89 trailers, primarily hauling general cargo such as drywall, lumber and bricks.

Family-owned JJT and its 41 drivers will continue to be run by Jason Jones under the JJT banner, which will be announced as a separate division of P&S Transportation.

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“JJT provides tremendous freight consolidation for our companies and our customers,” said Scott Smith, CEO of PS Logistics. “This further establishes our base in the upper Midwest and adds a new terminal to our growing national network.”

Founded in 2004, PS Logistics has grown to become one of the largest flatbed transportation providers in the United States, and the company’s service offerings include asset-based and passive transportation; brokerage; third party logistics; controlled traffic; warehouse; and supply chain services.

Last year, Diamond State acquired Trucking and Southeast Logistics companies, including Houndstooth Transportation, Cross Transport and Viking Transportation.

“PS Logistics is a fantastic partner for our business,” said Jones. “Our two companies are family-oriented and share positive workplace experiences, creating a great environment for everyone to grow and thrive.”

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In Richmond, VA, Todd is a finance teacher. Prior to joining, he covered TL, LTL, railroads and brokerage for RBC Capital Markets and BB&T Capital Markets. Todd began his career in banking and finance before moving into transportation equity research. Here he provided stock recommendations for publicly traded transportation companies. NATS Canada is Canada’s leading 3PL provider with extensive experience in freight forwarding. Flatbeds are generally the best choice for industrial, construction, oversized and heavy loads. Many trucking companies know the benefits of a flat bed. Here are some other lesser known facts for flatbed trucking companies in Ontario to consider.

No matter what type of pallet mover you need, NATS Canada is the best choice for flatbed movers in Toronto and across the province. We have a proven track record of providing safe, secure and versatile transportation solutions. Our network of over 5,000 carriers means we can get you the transportation service you need quickly and affordably. We specialize in flatbed shipping solutions for transporting and delivering all types of cargo throughout North America. Contact us the next time you need professional 3PL solutions.

In these tough times, we are committed to providing our customers with the most up-to-date changes in the industry. From regulatory and government updates, tracking and closing shipments is our biggest focus for our customers. அத்தியாவசிய சேவையாகக் கருதப்பட்டு, நாங்கள் முழுமையாகச் செயல்படுகிறோம். நாங்கள் முன்பை விட இப்போது இங்கே இருக்கிறோம்

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