Fuel Credit Cards For Businesses

Fuel Credit Cards For Businesses – Whether you’re a real estate agent who spends a lot of time driving to show properties, a contractor who travels frequently to job sites, or any other business owner who needs to buy fuel frequently business, you would like to consider a gas card for your company. The right business credit card for gas purchases will offer discounts, rewards or both. Here we share the best business credit cards.

Fuel prices can add up quickly. Discounts and rewards are two great benefits of business credit cards for gas purchases. Some credit cards offer special cashback rewards for these purchases, for example, saving you money in the long run.

Fuel Credit Cards For Businesses

Another reason for using a business gas credit card is to improve cash flow. With most business credit cards you will have time to pay the bill in full and avoid interest charges. In fact, most business credit cards will offer a grace period of 21 to 25 days. As long as you pay your entire balance in full by the due date, you will not have to pay interest charges. When added to your billing cycle, this can give you between 21 and 55 days of free funding. Also, some cards offer 0% introductory APR welcome offers that apply to purchases and/or balance transfers.

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Financial management is another popular benefit of fuel cards. With a business credit card you can easily track and manage your fuel purchases. If you have employees or contractors who need to fill up at gas stations, you can give them cards and avoid the hassle of paying. Many card issuers offer free cards to authorized users. With these cards, you can push spending limits, while using real-time spending tracking and reporting. And best of all, as a basic account holder, you’ll earn rewards for purchases made on those cards.

Business credit cards can help you when your business needs immediate access to cash. Browse our top business credit card options and apply in minutes.

Costco is a popular place to fill up the tank because of its very competitive fuel prices. You can save even more with the Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card from Citi because of the cash back rewards program: 4% cash back on eligible gas and EV charging purchases for the first $7,000 a year and then 1% thereafter. 3% cash back on eligible food and travel purchases. 2% cash back on all other purchases from Costco and Costco.com. 1% cash back on all other purchases. There is a $0 annual fee with a paid Costco membership.

Spending at gas stations can earn you special points on this travel card. Earn 6x points at hotels participating in the Marriott Bonvoy® program.”, “4x points on purchases made at restaurants worldwide, at US gas stations, on wireless phone services purchased directly from service providers US and on US purchases for shipping.”,”2x points on all other qualifying purchases.

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Welcome Offer: Earn 75,000 Bonus Marriott Bonus Points after you use your new Card to make $3,000 in purchases within the first three months of Card Membership.

With the Bank of America® Unlimited Cash Rewards Bank Advantage Mastercard® credit card, 1.5% cash back for every $1 spent on every purchase. There’s also a welcome offer: a $300 online credit statement bonus after you make at least $3,000 in total purchases in the first 90 days after opening your account. There is a $0.00 annual fee for this card, and the APR is 0% for 9 billing cycles on purchases with a Variable APR of 16.49% – 26.49% on purchases after that.

With the American Express® Business Card you earn 4X Membership Rewards® points on the 2 select categories where you spend the most money each month. 1X is available for other purchases.

Welcome Offer: Earn 70,000 Member Rewards® points after you spend $10,000 on qualifying purchases with the Business Gold Card within the first three months of Card Membership. * The annual fee for this card is $295, and if you’re worried about foreign transaction fees, there aren’t any.

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This card is marketed as a cruise card, which means it can be used at any gas station or bus stop where Visa cards are accepted. Also, this is a company card that you can qualify for without personal insurance.

Fleet fuel cards may be another option to consider. Popular with fleet managers, these are charge cards that are often limited to fuel purchases and service stations. Most cards are valid either at gas stations affiliated with major brands such as Shell or ExxonMobil, or at multiple fuel locations with independent companies. They emphasize discounts or rebates on fuel purchases and financial management features. Some examples of the best cooking cards:

* All WEX, Fuelman®, Voyager, Arco, BP, CEFCO Casey, and Speedway credit card information has been independently obtained by . These cards are not available through . To see what business credit cards are available, visit the Market Card Marketplace.

Business credit cards issued by major card issuers (those with the Visa or Mastercard logo) often require a personal credit check of the business owner applying. Most small business credit cards require good or excellent personal credit scores. Your credit scores can affect the APR you qualify for, as well as help determine your credit limit.

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Fuel cards that are strictly limited to fuel and service station purchases may apply to personal and/or business credit checks.

You can apply for most business credit cards online and the decision can be made quickly. You should have information about your business such as your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) to hand when you apply.

A business gas card can make sense for you when it offers valuable rewards for your fuel purchases. But you have to weigh these rewards against cards that offer rewards for other typical business purchases including office supply stores, cell phone service, restaurants and travel.

You also have to consider that even the best business gas cards will offer a higher standard interest rate than non-profit cards. If your business needs to carry a balance, then you may be better off with a card that offers the lowest standard interest rates, which won’t be a rewards card. And since all credit cards have a variable APR, you can expect your interest rates to rise when the Prime Rate is high.

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Your business gas credit card rewards can be very valuable, especially when you’re careful how to use them. First, you’ll want to know exactly which gas purchases will qualify for bonus rewards. For example, many business credit cards that offer additional rewards for gas purchases will exclude gas stations at grocery stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club. Others may set an annual limit on the amount of fuel purchased that will qualify for a grant. You should keep an eye on these limits to ensure you’re getting the most rewards possible from your business credit card.

When you get a commercial gas credit card, you’ll also want to order additional employee cards for your drivers. This will allow you to extend your purchasing power to your employees, earn rewards on their purchases and track their spending. And with multiple cards, you can set limits on their purchases. In fact, it’s a good idea to create a written policy that explains what employees are allowed to do with their company’s credit cards, and the consequences for violations.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you pay your card balance in full and on time, if possible. Because when you incur interest payments on your gas purchases, it will negate the amount of any profit you have earned.

While commercial gas credit cards can be a valuable tool, they are not the only way to pay for fuel purchases. Fuel charge cards, mentioned earlier, are similar to business credit cards, but they are not part of a major payment network like Visa or Masetercard. You can also reimburse your employees for the food they buy with their own cash or credit card, but this can create additional accounting work.

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Although some people hesitate to apply for a business credit card, it’s actually easier than it seems. You don’t even have to participate to qualify for most business credit cards, and most credit card issuers will let you use your Social Security Number (SSN) on the application instead your Employee Identification Number (EIN).

And it doesn’t have to be a big deal either. For example, if you are a ride-sharing driver or delivery driver in your spare time, you may still qualify for a business credit card as an unincorporated sole proprietor.

Whether or not you can get a gas card for your business will depend on your qualifications. Again a personal credit check is common. Inside

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