Free Website Builder For Authors

Free Website Builder For Authors – With step-by-step instructions, templates, and examples of author website designs, you’ll have everything you need.

It goes without saying that every writer needs an author website. Internet search is the first place people go when they look for you, and you want to make sure they find a website you own and manage. It allows you to put your stake in the ground and own your own little corner of the internet.

Free Website Builder For Authors

However, as someone who has worked with over 100 authors and gone through at least 1,000 author websites, I constantly get first-hand insight into how much help authors need to put their sites together.

Create A Professional Author Website

My goal with this article is to walk you through how you can get your website up and running for very little money, and once all the content is ready, in just about an hour. I’ll walk you through the best practices I’ve learned over the past ten years of working with authors to build their online platforms, as well as share some of my favorite tools to make it quick and affordable.

It’s very easy to get distracted by all the bells and whistles when building an author website, so I like to define what we’re trying to do at the beginning.

Before we dive into how to build an author website, I think it’s helpful to look at some examples of how authors have done it.

The first thing you need before creating a website is a domain name. This is .com, .net, .org, etc. what people type into their browser to get to your website. To create a website, you need a domain name.

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Many authors default to setting up their website under the title of their book, book series, or book protagonist. I strongly recommend that you don’t.

You have a long writing career ahead of you. Chances are your writing will change. What you write today will most likely change over time. Although today you can’t even imagine writing anything other than this trilogy you’re working on, but if you have enough time, you’ll move on to something new.

The only thing in life you can expect to stay the same is your name. Build your author platform around your name.

What if they lose your name? What if your name is Mike Smith and is long gone. Get as close to your name as possible. If you can’t find, I would buy,,, (middle name), etc. page. Something close to your name that is easy to find in a search.

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What if you’ve already set up your site under a book title or series? Unless you plan on riding this book or series for the next decade, I suggest you switch now. The sooner the better. One of my clients is Daniel Pink. His first book was A Nation of Free Agents. Since then he has written books on motivation, sales, right brain thinking and more. It would be really weird to post everything on a freelance site.

What about .net, .org? me etc domains? Be very careful with this. You will always lose traffic to your main .com domain because it is the default. However, if the .com is lost and many of the .coms around your name are lost, this is a viable option. Just choose carefully.

The tool I recommend is This is the fastest and easiest way to find domain names. Most sites require you to enter a domain, run a search, and then see if it’s available. If not, you will need to reload the page and try again. This little tool searches on the fly and lets you know instantly what’s available and what’s not.

I recommend to buy a domain name. They make buying a domain name simple and easy. I strongly recommend against using GoDaddy. In addition to their disgusting marketing practices, they do everything they can to trick you into buying products and services you don’t need. If you already have domain names with them, you can easily transfer them to

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If you’re not sure what web hosting is and how it differs from your domain name, let me briefly explain. Your domain name is like your address. People know where you live. However, this is not your home. Just because you have a title doesn’t mean you need a roof over your head. Web hosting is the home of your website. Here is the actual website. All HTML, CSS, PDF, JPG, etc. file should be somewhere on your computer that people can access it. This is where web hosting comes in. For a relatively small fee, they will host all of your site’s files and make them available to people online. I’ll show you how to set up your site on a host soon, but for now just know that you need to get web hosting.

I recommend BlueHost for your hosting. This is a very affordable option used by many high-profile websites. They provide great support and make it easy to get your website up and running.

To get set up, visit and click the giant green “Sign Up Now” button. They will guide you through the purchase and setup process.

Unless you plan to manually code HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, you may want to use an existing web platform to set up your website. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from.

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Another great feature of BlueHost is that it allows you to install WordPress in just a few clicks! After signing up for BlueHost, watch this video that shows you how to install WordPress in less than five minutes.

WordPress makes it very easy to change the look of your website. There are hundreds of themes available for you to install and customize.

Free. There are literally thousands of free themes to choose from. I recommend starting with TwentyThirteen from the creators of WordPress. It’s not their newest theme, but based on my advice here, it’s the easiest to set up. In has tons of great features and lots of customization options. If you want to set up your site and add content right away, stick with this default theme.

Premium. You can usually pick up a premium theme for less than $100, which has a lot more features and includes support, user forums, and most importantly, documentation on how to set up your site. Here are my picks.

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So far, most of the advice has been for anyone setting up a new website. This is part of an article where we take a deep dive into how to add content to your new WordPress site and what content every author should have on their site.

Before we start adding content to your site, I’ll show you how to add pages and content to your site with two short videos:

What I am going to share with you is the content and pages that every author website should have. You may add more content, but this should be your starting point. It should also be a checklist so you don’t miss anything important. I find that many author websites are missing a lot of essential elements. I’ve seen websites that have no button to buy the book, no way to contact the author, or no book description. I once had to rebuild an author page because it was not even known that the book was for sale!

I will go through these pages and share exactly what content should be on each page. But before I go any further, let me touch on one thing.

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The number one goal in building your website and everything you do to market your books online is to grow your email list.

If you’ve been following me for a long time—even through my book Your First 1,000 Copies—you won’t be surprised by my focus on email lists. However, if you’re a little confused as to why I’m saying your email list is more important than Twitter, Facebook, blogging, podcasting, or whatever else you’re doing, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of my book.

As I go through these pages and highlight the content that should be on each page, I often see the email opt-in box. Once you realize how powerful it is to connect directly with your audience through email, you won’t be surprised.

In this section, I’ll go through each page and share exactly which content you should make available. Again, this is a guideline so you don’t miss anything important, but feel free to make it your own.

Best Website Builders For Authors (+ Step By Step Guide)

Your homepage is a portal.

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