Freelance Graphic Designers For Hire

Freelance Graphic Designers For Hire – Looking for the best platforms to hire freelance designers? In this post, we have listed 30 best sites to help you find creative and proven talent.

Hiring a freelance designer for your creative project has many benefits. This practice gives you more flexibility, different perspectives, fresh ideas, finding the golden mean between price and quality, and helps you clarify your own vision in your head. There are many talent recruitment sites on the internet today – some are more narrowly focused on specific types of freelancers (eg UX designers, web designers, etc.) while others list all types of freelancers.

Freelance Graphic Designers For Hire

In this article, we’ve tried to include the various freelancing platforms, including the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision about where to put your efforts. Let’s get started!

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Coroflat is a professional community exclusively for professionals in the field of design and creative industries. Here you can find designers of any profile – graphic design, UI/UX design, illustration and art, 3D modeling, fashion, industrial and more. On Coroflat, you can post a project you want to do and it will be active on the job board for 90 days. Option to cancel post or buy jobs is available.

The popular platform is used by many world-renowned companies looking for talented designers, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

They specialize in the digital and creative sectors and have a global community of over 400,000 freelancers who can choose from diverse and exciting jobs every week.

Also known as Smashing Jobs, it is a popular design media job board focused on providing career opportunities for designers and developers. You can post a job and choose which category it falls into – developer or designer, part-time or full-time, remote, etc. This will make it easier for potential candidates to find you.

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Smashing Jobs is considered a platform for finding highly skilled developers and designers, so you might want to consider it.

CrowdSpring is a diverse community of over 210,000 designers skilled in various design fields. The platform gives you the opportunity to publish your project in more than 40 categories for design and writing. Here’s how the platform works: you post a design, then you receive actual design entries over the next 1-7 days (you choose the deadline), and then you pick a winner.

Pricing is flexible to fit your needs and includes a cash prize for the winning designer and a CrowdSpring fee. The platform also has a money back guarantee policy detailed for each category.

DesignHill is considered to be the largest graphic design marketplace with services available. The operating principle of the platform is very simple: you create a competition by specifying a brief, prize and duration. Then publish it and receive entries from dozens or hundreds of designers around the world.

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The way the platform works allows you to select your favorite designs and work 1-on-1 with approved designs designers to achieve the final desired effect. The platform also has a refund policy if you don’t like any of the entries.

A famous creative community that helps you find freelance designers in two ways. The first is by announcing a contest. The procedure is simple – you create a competition by submitting your design project brief. As soon as you publish it (7 days or less), designers can start submitting their entries so you can pick your favorites. This option is ideal if you are still looking for ideas for your project.

The platform also offers services to agencies that want to do exactly what they want. 99designs connects you with designers who match your vision, requirements and project specifications. You can view the portfolio and get offers.

Fiverr is an online platform where you can find freelancers for anything, including graphic design. The platform is known for its affordable services, starting at $5 per concept. Fiverr is very easy to navigate, providing a quality check session to guide you through hundreds of listings. Some of the questions you need to tick are whether or not you have a clear concept of the project you need, what your brand is, etc. You can search by keyword to navigate between related applicants.

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Upwork is probably the most famous platform for hiring freelancers in various professional fields. The platform allows you to hire a designer for a short-term project, a design team for recurring projects, or freelancers for projects of all sizes for full-time contract work. You also have the option to select freelancers based on their skill level.

The principle of operation of the platform is very simple. You simply post your job title, brief and salary offer. Then interested freelancers can contact you easily. You can view the portfolio and check the designer’s hourly rate.

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Freelancer is the most popular platform for hiring designers with a core process. You post the job, including your brief and the salary you offer. Then candidates start submitting proposals. You have the opportunity to review each candidate’s profile and portfolio before making a selection.

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Payment can be scheduled or hourly. Freelancer provides a built-in tracker and mobile app to help you track your designer’s progress. Freelancer lets you create a contest where designers can submit work where you pick your favorites.

Guru is a platform for hiring designers and other creative people from all over the world. The procedure is simple. You post the job, including the project requirements you need to meet. Freelancers can then easily submit their suggestions for your job offer.

Guru offers several deal plans where you can pay in the way that suits you best: hourly, per task, weekly or at pre-set milestones. By hiring a designer, you can manage a project in a workroom, share files, easily communicate with creatives, and more.

You can browse freelancers by skill and location and ask them to provide a reference for your job offer.

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Peopleperhour is an independent platform that lists creative people and professionals from various industries. Just like other freelancing platforms, you post a job on PeoplePerHour and freelancers can send you offers to review. The more detailed your job offer is, the more relevant offers you will receive.

Additionally, on PeoplePerHour you can browse freelancers by category, delivery time, location, price, and review their profiles and/or contact them directly.

Toptal is a premium freelancer recruitment service. On the platform, they only accept the top 3% of freelancers who have applied to join the community, so they can ensure that they offer only the most qualified professionals in a given field. This is why Toptal is one of the most popular sites for hiring designers, but also one of the most expensive.

A good policy of the platform is that you pay only after 100% satisfaction and get a risk-free trial period. Toptal invests in its community by organizing and hosting career development events.

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Dribbble is a popular web design community that uses an invite-only system to grow a database of creative content. It’s a very curated platform when it comes to talented designers.

Dribbble also offers solutions for businesses looking to hire freelance designers. You can subscribe to Basic Search ($99) or Advanced Search ($99) if you want to browse designers and send them suggestions via direct messages. Additionally, the Job Listing Plan ($299) allows you to post jobs on job boards. If you want a more personalized service, you can opt for Dribble Talent, which allows you to work directly with the Dribble team and have access to talent not available through search.

Specially focused on the worldwide design community, DesignCrowd allows companies to outsource projects to independent designers. The platform promises fast turnarounds, affordable design services, multiple design ideas for a project and zero risk.

As with similar platforms, DesignCrowd requires you to publish your project brief. Add the basic requirements you have, select a plan that fits your needs, and soon designers will start sending you design ideas for your project. However, in DesignCrowd, you can share your designs with friends or your team to be rated.

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A super popular creative platform often used by designers to build their portfolios. Behance is a massive design community open to everyone. It also works as social media, where you can follow and unfollow people so that their new work uploads appear in your feed (or not).

If you decide to use Behance to hire a freelance designer, you have two options: message the designer directly or use a job board. The first option is free for you, but it may not be enough

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