Free Websites To Sell Stuff

Free Websites To Sell Stuff – Making a living from your online business is now much easier. To help you start selling right away, we’ve created a list of the 20 best sites to sell products online for free.

Before you start selling things online to make extra money, decide on the right niche for your items. Selling grandma’s vintage tea quilt is a different endeavor than getting rid of your old stereo system. We’ve rounded up some of the top online marketplaces with tips on their audience, style and rates.

Free Websites To Sell Stuff

There are a handful of major online auction and sale sites, and as you can see, some charge much lower fees than others. The major players Amazon and eBay have high fees, but they are some of the most trafficked sites on the Internet. If your goal is speed of sales, these sites are the way to go. If you’re trying to maximize your profits, it may take longer to find a buyer on a small site.

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It’s a bit catchy though. I’m sure you know that running a website (or app) isn’t free, so most of them aren’t 100% free to sell online, but I’ll go over the best options for you below.

I’ve researched over 50 different websites and apps to sell online and it seems like there are two categories when it comes to places you can sell with no upfront fees, so we’ll break them down like this:

Either way, below are some options where you can sell online without paying any upfront fees. This means that if you already have things to sell, you can start listing them with no money out of pocket.

Whichever of the above platforms you choose, a few basic rules will help you maximize your success when selling products online. The first step is to choose the right platform. For example, if you sell a musical instrument, choose a music-specific platform to increase your chances of connecting with potential buyers.

How To Sell Online In Just 6 Steps

Vinted is a fashion platform that meets the criteria of selling free online more than others. It’s a website and an app and sellers pay ZERO fees. Correct. No posting fee. No commissions. You get what you sell. The way Vinted works is that they actually charge the buyer $0.70 + 5% of the sale. Then you get all your money, it’s the buyer who pays the fee.

Most of us are already on Facebook, so listing and selling items on Facebook Marketplace is a given. However, there are a lot of people there, so if they are browsing the market it is a great way to get a lot of your item seen. This is the main reason I like Facebook Marketplace for selling free stuff: popularity. Everyone is there. Yes, it’s free to sell there. There’s no charge, and people can pay you through Facebook Messenger if you want.

Poshmark is my favorite fashion platform. One of the places I send most of my items to is eBay because they have a large customer base there and most items sell for more than eBay. Poshmark has fees, but the fee is charged when the item is sold, and then the balance after the fee is put into your balance for withdrawal. Poshmark takes 20% (or $2.95 for items that sell for less than $15) and collects sales tax, if applicable.

I know what you’re thinking, is 20% right? I honestly think it’s worth it! Poshmark is a very uncomplicated platform if you want something simple. Buyer pays shipping (as long as it’s not under 5 pounds!), Poshmark takes care of sales tax for you (trust me, this is awesome, because it’s a pain to do it yourself!) sell an item, just pack it Attach the shipping label provided to you by Poshmark. And if there’s a problem with an item or someone requests a return, Poshmark steps in.

Online Selling Sites And Marketplaces To Sell (2023)

If you’re looking for a way to grow your wholesale business, be sure to check out Handshake. It’s a curated wholesale marketplace where you can sell unique products under your own brand (reselling third-party products is not allowed).

However, in order to sell here, you must meet their list of minimum eligibility criteria before applying. These criteria include having an active Shopify store with an order history. It is only available to consumer-focused brands established in the United States.

The application process can be a bit complicated, but the price is worth it. It is completely free. They also do not charge fees or commissions for your sales.

Gazelle is one of the best sites to sell things online and the platform specializes in electronics. It offers competitive pricing, especially if you are planning to sell a phone.

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You may earn less than selling directly to the end customer through Facebook Marketplace or eBay, but the experience is more seamless. The company will also provide you with a shipping label so that you do not incur any shipping costs when sending your product to them.

Mercari is an e-commerce company that provides an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of used products. The platform works similarly to eBay but specializes in consumer-to-consumer transactions rather than auctions. This means you are selling directly to another user rather than to a merchant or business.

To list an item on the platform, take a few photos and write a short description to showcase your item. You can then set a price for your item and any shipping fees you want to charge.

They don’t charge upfront fees and you can list anything. Unlike the previous two fashion platforms, you can also sell furniture, toys, electronics, cosmetics, etc. Although they charge a 10% fee, there are no pre-listing fees and the fee is charged after an item closes. sold

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace: Tips For Sellers

Based in Seattle, Bonanza is an online marketplace that empowers entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses while growing a network of repeat customers. From digital products to dolls and bears, they sell almost everything (but on average).

They launched in 2008 and have received some impressive accolades over the last decade they’ve been in business. Most recently, they were ranked number one for “Customer Service”, “Communication” and “Most Recommended Marketplace” by the EcommerceBytes Sellers Choice Awards.

VarageSale is one of the best sites to sell stuff locally in a virtual garage sale, hence the name. The platform has an app for iPhone and Android devices.

Unlike some of the other platforms on this list, all VarageSale users are manually verified with real ID checks. Compared to other platforms like Craigslist, this offers a great guarantee. You can also see the member’s rating and average buyer response time. This will help you choose a buyer if you have multiple offers.

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Another advantage of VarageSale is that listing your items for sale is free and there are no commissions. You can also place your listing at the top of the results at no cost.

If you have electronics that you want to sell, you can try Swappa. I have not personally used Swappa to sell anything, but there is no fee to list and the fees are built into the price. Their fee structure ranges from $0 on items that sell for $50 or less to $250 on items that sell for over $6,000.

The idea is to remove the middleman, so that both the seller and the buyer get a better deal. However, this involves a little more work to sell your item. You will need to confirm that you have the item and that the phone or mobile device is not blocked by carriers. You will also need to communicate with the buyer.

Nextdoor is currently only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia. It is similar to Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. However, it offers more than just a forum where sellers can sell products online. It also acts as a platform where people can share details about what is happening in their area.

Best Websites To Sell Stuff Right Now (locally & Online)

You don’t need to pay any subscription or listing fees, just create an account. Because people have to register, it’s usually a safer way to sell online than a forum like Craigslist.

5Miles is one of the best sites to sell things locally. It is configured to prevent fraud, spam or costly costs for both parties. The 5Miles team verifies all platform users with an ID check. So you don’t have to worry about meeting an unverified buyer like you do with other platforms.

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