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Free Email Marketing For Nonprofits – 2020 was an unconventional year for the global economy. As a result, hundreds of nonprofits have made dramatic changes in their fundraising efforts. Now, more than ever, charitable organizations rely on philanthropic opportunities to raise awareness and help achieve their financial goals.

Fortunately, organizations have more than four months to prepare for Tuesday. Nonprofits should leverage this potential by developing an online marketing campaign that broadens reach while increasing donations.

Free Email Marketing For Nonprofits

Not sure how to create a strategic email campaign when planning a Giving Tuesday? Campaign Monitor can help.

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Tuesday is International Day of Giving. It takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to avoid the commercialism of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. For 24 hours, the public is encouraged to give, contribute and celebrate generosity. What began as a call for simple acts of kindness, evolved into a secular movement. The event raised more than $1 billion for charities.

Giving Tuesday is successful because of its exposure and the growing desire of communities to help those in need. Social media and the Internet provide a broad platform to share the mission and solicit donations across multiple networks. It creates a combination of social pressure, public displays of generosity and feeling well supported.

Register online for a free donation page for non-profits just to participate. They create a campaign, promote their organization and accept tax-deductible contributions on Giving Tuesday. Donations received during this time will be eligible for matching gifts. There are no fees associated with Tuesday campaigns. As a result, any money a nonprofit raises during Tuesday’s giving is theirs to keep.

Tuesday is the most philanthropic day of the year. As such, it offers many benefits to nonprofits. Organizations can reach a global audience and raise awareness about their cause. On social media alone, #GivingTuesday received 20 billion impressions last year. When people search and participate in Gang Tuesday about how to post, most of them will likely see your organization’s name. Giving Tuesday also promotes the collaboration of ideas between groups. This helps foster creativity, creates success and rapidly broadens reach.

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Additionally, Giving Tuesday provides an excellent opportunity to collect donor data. This is important because an average of 45% of donors make another gift to the same nonprofit the following year. Giving Tuesday helps make the initial introduction. Once you’ve collected donor information, you can reach out to those people for future solicitations. With a smart strategy, nonprofits can capitalize on this event to generate leads and increase donations.

There are many ways to promote your Giving Tuesday campaign. A very effective strategy is a strategic personalized email marketing campaign. It’s a great way to spread the word about your mission, reach potential donors, and help you achieve your goals.

A strategic email campaign can help you build a loyal donor base. This increases your reach and drives more donations to your organization. 78% of online users said that personal emails have increased their financial intentions. When faced with personal appeal, people are more inclined to feel a sense of responsibility. It guides them to play.

Use your email campaigns to make a real connection with your audience. Donors are more likely to contribute to organizations they know and trust. Share a story or an image that evokes an emotional response. Show your constituents why they should care about your cause. Adding a clear CTA button to your posts can increase click-through rates by 25%. All of these factors can increase readership and increase donations.

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Every day, approximately 306 billion emails are sent and received worldwide. With careful planning, email can be a very effective way to communicate with your audience. The following examples illustrate the four main steps to follow when planning a successful Giving Tuesday email campaign.

Raise awareness and generate excitement with an introductory email leading up to the event. The first submission should have an interesting subject line to grab the reader’s attention. Content should explain giving on Tuesday and announce your organization’s involvement in the movement. Show examples of how partial contributions can help the communities you benefit from. By contacting readers in advance, you get them ready to donate the day of the event.

In this effective announcement, Charity: Water does a fantastic job of explaining their cause. Then there is the update on their achievements. They set a clear goal for their Gay Tuesday campaign and then they closed with a teaser promising more details to come. An eye-catching image at the top of the email draws readers in. A clear CTA link directs people to their website to learn more about their efforts. With this email, Charity: Water has successfully introduced its organization and Giving Tuesday to its viewers.

It’s likely that your audience will be flooded with emails announcing the Tuesday campaign. Stand out from other nonprofits by sending reminder messages to keep your message top of mind. Reminder emails can arrive as early as Tuesday. They can also be used throughout the day of the event.

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Countdown clocks and real-time updates let your supporters know how the campaign is going. These quick reminders can increase a person’s willingness to share your news with their contact list. The more people who see your message, the more chance you have of achieving your goals.

The North Shore Animal League (NSAL) used this strategy for their Giving Tuesday campaign. On the day of the event, they distributed emails that included a countdown clock to show how much time donors had left to act. The emails also include a donation meter to track progress towards their goal throughout the day.

NSAL used many effective techniques in this campaign. They are looking for a home opened with a large picture of cute puppies. They continue with strong, emotional lyrics like “Saved” and “Before the Clock Runs Out.” This creates a sense of urgency for donors to act. Additionally, NSAL includes several CTA buttons for readers to donate. However, instead of “donating here”, the word focuses on their matching gift option.

People give to an organization because they have a personal, personal interest in its mission. For this reason, consider sending a Tuesday email from someone personally involved with the charity. Studies show that donors enjoy hearing from a specific person in the organization. Send a testimonial or heartwarming recommendation from an employee or volunteer. For even more impact, send an email from the leader of your organization.

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By sharing personal stories about your nonprofit’s impact, you build a relationship with your audience. You are no longer an organization asking for money; Rather, you are a group of people with similar passions and interests working together for the greater good.

The Red Cross sent an email on Tuesday from their VP of Humanitarian Services. At the top of the email, she shares a personal note to the recipient. It seems that she puts forward information that she thinks readers will enjoy the most. This section also includes a photograph of him with a beneficiary of Red Cross services. This, along with her plea for help, had an emotional impact. She is clearly passionate about the mission of the Red Cross and feels that readers should be too.

As a nonprofit, one of your goals is donor retention. It costs 50% to 100% more to acquire new donors than the money you will receive from them. An easy way to keep your donors is to appreciate them.

The final step in your Giving Tuesday email campaign is a thank you email. Once the event is over, send a message with a summary and update on your campaign goals. Let people know what they can do to help you get there. Encourage them to continue donating to your cause. Add a CTA that directs readers back to your website. Add a personal touch by sending an email from the head of your organization.

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Autism Speaks followed up with this message of appreciation to their Giving Tuesday donors. Heartfelt thanks to the President and CEO of the organization who appreciated their supporters. He reminded everyone that their donations go even further with a matching gift opportunity. The email also offers a CTA button and a link, both of which direct readers to a donation page. With this message, donors feel that their contributions are valued, and the nonprofit increases the possibility for more gifts.

As nonprofits explore philanthropic opportunities, they should start planning on Giving Tuesday. An effective email campaign strategy can help increase awareness and increase donations. These nonprofit email campaign examples illustrate the four essential steps to a successful Tuesday campaign:

With careful planning, a creative strategy, and an effective email campaign, Giving Tuesday can be a highly profitable event for nonprofit organizations.

For more information on how we can help your nonprofit develop a Giving Tuesday email campaign, contact our sales team today.

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