Google Ads For Small Business

Google Ads For Small Business – Google Ads, also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of search engine marketing. You choose a set of keywords that are relevant to your business and will be worth paying for, then write search ads to match them. This adds you to the search engine results page (SERP) auction, where advertisers compete to show their ads to users searching for the products they sell. However, unlike other forms of advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, hence the name: Pay-Per-Click advertising.

In this blog post, we’ll cover eight reasons why you should use PPC advertising, how much it costs, and five things to keep in mind before starting your own online advertising campaign. Of course, we will also answer the big question, does paid search work?

Google Ads For Small Business

Yes, Google Ads work. It works for small businesses and large businesses alike. Paid advertising is a great way for businesses to increase brand awareness, get more traffic to their website, and generate more sales, all while being able to track results.

Is Google Ads Worth It For Small Businesses?

If you are willing to put in the time to learn how Google Ads works, it can be very profitable for small businesses. If you’re still hesitating and wondering if it’s right for you, go ahead.

So you know what Google Ads is, and you know it works, but why should you use PPC for your business?

Online marketing is very measurable. When you open a Google Ads account, Google shows you tons of PPC metrics that let you figure out what’s working and what isn’t. This then tells you what to keep and what to compare to ensure you get the most out of your campaign.

Not sure you’re ready to commit to a big marketing budget and run every type of campaign out there? That’s fine. Google Ads is scalable, meaning you can scale up and down as needed. This is a big reason why it is the best digital marketing tool for your business. Small business owners can start with a highly targeted search campaign and expand over time to include more services or products and add more campaigns as needed.

Google Gives £25m Worth Of Free Ad Spend To British Small Businesses

I want to start this off by saying you should improve your search engine optimization (SEO) as well. However, PPC campaigns will get you results and data faster than SEO will. They can benefit themselves in this way. Because you can use PPC as a way to research and test what gets you the most clicks and feed that data back into your search engine optimization efforts.

If you’re not bidding on your own brand name, your competitors might be. Let them show up on your organic results on the search engine results page (SERP). Even if you’re ranked #1 in organic searches for your brand name, you may still have three search ads on you. By getting that number one spot of advertising on your brand name, you increase your chances of more people clicking through to your website when they search for your brand.

Whether you’ve just started your business or are trying to increase your reach, Google Ads is a great way to increase your brand awareness. By getting your business online through search, display and shopping campaigns, you can get your products in front of people looking for what you have to offer who didn’t know they were looking for you to begin with, building brand awareness.

Google Ads allows you to get your small business in front of consumers when they search for what you sell. This is a huge bonus because it attracts the attention of new customers who may have never heard of your business before and use you instead of other companies. The main purpose of this is that it helps increase conversion rates.

Tips For Efficient Google Ads Campaigns For Small Businesses

With Google Ads, you control the advertising budget. You can set the maximum amount you are willing to spend per month, and when Google has used everything, it will stop. However, you need to direct Google when and where you want it to spend your budget. More on this later.

Similar to #4 securing searches for your brand name in the SERPs, your competitors are bidding on other keywords that are relevant to your business. If you and your competitor sell “blue sneakers,” you should be at the top of the search results with them. Your small business may be missing out on valuable customers simply because your business isn’t appearing at the top of Google search results.

Small businesses spend between $500 and $2,000 per month on their Google Ads campaigns. That’s about $16.45 to $65.79 per day*. However, how much it will cost depends on a number of factors such as how expensive the bids are for the keywords you want to target, how much you spend efficiently, and how many clicks per day you expect to get. average. Cost per click.

For example, If the keyword you’re bidding on costs $1.50, and your budget is $16.45/day, it’s safe to assume you’ll get about 10 clicks/day. If your daily budget is $65.79/day, you will get about 44 clicks per day for the same keyword. So you’ll want to adjust based on what makes the most sense for your business.

Does Google Ads Work For Local Businesses?

Tip: Be sure to add negative keywords to eliminate inappropriate use for the wrong audience. This ensures that you only show ads to the right type of customers by bidding on the right keywords.

*Google Ads works with daily budgets that are billed monthly. This means that if your monthly budget is $500, you would divide $500 by the number of days in the month (30.4), which would give you a daily budget of $16.45. Google then knows that it can spend $16.45/day, but it also knows that your monthly allowance is $500. extra budget the other day when more searches (clicks) occur. As long as your monthly budget stays the same.

There is a lot to all this PPC, Google Ads, Paid Advertising. We know. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As with any business endeavor, start by gathering more information.

Your goal dictates a lot about how you start your campaign and how it runs. So you should make sure you take the time to figure out which goal is best for your business and how Google Ads can help you achieve it. For a more detailed guide on how to choose your goal, check out this blog.

Google Ads (part 1)

What is the scope of your business? Which areas you target depends largely on the budget you have and the service area your small business reaches from your physical office location. Can you ship your product anywhere in the state? Are you a contractor that only serves a specific area of ​​the government? These are just a few examples of the types of questions you should ask yourself before starting your campaign.

There are different types of advertising campaigns that you can run. Search, display and shopping are the most popular. There are also smart campaigns that help automate the process. Each type of campaign offers different areas and benefits. So you want to find the one that matches your goal. Check out this blog for help choosing the best campaign for you.

Google Ads does a great job of driving people to your website, but once the customers are there, it’s up to your website to get you sales. Is your website ready for you to sell? If you’re not sure, don’t worry. We have brought you 10 tips on how to prepare your website.

Landing pages are the pages on your website where a customer lands when they click on your ad. It is very important that these landing pages are well optimized with the content defined in the ad to click the customer. The last thing a customer wants is to click on your ad expecting to find more information about ‘winter tyres’ and instead end up on a ‘summer tyres’ landing page. For more information on why your landing page is important, click here.

Small Business 101: How To Advertise On Google

Ultimately, that’s up to you to decide. There are many benefits of running a digital marketing campaign for your business. However, it also takes a lot of time and effort to set it up and manage it properly. Here’s an example of what your typical campaign management looks like to give you a better idea.

If you want to start a PPC campaign for your business, but don’t think you have the time to manage it, contact us. We will be happy to discuss management options with you. This is the type of situation where a digital marketing agency, like Eternity, can help.

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