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Freelance Logo Designer Near Me – In this first article, I want to share my experience as a freelance designer and how I use my tools in social media, design platforms and other ways that have helped me succeed as a creative individual.

Let me start by introducing myself a bit. My name is Jeroen, I am 30 years old and based in Groningen, The Netherlands. I have been working in this design field for about 8 years. I started as a digital artist and over the years have focused on a more specific area of ​​design; and

Freelance Logo Designer Near Me

I have been working as a freelance designer full time for almost 2 years now. My main expertise and primary focus is creating elegant logos with a subtle reference to one or two conceptual elements. I also love working with lettering, creating modern monograms and solving design problems for small and large businesses. Over the years I have worked with nearly 100 different clients from all over the world and a dozen of my logos have been featured and published in design related books and online articles. Logo design really feels like magic to me. Combining the right conceptual elements and putting them into a small brand really satisfies my design needs. In this article I would like to share my experience as a freelance designer. I hope this can help or inspire other designers who are also working or planning to freelance.

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In this part of my article I would like to talk about the tools I use to get my work seen. I think these are some of the basics for designers and can be helpful if you don’t know them.

Over the years I have started using some of the best “portfolio platforms” available on the web to help spread my work around the internet. I selected a few sites that I thought were the best to use. Here I talk about each portfolio platform and share what has helped me grow as a freelance designer and actually get real clients through these sites.

A free creative platform for all types of designers. It’s very easy to create your own portfolio and interact with other creatives in this community. I try to publish a project every month. It is possible to publish large projects and the tools that Béhance gives you are quite good. They recently partnered with Adobe and have many active users.

If you haven’t used Béhance, I highly recommend creating an account today! It’s a great place to start your online portfolio, gather inspiration and interact with designers who are also active here. I personally think Béhance is a portfolio site for the “long haul” so you only post your best words. I do it once a month at most.

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What I also like about this platform is that your projects can be “featured” in one of the site’s many design-related categories. Once it is listed, you will notice a lot more traffic to your project. For every “award” a visitor gives you for a project, this will also appear in their social network posts (if they link). So this portfolio also helps you to reach your target audience through different platforms. Another interesting thing is that clients and scouts can also send you a direct message through Béhance. Don’t forget to reply to these messages as well. Good for networking and finding new clients.

I actually use this platform mostly daily. Dribbble is a more exclusive platform because you have to be invited to start your own portfolio and interact with other designers. Because of this exclusivity, the standards for designers joining this platform are much higher. Here are some tips for getting invited:

Unlike Béhance, you can only post single images on your portfolio page (800x600px) on Dribbble. They tend to focus on “process snapshots” rather than entire projects. I personally really love it because I use this platform almost daily and I am really motivated to post as many designs as possible here in a week. While the posts aren’t always my best work, I see this platform as a creative outlet and enjoy being involved in the community here. I think Dribbble is a great place to learn and interact with other designers. I always ask for feedback because I never stop learning how to be a better designer and especially logo design. It’s a great place to share “concept ideas” with the community and ask for specific feedback, as many top designers are active here.

For me, Dribbble changed my career and made it easier for customers to contact me. As with Béhance, there is an internal mailbox where people can contact you (only if they have an account). Out of all the tools, I think Dribbble in particular has been the best platform to actually get me real clients and exposure to really get ahead in this tough industry.

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Logopond is open to anyone who wants to start their logo portfolio online. Every month I post some of my (finished and conceptual) logos there. It is a nice place to be active especially for logo designers. I like this site because it is about logo design. A year ago I was presented as “Designer of the Month” on this site. It gave my name a big boost and also got me some clients.

I started using Instagram for my work a year ago. I have written a lot since then. I recently noticed that my followers love to see my process behind each design. I try to be as transparent as possible in my work as a freelance designer when it comes to creating a logo from start to finish. As always, I enjoy connecting with my designer friends and asking for their opinions on my work. But also because when I started in this design work, I really appreciated the learning processes shared by other designers. I have also learned a lot from these amazing designers. So it’s about somehow returning the favor and sharing my experiences and creative thoughts during my projects.

It is truly surreal to see this rapid growth in my followers. I am truly grateful that my work is liked so much and that I inspire others with my work. Here I would like to share some tips that have helped me grow my following in this short time:

It also helps me get out more every day. Good for an individual like me who is a real workaholic! 🙂

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Another social media platform that I always use to “promote my works” is Facebook. I created a “business account” along with my current “personal account” to keep things separate. I share all the designs I create on my portfolio pages first and automatically post them on my social media too. Just to make sure everyone gets spread around the internet and gets more views. It is a daily routine of my marketing that I do for my jobs. There are also specific design-related groups on Facebook where you can join and post your creations. I mostly post my work in groups like “Dribbble”, “Logopond” and “I LOVE LOGO”. Other than these are posted directly on my “company page”.

Twitter is a really handy social platform where you can easily start small conversations. I use Twitter in almost every design I post online. It’s a great “tool” for me that makes it easy to share my work and connects viewers directly to my portfolio pages. As with Facebook, I use Twitter daily to promote my work and make it easier and faster for my work to be seen.

As a freelancer, I think it’s important to keep up to date with today’s media and ways to market your work online. Don’t be afraid to post your works online for the whole world to see. It might be better than you think, and it might inspire others too.

Thanks everyone for reading this trough! As my first post, I would like to know what you think about these points and tips? Don’t forget to click 💙 if you liked it! It might motivate me to write more about my work as a freelance designer.

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