Google Software Engineer Job Description

Google Software Engineer Job Description – My version of the guide to finding a tech job at Google doesn’t start with the usual tips, but with fresh data. These are the results of our analysis of more than 300 open Google jobs. To perform this research, we developed our own internal analytics tools to examine large data sets. Interestingly, it is based on TensorFlow’s seq2seq model, also developed by Google 🙂

From all these job descriptions, we have extracted the skills that are mentioned the most. Then we filter the results according to 3 locations: Asia + Australia, Europe and USA + Canada. So, choose your current (or future) destination and move on.

Google Software Engineer Job Description

Outside of this list, Google’s most preferred languages ​​in North America are C# (21) and Objective-C (23). By contrast, approximately 10% of vacancies in the US and Canada require knowledge of Swift (14) or Perl (11), while 22% of positions (24) are for those who know SQL. If you choose to work with data, knowledge of Hadoop (13) and MapReduce (9) is highly recommended.

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C# (20 mentions) and Objective-C (16 mentions) are also popular programming languages ​​in Google’s European offices. In addition to the language, the future Googler should know the principles of distributed computing (15), data structure (14), OOP (6) and so on. Of course, for Google, this knowledge must go beyond university textbooks. Of course, you can not ignore Google’s own projects, such as Cloud Platform (10) or Kubernetes (7).

Apart from them, cloud computing experts are also in demand. All 30% of Google’s jobs in Asia and Australia are dedicated to them. In terms of programming languages, C# is almost as popular as Go (21 mentions). Knowledge of shell scripting (10 mentions), markup languages ​​(16 for HTML and 14 for XML), automated testing (8 mentions) and databases (9 mentions) can also be useful for various jobs. Otherwise, skills such as Big Data (9) and Deep Learning (7) are gaining popularity in both Asia and Australia.

We’re not claiming that having these skills will guarantee you a technical job at Google (or that not having them will end your career.) This is just market analysis: it’s always useful to know the demand. for the.

Studies show that about 2 million people log into Google every year. And here is why. According to a Glassdoor review, Google offers the following benefits to its employees:

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With 70+ offices on 5 continents, Google seems like an ideal place to work. Now let’s find out how to apply.

All the necessary information for tech job applicants is given on the Google Careers page. First, you need to enter your skills in a specific search bar and look for relevant job offers. Once you’ve done that, Google career experts advise you to focus on your resume.

Laszlo Bock, former senior vice president of people operations at Google, says active verbs are the key to a successful technical resume. The ‘Experience’ section and bullet points, in particular, should have a lot of them. Here’s a golden recipe from Laszlo on how to ‘cook’ the sequels:

All applications are reviewed by real people, not hackers. Keep that in mind when putting together your resume. Don’t go overboard with words or templates – stick to a plain and simple resume format. (.doc or .pdf is perfect.)

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If you don’t have the time or experience to create a proper Google employee resume yourself, consider turning to tools like CV Compiler. This tool analyzes your technical resume and gives several suggestions to improve it. By the way, it also checks whether your resume is suitable for the top companies in the world, and especially for Google.

Another important rule: don’t forget about networking! Take care of all your acquaintances. If you have connections with Google, send them your resume and ask them to refer you. Google has a special referral system for its employees, so the process will be quick and easy for the Googlers you know. However, networking alone won’t land you a tech job at Google—it can only speed up your resume review process.

Finally, you did it! The recruiter finally said “yes,” and the interview was set. Take a moment to celebrate and then start preparing again. Google is known for its lengthy recruitment process, which takes an average of 6-8 weeks from first contact to offer. During this time, you will go through 2 phases: a phone/hangout interview and an onsite interview.

During a phone interview, you’ll share a Google Doc with the person interviewing you (usually a manager or team member). The interview will last 30-60 minutes, during which you will have to answer questions (mostly about algorithms and data structures) and support your answers with some code. Since you will be limited in time, your code does not have to be perfect, but it must be executable and reviewable. After solving the task, you will be asked to explain your solution in an algorithmic way. Here are some great tips to help you ace a phone interview.

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After passing the telephone interview, you will be invited to the office for a series of on-site interviews. Google loves behavioral interviews, so forget the usual “why-did-you-decide-to-leave-your-last-job?” question Also, don’t think about brain teasers: Google has left them in the past. Instead, expect some situations to play out and be prepared to explain your actions. For example, think about the answers to the following questions:

Of course, you will be asked to code again. Questions mainly include algorithms, data structures, iteration, sorting, discrete arithmetic and graphs. Furthermore, you will not be allowed to work in the IDE, but you will be free to choose the language of your choice.

During the interview, the interviewer will not only assess your industry-related knowledge but also your general cognitive ability. So, be prepared to explain your way of thinking and tell real stories from your own experience. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You should learn as much as you can about your future role, team, company culture, etc.

After completing all of your interviews, a special committee will evaluate your candidacy. If everything goes well, you will get the long-awaited technical job at Google.

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Are you currently looking for a technical job at Google? Do you have any tips for others striving for a similar goal? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Andrew is an experienced HR-Tech entrepreneur who founded, GlossaryTech and CV Compiler, products used by software engineers and recruiters worldwide.

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Looking for Google Application Engineer job description? What are the key details in a Google Application Engineer job description? This job description template provides a template that simplifies the process for the positions you need to fill.

What Skills Are Needed To Get A Software Engineering Job At Google?

When hiring new staff, a reusable job description template can be useful. Since this is a job description in your organization, the model can be easily customized by adding specific requirements, responsibilities, job duties and skills that will fill the role. These Google Application Engineer job descriptions are ways to get your audience’s attention. Compiled by HR experts, it’s smartly organized and easy to navigate, and includes the main categories you need to include. for instance:

Job Objective: A brief description of the overall objectives and general nature of the position. This can be an overview of why the job is available and what the role is expected to achieve. The job objective is usually a summary and no more than four sentences.

Duties and Responsibilities: List essential jobs and responsibilities using headings and give examples of essential activities under each heading.

Working Conditions: Specify whether the person will have to work under special conditions, such as shift work, working outside, working with difficult clients, etc.

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Physical Demands: Describe whether the job is physically demanding, for example, heavy lifting on a regular basis, standing for long periods of time, or the job often involves repetitive tasks, or if travel is required, lunch Brakes are unusual, and so.

Ideally, job descriptions should be reviewed annually and updated as necessary. Having a ready-made job description template will save you and your HR or recruiting department time, money, and effort!

GOOGLE APPLICATION ENGINEER JOB DESCRIPTION Job Description: Application engineers understand the internal processes and what it takes to run Google.

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