Free Auction Software For Nonprofits

Free Auction Software For Nonprofits – The world of non-profit events is coming to a standstill in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken all industries by surprise, with lockdowns paralyzing organizations around the world. Nonprofits have had a particularly difficult time with in-person events such as banquets, fashion shows and golf tournaments gone or turned into virtual events. Charities and other NGOs rely on fundraising events to raise the capital they need to cover operations.

Non-profit organizations are now realizing the benefits of having virtual events, even if the pandemic is in the rearview mirror.

Free Auction Software For Nonprofits

Digital auctions, virtual events and hybrid approaches to fundraising are breaking new ground and enabling events to be bigger than ever.

Free Or Cheap Nonprofit Software Tools You Need To Know About

Online sales platforms allow non-profits to carry out this vital part of their fundraising activities and many organizations have used these systems for years with great success.

With many functions and features, silent auction software can host a silent auction or even one like eBay, creating a highly competitive bidding atmosphere while connecting with your email marketing and donation systems online.

Givesmart makes it easy to host online auctions. Organize your charity auction with this cloud-based solution designed specifically with charity in mind.

Advanced AI allows Givesmart to optimize your auction process, helping your bidders save money while increasing your revenue.

Free Ticketing Software For Nonprofits

Givesmart is a useful online auction tool for non-profit organizations such as associations, K-12 schools, and churches. The feature-rich platform functionality includes modules for managing donations, admissions, registrations, career center, accounting, and all your event needs.

Users get pre- and post-event promotion tools built into the platform, which help build awareness of your auction before it goes live. Get real-time updates and post-event reports, allowing you to see your top donors and prospects.

Some of the auction features that are included with Givesmart are its silent and online auction, and the company offers first-class customer support.

32Auctions offers non-profits another digital solution to an online auction platform. This software also provides functionality for silent or live auctions, and gives you a cloud-based fundraising system to organize, manage and track every aspect of your auctions.

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Other unique features available on the 32Auctions platform include the goal meter that allows you to manage and track your custom silent auctions.

Amplify your online auction with bid sheets and expand your auction to meet your needs. 32Auctions has a flexible UI suitable for larger or smaller non-profits. You also get convenient payment processors, which allow you to capture donations in major currencies.

You have options to process transactions with traditional methods such as credit and debit cards, as well as new solutions such as PayPal and other electronic wallets such as Stripe.

This online auction platform is ideal for fundraising opportunities and smaller auctions. Nonprofits such as schools, community centers and animal shelters find it useful for their fundraising operations.

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To ensure that your charity or non-profit meets your goals, BiddingForGood provides you with a 24/7 auction function to keep your auction alive from start to finish.

Dynamic event management tools and a friendly user interface provide a smooth auction process. You have access to the BiddingforGood community, which helps boost your site’s bidding activity by driving more donors to your CTAs.

To facilitate closing, BiddingForGood offers several payment methods to capture donations. You have the options of credit and debit cards, but there is no option for electronic wallets.

You also get a set of custom pre- and post-event reports and a dedicated account manager to see your auction a success.

Step By Step Guide On How To Run A Silent Auction

Get affordable mobile auction software from HandBid. This company assists in hosting auctions for nonprofits of all sizes.

HandBid helps you streamline the auction process from start to finish. Set up auctions, manage guest lists, pre-assign your bid paddles, process donations, and view useful reports on your statistics with comprehensive reporting tools.

HandBid also comes with several tools to help nonprofits and charities improve the auction process and capture more bids.

Run the software platform on any mobile or desktop device. Bidders will receive live updates, messages and notifications if they have passed.

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HandBid offers a user-friendly interface with remote accessibility from anywhere with an Internet connection. The platform also includes search functions to help your bidders find the right auction, and you have QR code functionality included.

Rally Up creates intuitive online sales solutions for smaller non-profit entities. The company operates in 10 countries, helping charities, teams, schools, churches and non-profit groups to accelerate their fundraising needs and goals. ‘ funds.

With Rally Up, you can run live events, sweepstakes, auctions, direct sales and crowdfunding events. This platform comes with advanced peer-to-peer fundraising tools and integrated mobile giving features, including text-to-give options.

You have international support and multi-currency donations. The step-by-step interface makes it easy to use, and the company already has more than 500,000 global users.

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Better World is another auction and crowdfunding practice to help charities and nonprofits meet their fundraising goals. Get free lifetime access to a full range of fundraising tools for your live or silent auctions.

Better World comes with mobile-friendly auction templates and custom branding pages to help raise awareness and sell tickets.

Professionally designed donation pages increase your donor engagement, and the platform comes PCI compliant for secure data protection.

Track, manage and engage with your donors through the UI platform, with a user-friendly dashboard for easy access to your campaigns. You have many integrations and direct deposits to your bank account without profit.

Best Peer To Peer Fundraising Platforms For Nonprofits

QGiv is a final mention on this list, but it is a major competitor for your online auction software.

This online fundraising platform comes with bidding features and includes standard features like push notifications to let your bidders know when they win an auction or outbid.

Bidders can check their watch lists and maximum bids on the auction. You also have functionality to create donations of needed funds, by running a live auction with offline and in-app bidding. It allows registered bidders to invite their friends with personalized virtual invitations.

There are many widgets to help you customize your donation page, with easy navigation for the donor. The company offers fantastic customer service, and you get unlimited users with unlimited access to support and auction tools.

What Is A Silent Auction Event?

There are no long-term contractual obligations and no hidden fees. This system also integrates with all your CRM tools and sales funnel.” software is the most accessible sales platform I’ve used, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for help managing and manage your sales.”

“It was very easy to install and manage. I really like the customer support. They were very responsive to my questions and concerns.”

“The ease of use is incredible. It’s been a fantastic tool for us to spread the word about our auction and give guests the ability to bid without having to attend in person.”

Add local golf, B&B stays, wine tastings, luxury vacations and more to your online auction with just one click. Here is a sample of the experiences posted by generous business owners.

Think That Traditional, Expensive, Black Tie Charity Auction Is The Only Option For Your Nonprofit’s Major Fundraising Event? Think Again. Learn More!

Winning bidders can leave a tip at checkout so we can continue to provide free software. Note that Stripe’s fees (2.5% + $0.30 per transaction) will be deducted from deposits into your bank account. See an example of a cost breakdown.

We will automatically email winning bidders their invoices and item delivery details. Within five days of payment, you will see the net deposits of Stripe fees in the bank account linked to your Auction dashboard.

It is free for non-profit organizations to conduct an online auction. No markup on payment processing fees either! We rely on optional tips from winning bidders to keep auctions free. Successful fundraising all year round! Choose a plan that works for your nonprofit. Note: If you choose the BYO plan, first choose Ticketing or Auctions, then choose how you want to pay (monthly or yearly).

3.9% for Auction Purchases 3.9% for Ticket Purchases + 3.9% for Ticket Purchases + 3.9% for Ticket Purchases +

Affordable (or Free) Online Auction Sites For Nonprofits

Auctions or Ticketing Unlimited Auctions with 80 items per Auction or Unlimited Ticketed Events with up to 150 Tickets per Text-To-Give Event

Social posts 4x/year Email campaign 4x/year Premium listing of events, fundraisers and auctions 30-day banner on Marketplace 4x/year 30-day banner on login page 4x/year

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Hosting A Charity Auction: A Step By Step Guide For Success

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