Fuel Trucking Companies Near Me

Fuel Trucking Companies Near Me – Some of the gas stations are facing fuel shortages with truck drivers running out of supplies. High demand results in paying drivers.

A driver exits the yard after filling a tanker truck with gasoline at Marathon Oil on May 20 in Salt Lake City. George Frey/Getty Images hide caption

Fuel Trucking Companies Near Me

A driver exits the yard after filling a tanker truck with gasoline at Marathon Oil on May 20 in Salt Lake City.

Self Driving Trucks Could Replace 90% Of Long Haul Jobs

Dave Samuelson is perfectly happy with his new job driving a fuel truck to deliver fuel to stations around Chattanooga, Tenn.

He had to go home to the farm every night, unlike the trucks he had been driving for days. That means he can feed the sheep. He can’t complain about his salary – especially since he got nearly a 40% raise this year.

And of course he is very happy to find a job now. If you have a valid commercial driver’s license, he said, “My God … you can write your own ticket.”

It seems to be at the heart of one of America’s pandemic workforce crunches.

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Companies that deliver fuel to gas stations struggle to find qualified drivers to deliver each shipment. And this year, because they didn’t find enough drivers in places like Colorado, Iowa, and the Pacific Northwest, the spread of gas stations dried up for a while.

The outages aren’t long or widespread, but the disruptions to the vital supply chain are worrisome — not surprising, since there’s no shortage of gasoline in the country.

“We have a lot of gasoline, and refiners can make more if they need it, but they can’t get it out there,” said Brian Milne, who tracks refined gasoline for the DTN data analysis company. He first noticed the phenomenon in the spring, before the closing of the Colonial Pipeline brought new scrutiny to the security of the national fuel supply chain.

At the start of the pandemic, the demand for gasoline fell sharply. Therefore, it is not surprising that many fuel carriers are laid off or simply retired.

Adm Logistics Trucking Services

This year, as demand for fuel rises again, companies are struggling to replace drivers as quickly as needed.

A big part of the problem is that driving large silver tanker trucks is a specialized job that requires additional training and qualifications. The fluid flowing inside the tank made it difficult to drive the truck. And hauling gasoline is especially dangerous – highway drivers often carry bombs because in the event of an accident, the tank can explode.

Drivers like Samuelson benefit from this high demand. When Samuelson went to school for her commercial driver’s license last fall, she had 10 job offers before she graduated. And immediately he was hired to carry the fuel, which was amazing. Most companies usually hire drivers who have years of experience in transporting other cargo before they are trained to drive tanker trucks.

Companies raise wages to attract drivers. Samuelson reported that his guaranteed weekly pay has increased nearly 40% since January, to the equivalent of $78,000 annually, and that competing companies in the area are also offering raises.

High Fuel Prices Causing Trucking Companies To Adjust

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), a trade group representing truckers, says some fuel haulers are looking to make six figures this year, thanks to recent increases on salary.

Patrick de Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said it would affect gas prices but not significantly.

“We’re talking about what to say, there’s not going to be a 2-cento-a-gallon effect,” he estimated. There are many other factors, such as the price of crude oil, that keep the price of gasoline high today: The increase in the wages of drivers has only reduced the price of gasoline tankers.

For decades, companies in the trucking industry have complained about the lack of available drivers. In response, driver groups like OOIDA have long argued that the problem is stagnant wages and poor working conditions, not a labor shortage.

Why Driving Big Rig Trucks Is A Job Fewer Americans Dream About Doing

However, little has changed over the years. Turnover is high, recruitment is difficult, and salaries fail to keep pace with inflation.

Now, at least in the fuel transportation sector, things have changed. Some companies are actually making real money solving these problems.

“I wouldn’t even consider it,” said Brad Zeilinger, who has been trucking for more than 30 years. He used to deliver gasoline, but no more, he said. Besides the dangers, the license is a hassle and the hours can be tough.

Frozen food is all the rage now, and he’ll be retiring in a few years. And the question now – not only for fuel transportation, but for the entire trucking industry – is whether higher wages are enough to attract a new generation of drivers.

The Pros And Cons Of Fuel Optimization Tools For Trucking

“Young people don’t want to do this job anymore,” he said. “My generation is out the door.” “Things get more expensive in the summer,” said John Esparza, president of the Texas Trucking Association.

Editor’s Note: In a previous version of this article, there was some incorrect wording related to Summit Trucking’s fuel surcharge. It has been updated to accurately reflect how the payment was made.

As gas prices rise in Texas and the nation, one of the hardest hit industries is the trucking industry. Some companies today have to make changes in how they run their business every day.

The average gas price across the state of Texas is $4.24 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Is Level 2 Automation The Future Of Fuel Efficiency?

And when it comes to the price of diesel, it is even higher as the current average price in Texas is $5.07. It’s a cost that directly affects truck drivers across the country.

Andy Felker knows what it’s like to deal with high gas prices every day. He lives in North Texas but is an over-the-road truck driver, which means he hauls and picks up goods from all over the country.

“I’ve actually driven all over the lower 48 states,” Felker said. “I drive in Canada. I drive in Alaska. Anywhere but Hawaii. It’s a job that needs to be done. It takes smart people. It takes people you can trust. I want to be a part of it.”

In all driving, stopping at the gas pump is part of our daily routine.

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“The days are long, but if you plan your trip right and you’re in charge, your days can look more like you than some scheduled things,” Felker said.

Andy Felker has been a driver for Summit Trucking for six years, but has been driving across the country for 18 years.

Billy Mason, who grew up loving trucks, is known as a local driver. This means they are not driving outside of the North Texas area. They can do most of the trips in one day.

“I want to get off the road,” Mason said, explaining why he wanted to get into the truck. “Do something. Get out of the office.”

Fuel Transport Company

Although he drives fewer miles per day compared to Felker, he also feels the pain of the pump.

Felker and Mason are both employees of Summit Trucking, a Dallas-based trucking company founded in 1997. Summit Trucking has about 200 trucks and 500 trailers with about 150 trucks on the road today.

Bart Plaskoff is CEO of Summit Trucking, said the company moves a variety of items, such as furniture, dog food and cleaning supplies.

“Being a truck driver is the backbone of the economy,” Plaskoff said. “A lot of people don’t realize that everything they touch every day is delivered by truck. It’s a thankless job, and they keep moving.

A Trucking Crisis Has The U.s. Looking For More Drivers Abroad

Plaskoff said they have a fuel surcharge that customers pay to help absorb some of the gas costs. As the price of solar increases, it means that the bill will also increase because it is related to the cost.

“It’s definitely cut into revenue,” Plaskoff said. “The cost of everything we buy has gone up in the last two years. Tires, trailers, trucks, insurance, fuel. All over the place, everything has gone up. And unfortunately, we have to pass it on to the consumer.”

Summit Trucking has deals at many Texas gas stations and truck stops to offer discounts at the pump. Plaskoff said he is working to try and help other North Texas truckers reach an agreement.

“We’re out there giving a hand to the little people,” Plaskoff said. “We can get discounts at the bigger truck stop chains down to the price per gallon of diesel. And the smaller ones can’t do that.”

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Plaskoff said that his drivers buy 35,000-40,000 gallons of diesel every week. Excludes discounts

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