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Free Help For Troubled Youth – A native of Taiwan and a resident of Northern California since 1985, I have dedicated my life to educating young people. I am a middle school SDC (Natural Day Class) teacher. In addition, I am the director of a Chinese school, train teachers and organize events to promote traditional Chinese culture.

One day in May 2009, while working at school, a student accidentally elbowed me in the face. The blow to my face was so strong that I was thrown from the post behind me and fell to the ground. I couldn’t move my neck, I couldn’t raise my arms. My whole body was numb. It was the beginning of a difficult journey.

Free Help For Troubled Youth

The impact caused so much damage to my spine that I could no longer clap or hold my hand normally. For the last two and a half years I was in so much pain that I wanted to die. I suffered from withdrawal and became even more tired and discouraged. I tried all kinds of treatments but none of them worked. I had acupuncture treatments three times a week, during which I got so many injections that I felt like a hedgehog. I went to countless doctors and spent a lot of money, but my condition was so bad that I lost hope.

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One day, a long-lost friend came to visit. His appearance surprised me. He was always sick and once we were looking for a doctor together. But when he walked in the door that day, his health was glowing.

“You look so young!” I couldn’t wait. “What did you do to your skin?” So he told me about Bodhi meditation. He said that after only a few days of training, all his pain and suffering disappeared. He was amazed at the dramatic change in his health and suggested I try Bodhi meditation.

The next day, my friend took me to meet the bodhi teacher Jue-Zhi. She immediately noticed my pain and swelling and asked if I wanted her help. Of course I did! As he stood next to me, I saw his hands moving up and down several times. Then I realized I could never get around! Teacher Jue-Zhi asked me to slowly bend over, and I was surprised that I barely moved when I tried. I could also move my hands freely. It was amazing!

In August 2010, I attended a 10-day Bodhi meditation class at a local community center. Since then I have been able to attend mass sessions three nights a week.

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Within a month of starting the practice, I was able to raise my hands without pain in the greater illumination meditation. In addition, my neck regained freedom of movement, the pain subsided, and I could hold a pen and write freely.

Soon I was completely cured of this disease. My son knew very well how bad my situation was. He felt my hand carefully to see if there was any hidden pain. I didn’t respond, he pressed harder, but I still didn’t feel uncomfortable. He was really surprised.

During the lesson, I was very impressed by the kindness and sincerity of teacher Dzu-Chi. He repeatedly reiterated that the dharma he had learned from Grandmaster JinBodhi during his teaching career was the best.

Thanks to this dharma, not only was my health restored, but I was able to influence students in new ways. SDC training is hard work, and the compassion and insight I gained from Bodhi Meditation allow me to encourage and inspire young people as they work to overcome their challenges.

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I am now an empathetic listener who can tune into my students’ thoughts and feelings and facilitate constructive conversations. Issues such as low self-esteem, fear, and anger had greatly disrupted the lives of many of these young people, but as my energy shifted through Bodhi meditation, they too began to change. Gradually, I gained the complete trust of my students, who were ready to talk freely with me.

One day in writing class, a student started calling me “mom.” I was shocked. “Hey!” Another student asked, “Can we call you mom?” Long story short, by the end of class all my students called me “Mom”. I was so moved that I had tears in my eyes. They never learned to respect parents or authority figures, so this transition was really hard. At that moment, I felt love and infinite happiness, a hundred times stronger joy than my own son called “mom”.

On Christmas Day 2011, a national competition was held in California: one class from each of more than 10,000 schools was chosen to serve as contestants. My class was chosen to represent our school.

Because I work at SDC Education and my students don’t meet the standards of mainstream schools, we have no chance of winning. Being nominated on behalf of our school was a victory in itself. However, I encouraged my students to accept the challenge. “It’s a great honor and a great opportunity for us,” I said. “I sincerely hope you all have the best!”

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My students exceeded my expectations and learned a lot. During the personal interview, the judges were impressed with her honesty and self-confidence. As a result, my class ranked in the top 200.

What a sense of accomplishment for these wonderful students. He didn’t stop there. After Christmas, to my surprise, we were in the top five.

When our latest rankings were announced, my heart dropped. How amazing! We won first place in the country. This fantastic result has brought great pride and respect to our school and especially to our students. Gone was the old low self-confidence, replaced by full confidence. This incredible respect and pride they feel as a team will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Bodhi meditation changed my life. In order to continue my practice, I attended the second level of Bodhi Meditation taught by Grandmaster JinBodhi in Los Angeles. This retreat not only improved my health, but I also learned energy healing techniques that I can use to heal and help others.

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I was so impressed by Master Guan Hai’s healing power that I vowed to practice disciplined self-discipline and thereby improve people’s lives as I conducted the energy healing session with heart, faith and compassion. and integrating Bodie’s concept of compassion into the existing education system in the United States.

In December 2012, my husband Ru-shong and I attended the Third Level Meditation in Vancouver. As Grandmaster JinBodhi taught about compassion, love, devotion, tolerance and devotion, I could not control my emotions. His kindness and compassion filled my heart, ridding me of all negative forces and replacing them with love and tolerance. In retrospect, I realized that all my experiences up to this point were just a part of the mistakes we made, whether intentional or not. We usually don’t think about how much pain and suffering we have caused others.

At school, a muscular student followed me in one of my classes, and I had no idea what he was doing. He reached out to me, and I held him back with a defensive technique I had learned. He collapsed there, but I quickly helped him, not wanting to embarrass him in front of the class. Since then, this student often follows me as my lover. Experience shows that all students are kind and gentle. He can turn a lost soul into a bright light by taking the time to guide them with compassion.

The final exams involved a Tertiary retreat. All the kids in my class were terrified of me leaving. They resist change, so I had to find time. A student told me, “I’m hungry! Can you get me a burger? That’s when I asked my husband to buy a hamburger and bring it to class.

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The students were excited. Hugs and safe travels to all! They usually do not express sensitive feelings. Of course, you don’t often hear them talking politely, but this expression of tenderness was so natural and I felt so blessed. This was further proof that my compassionate approach instills compassion in every student.

Some students

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