Freelance Graphic Designers Los Angeles

Freelance Graphic Designers Los Angeles – Promotional images for the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Professional Basketball Tournament in Los Angeles and the Jack Daniel’s NBA Summer League Pro-player consumer activation in Las Vegas. The goal is to create a transactional brand experience by creating promotional items and seasonal signs.

This unique large art work (width x 12′ 15′ height) was created using stock photos and several photos edited in Photoshop.

Freelance Graphic Designers Los Angeles

Custom-made items (stationery, envelopes, brochures, etc.) with a bohemian aesthetic to reflect the comfort of this boutique hotel in West Hollywood, CA.

Design — Sharontsai

A custom hand-painted sign to commemorate the 100th scholarship award at UC San Diego. |

Client: Grace In LADesign + their Spring/Summer 2020 catalog in collaboration with photographer Michael Jean-Philippe @

French cafe in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. Logo + supporting images hand-drawn with a Sharpie marker + tracing paper.

Vertical and horizontal logos created for Hannibal Classics Pictures; is a company that specializes in the production, financing and distribution of feature films with budgets starting at US$17 million. Mini Movie Posters are just a few examples of promotional materials and movie posters that create. The challenge is to take the original posters from a vertical format and recreate them horizontally from Photoshop resources.

Freelance Graphic Designer In Reynoldsburg (remote), Ohio

Built outdoor signage + outdoor advertising (OOH) created for various locations in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Additional indoor and outdoor signs created for the Pelé auction in various sizes and formats for audience participation. Gallery and Commercial Space at Mall Galleries in London, England.

Martin & Vanegas Agency (MVA), a professional and event activation company, needs a real company. The logo started as a hand drawing on paper and became the final product using Illustrator and Photoshop. |

Create a graphic inventory and franchise information book. This project was created with a sense of humor and interesting photography to represent the brand. Original icons created with Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop, layout and design in QuarkXpress. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the achievements of women and strive to make the world more equal, we decided to take a look at 25 female artists and designers who are making an impact. today.

Inspiring Portfolios From Freelance Designers

In collaboration with our friends at Shillington, the original design camp, we have highlighted some of Shillington’s recent graduates from its six campuses around the world.

From London and Manchester to New York, Sydney and Melbourne, these creatives have either stepped up their careers or changed paths to do more of what they love. Join us as we take a look at these women and their recent work for brands big and small.

As today is International Women’s Day – an important day in the calendar that celebrates the achievements of women and strives to make the world a more equal place – we decided to champion 25 female artists and designers who make ropes in factories.

We have, of course, highlighted some of Shillington’s most recent graduates from our six campuses around the world – from London and Manchester to New York, Sydney and Melbourne. But you will also see testimonies from other places, including those who are starting their creative journey to others who have changed careers to do something they love. Here we take a look at these women and explore their latest work for brands and companies around the world.

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Juliette van Rhyn has been designing textile prints for fashion and interiors for the past ten years and today works as a freelance print and graphic designer in London. A graduate of London’s Shillington School, she is driven by her love of color and strives to understand subtlety, playfulness and nature in her designs.

One of Shillington’s teachers in Sydney, Missy Dempsey is a talented artist who focuses on spreading joy and optimism. You will surely smile when you see Missy’s funny work which involves drawing, painting, animation and art direction. Here we share Missy’s work for the Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival, an event she has supported for over five years. This year’s festival lineup invites you to have fun and enjoy incredible storytelling at its best.

Hélène Baum-Owoyele is an Afro artist based in Berlin. Originally trained as a graphic artist, she enjoys creating colorful, whimsical images that draw inspiration from her cultural background. With clients such as the Tate and The New York Times, her watercolor and vector illustrations have been used in a variety of contexts, from editorial to advertising to children’s books.

A graduate of the Shillington Campus in Manchester, Louise Brady is an artist now based in Dublin working at Zero-G, a digital strategy company whose clients include Vodafone, Trinity College Dublin and Amnesty International. . Louise has previously worked as an art director for film and television and as an artist and illustrator, experience which she says has made her resilient. “I approach my work from a place of compassion. I always strive to create meaningful relationships with audiences that inform them through design and leave a lasting impression,” she said.

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As a child, Niamh Tully was always drawing. It was her passion that led her to study fine art at the prestigious Camberwell College of Art. But Niamh found herself working in a corporate environment after graduation, working in events and communications for a hospitality brand. It was here that she became the envy of her art colleagues and it prompted her to apply for the Shillington Scholarship, which she won, and the rest is history. Today, the London graduate works as a freelance artist doing what she loves.

Khadijah Abdul Nabi was a freelance artist in her hometown of Erbil, Iraq, but it was difficult for her to acquire the necessary skills. To overcome it, she packed her bags and spent three months studying art at London’s Shillington campus. Since graduating, Khadijah has moved to Erbil, worked on Iraq’s first business incubator, appeared on television, built a community of Iraqi women professionals while documenting her journey as an artist. women in their country on her YouTube channel.

One of Shillington’s teachers for his online course, Maaya Lad is a designer whose philosophy is rooted in her Indian heritage – something that is evident in her work as well. Using bold yet vibrant colors and geometric patterns, Maaya’s work covers a variety of topics from culture and the environment to women’s experience and diversity.

Vanessa Alvarez is a Spanish visual artist and artist based in Brooklyn. She has a diploma in visual arts and design and works with paintings, drawings, paintings, poetry and urban art. Alvarez has done large-scale paintings in Spain and New York, exhibitions of photographs and paintings in art galleries in Spain, Portugal and New York, and musical works in Mexico.

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She also enjoys working with people in art workshops and collaborative art. Alvarez has published two illustrated children’s books and has been the executive director of the International Kerouac Poetry and Drama Festival, a platform for the exchange of artists between the United States and Europe for 10 years. Among her paintings and drawings, there are seeking equality, empowering women, and creating as a future and community partnership.

We are big fans of Faride Mereb, an award-winning book designer, researcher and editor with over a decade of design experience. Originally from Venezuela, she currently lives in New York. “Caribbean and Middle Eastern culture and a deep love of books have greatly influenced my work, giving it a specific character,” she says on her website.

Oyinkan Karunwi first became interested in painting when he was studying law at university. She used her time to design posters for parties and events when friends needed help. Although she has a passion for innovation, she continued to work in the legal field for three years as a business consultant in Nigeria. But there is always an itch where she wants to draw to be more than just a side hustle. After learning about Shillington from a friend, she decided to go to his campus in New York. After completing his studies there, Oyinkan returned to Nigeria and set up his own studio specializing in marketing strategies. She hopes to contribute to the growth of the design community and positively influence the design education for future Nigerian designers.

Majo Crespo is from Guatemala City and has experience in creative development, marketing and strategy. During a trip to New York, she discovered Shillington and decided to join his regular classes to improve her artistic skills. Since then, she has been the co-founder and creative director at Facetico; design studio focused on helping companies launch products and services. She also worked as head of design and innovation for Tecki, a Latin American startup that helps seniors use technology. Now she has set up her own studio, creating invitations and campaigns for brands around the world.

A Freelance Graphic Design Career: Everything You Need To Know

Creating artistic color paintings for packaging designs and designs in rainbow colors for different brands, Amanda Lobos is a talented artist and designer based in Brazil. She is currently a Junior Creative Analyst at Time For Fun – a

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