Free Business Tools For Small Businesses

Free Business Tools For Small Businesses – In the many years I worked for large international organizations, I never had to worry about software. It was always provided and paid for by the company and all I had to do was demonstrate that I could use it.

During all these years, I got so used to working with different virtual tools that they became essential for my daily work.

Free Business Tools For Small Businesses

But when I started my own business, software became an expensive expense that I couldn’t always afford. Therefore, I had to find solutions similar to those I used in my work, but with minimal costs.

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Last week, as I was organizing my bookmark folders, I realized that over the past two years of running my business, I had managed to find a nice set of free tools that I couldn’t do business without. These tools can be just as useful to many other freelancers and small business owners, so I’ve gathered them all together in this post today to tell you how I replaced expensive software with free and open source solutions, saving my small business lots of money. .

I used to work with a notepad next to my desk to organize my daily tasks and a desk full of project plans, calendars and sticky notes. But when I started working from home – with a 3-year-old constantly around – I had to keep my desk completely empty. Then I found Trello.

Trello is a free web-based project and task management tool for creating to-do lists, checklists, workflows, deadline reminders, etc. tool where I keep everything organized in just one virtual panel. I can log in from any computer, share dashboards with others and collaborate online.

This tool replaced my idea books with a simple virtual workspace. I find Evernote really useful for blogging or developing creative projects. When an idea pops up, I jot down notes in Evernote, when I see something inspiring in a book or magazine somewhere, I scan the image and take it with me, when I research online, I constantly clip websites and articles and save them here too, etc.

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When you work for an external company, there is usually an account finance team that handles everything to do with payments. When you are self-employed, you are your own account team. Invoicing my clients used to be a daunting task for me until I found FreshBooks. This tool allows me to create, send and manage invoices online and even receive online payments by credit card, Google Checkout or PayPal.

If you work with other people (employees or contractors), it’s also a great way to track the time each of them dedicates to your projects and pay them accordingly.

Although this app has a small monthly fee, it is a huge time saver and in business, time is money.

I also love Wave as it is similar to Freshbooks but 100% free! However, if you work with employees or contractors, Wave has some limitations, for example the payroll feature is only available in the US and Canada. But it’s still a great way to bill customers and keep your finances up to date, and it integrates with credit card payments.

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Since I also sell digital products, I’ve been using Square Register to track my sales and inventory, send digital receipts, access analytics, and create reports so I can analyze what’s working and where I can improve. The card processing feature is currently available in the US, Canada, Japan and Australia.

This popular cloud storage service allows me to store my documents in the cloud instead of on my computer (saving a lot of space), share them with clients and collaborators, and access them from any computer, so I can travel easily! Dropbox is free up to 2 GB of storage space.

This is the other popular cloud storage service that gives you up to 5GB of free storage, but like everything else on Google, you need to access it through a Gmail account.

One of the most common problems that many of us tend to have is that we work with very heavy documents to be sent via email and we end up constantly receiving bid limits to reach notifications from our email – provider.

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Many email providers also limit the size of attachments to 10MB, so this is where WeTransfer saved my life. This allows me to upload heavy documents and send a message to your recipient to download them on your site. There was a time when I had to send CDs and USBs in the mail all the time, it’s no longer necessary.

Although WeTransfer does not allow you to save the document for more than 48 hours, it is still my favorite for sending large files that cannot be sent via email.

In my old company, I had a video conference room with a huge screen and a sound system to meet and work with virtual teams around the world. Now I have Skype at home and I love it!

Not only does this free video conferencing system save me a lot of money on international calls, its instant messaging feature is a great way to connect with clients or business partners, send quick messages and share files, making me less dependent on email.

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I also use the screen sharing feature constantly as it allows me to conduct virtual training and help my client with technical issues wherever he is (or where I am).

Google Hangouts used to offer something Skype didn’t offer for free: group video calling. Now Skype also offers this feature. Google Hangouts does the same thing as Skype, but requires each account to have a Google Plus account, which adds an extra task to the sign-up process.

Since I started my career in marketing and communications, InterAction seemed to be the default CRM for large companies. Now I use Zoho to manage my clients and I love it. It has so many features: account management, lead management, sales tracking… and yes, it’s completely free!

Before I found ZoHo, I used Really Simple Systems, a web-based customer relationship management solution with a complete sales, marketing and customer support platform. It has far fewer features and functionality than ZoHo, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it’s actually much simpler and easier to use and provides enough features for freelancers and small business owners.

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Although Zoho and Really Simple Systems have a built-in email marketing feature, MailChimp is the most popular email marketing system. What I love about it is that it integrates with SquareSpace and many WordPress plugins, making the whole setup process much easier.

MailChimp allows me to collect email subscribers, create email newsletters and email communications, send them to my email lists and track statistics.

The most common problem in social media marketing is time management, as a strong social media presence requires time and skills to engage, listen and respond to your audience.

This social media monitoring tool allows me to schedule posts, manage all my social media activities and track analytics on one platform.

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After using Hootsuite for a while, I found Buffer, which does exactly the same thing as Hootsuite, but with a very user-friendly interface.

While both systems support Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin, if you also have Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll need Viraltag – for Pinterest scheduling – and Schedugram – for Instagram – to manage these other platforms.

As a multimedia designer, buying design software like Photoshop is a priority for me, but there is a great open source image manipulation software that also does photo retouching, compositing, and image creation, and that software is Gimp . So unless you are a designer and need Photoshop integrated with other design tools (such as Illustrator, InDesign, etc.), you can save a lot of money by downloading this other software for free.

Which free tools do you consider essential for managing your business and why? Know of other great tools for small businesses? Gone are the days when you have to be a big company with lots of resources to run effective marketing campaigns. These days, there are a wide variety of free and/or low-cost digital marketing tools that you can use to create a winning marketing strategy.

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When I go to speak at conferences, I often get approached by entrepreneurs asking what digital marketing tools I recommend they use. Due to popular demand, I decided to create a complete list of free and inexpensive digital marketing tools for small business owners. These are tools I’ve used myself and are perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to create powerful marketing campaigns on a budget:

WordPress is a powerful content management system that powers over 34% of all websites. The website builder allows ordinary people without programming skills to create robust websites. And the best part? It’s free! You just need to buy a domain name and web hosting to install it, but you can also use a wordpress

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