Good Gifts For English Majors

Good Gifts For English Majors – It is expected that in just one month, universities will reopen and students will return to school, both online and in person. With the start of school soon, you may be looking for a gift for your favorite geeky student. While you can always buy gift cards or cash, there are also many good things that can help keep the room clean or help out during study nights.

With the awards divided into three main categories, there are many good options for most English speakers. The first section is full of all kinds of nerdy things you can wear, from jewelry to T-shirts. The second is devoted to things that will make their dorm room or apartment seem a little cozier and more like home. The last part is a bit about ways to stay active, cute accessories, and of course, bookmarks.

Good Gifts For English Majors

Leaving home for school can be intimidating, and even if your college student is at home it’s still a big new step. This list will help make the transition smooth and remind students that you support them.

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These nerdy earrings are perfect for any fashionable British student. With different colors to choose from, there is sure to be something for the geeky student in your life!

T-shirts are an important part of almost every student’s wardrobe, and this collection is one of the best options. With so many colors and designs on Etsy, there are many ways to find what works best for your student.

Sometimes old books just fall apart, but this shop has turned them into these adorable wallets! Perfect as a poster or as a place to store markers and pencils, this is a desirable gift, and a way to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Charming, comfortable and stylish, this Shakespeare shirt is a great addition to any student’s wardrobe. Want a different quote? This store is full of different words and prints!

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If you know a student who will study in a colder environment, this scarf is a good choice. Printed with pages of text from their favorite books, it’s a great recipe, one that will warm them up. There are many different labels to choose from, so you’re sure to find one you like!

There is something eternally romantic about a pocket, and more than a lock like a book. The book opens to show the special cards they can take, along with two photos of your choice. This is a great personalized and thoughtful gift for anyone leaving home for the first time.

This Amazing BookNook is perfect for all you Lord of the Rings fans out there! Is there anyone who does not like Lord of the Rings? Don’t worry! This store has a variety of options guaranteed to spruce up even the most boring dorm room!

If there is one thing that English majors seem to agree on, it is that the smell of the book is the best. So why not make your room smell like a book all the time? Old Book Candles are a great option, book stores have many geek book candles to choose from. Synonym Rolls English Teacher Grammar Popsockets Grip And Stand For Phones And Tablets

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, a dorm room can be a little, well… boring! But with cute pillow books, boring rooms are a thing of the past! With many classic book covers to choose from, this pillow is cute, geeky, and comfortable! What more do you want?

Speaking of personalized pillows, library themed pillows are a simple and cute addition to any dorm room. With nine different colors to choose from, you can mix and match colors to match any hotel decor!

Part of the large English collection consists of many books, and often there is not enough space to store them all. These Outlander books provide a bit of wisdom and balance to the books that are dangerous. There are many books to choose from in the store, so you can browse and find the right one for your student.

This adorable reading pillow has a handle and a pocket that makes it a great travel companion. The pocket fits a large book or ereader and is perfect for travel, or in the hotel. Pillows also come in many different styles with different geek quotes so there is a pillow to match the theme of almost any room.

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I think we can all agree that there is no cuter, nicer place to read, but sometimes in the dorms the only place is the bed – so why not turn the bed into a book paper? You can adapt this quilt from any book, creating a new horror room like a favorite to read.

These adorable library themed bookmarks are an adorable addition to any care package or gift delivery. You write it or leave it blank by the way it is the best way to save the book from the attack pages.

Sometimes it’s dark and late. This book lamp is a good choice for students sharing a room, it provides enough light for reading, without lighting the whole room.

Coffee (or tea) and lectures go hand in hand, so why not give this limited edition mug to your favorite English major? Perfect for morning and evening, this cup is sturdy and attractive!

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Have a book that needs extra protection? These cute envelopes are a great idea for the books in your life! The store also has many sizes and designs to choose from, so have fun!

Give your child the gift of a hardcover book! These customizable notebooks are durable, and cute. You can choose the color, size and title to customize the magazine perfectly. The store also has a variety of options such as documents, wallets, and plans, so there is a lot to choose from.

Sometimes all night doesn’t last all night. However, these magnetic sheets are perfect for saving your space when you can’t make it to the end of the page. Made with Faux leather that won’t damage the pages, it’s great for libraries and books. And, it stands out enough that when you come back you won’t forget to take it out!

While this list may seem like a broken record with all the free library cards, as a former English major, I promise they will be a hit! This library phone case fits most phones, and provides protection while looking attractive.

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Between reading, and reading for pleasure, English majors tend to have more books and chapters to keep track of. This book makes it easy. There are 176 pages with how to track new pages, excerpts, and information. Plus it can be customized to the size, configuration, and name really makes it a good one. Nothing gives more happiness than the gift of a book. But the big ones also like gifts that have something to do with books.

1. Can’t decide between buying a book or buying a t-shirt about the book? How about a shirt with a book printed on it?

2. When you are in the hotel, you don’t have to smell the book or library with this candle.

12. The thought that all adults are introverts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a quiet afternoon reading a book, like this funny book about the life of introverts by INFJoe.

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13. If you don’t have time to curl up with your own book, you can get your hands on one of Yaoyao Ma Van As’s cute prints.

14. Banning the classics, like To Kill a Mockingbird or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, only gives more motivation to read them. These socks make a strong statement about limited edition books.

15. A typewriter may look like a face, but what writer hasn’t imagined themselves sitting at a typewriter, writing their best-selling novel?

20. Finally, don’t forget to show everyone that you are a cool kid with this book themed t-shirt!

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