Government Support For New Businesses

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Government Support For New Businesses

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Are Self Employed Persons Given Less Govt Support Than Other Business Owners?

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Government Grants For Businesses In Malaysia

Marked by great financial uncertainty and tectonic shifts in the SME operating environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s Singapore Budget 2020 mainly focuses on business concerns and ongoing work.

Accordingly, a series of initiatives have been announced to help business owners in Singapore overcome short-term challenges, as well as help them strengthen their business capabilities for the future.

From getting more help to entering new markets to innovating and adopting digital solutions through financial support packages, here are the gist of the speech.

Managed by Enterprise Singapore, the Enterprise Financing Scheme (EFS) provides targeted financing to better support Singapore SMEs at different stages of their growth. Supported by various Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), some of the financing schemes available are:

Should The Government Support Only High Growth Businesses?

To help both new and established SMEs identify business needs, adopt pre-approved digital technologies, and take the first steps to enter new markets, the Enterprise Grow package was introduced.

The SME Go Digital program will expand to provide enterprises with pre-approved access to digital solutions across 23 dynamic industry sectors. A new platform, GoBusiness, has also been created to access simplified licensing applications and to transact with the Government more easily.

Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT), a one-year program, was created to support business leaders from promising SMEs to develop their business development capabilities. . Eligible employers may also qualify for funding of up to 90% of program costs.

Simultaneously, the Enterprise Development Grant, which provides integrated support for enterprises to innovate, will also expand its reach. Eligible grants for project expenses such as consulting fees, third party software and equipment, and internal labor costs and the maximum level of support will increase to 80% from April 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. Depending on the extent of the impact of Covid-19 to businesses, the level of support can increase to a maximum of 90% (cases will be considered individually).

Government Support For Business Research And Innovation In A World In Crisis

All Singaporean employees and self-employed individuals who received a Working Income Supplement (WIS) payment in the 2019 work year will receive a Working Special Payment (WSP) in 2020. A cash payment of S$3,000 (paid in two equal payments of S$1,500 each month) July and October 2020), which is larger than the previously announced number. WSP upgrades will also provide additional support for low-wage workers aged 35 and over in 2019.

The job support scheme was increased to cover 75% of all local employees’ salaries in April, up to a salary cap of S$4,600, as part of a supplementary budget measure to save Singapore companies and jobs amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Wage support has also been increased to 25% over the next eight months, with higher subsidies of 50% for food services and 75% for the tourism and aviation industries.

Offering sector-specific solution support, PSG covers industries such as landscape, construction, precision engineering, logistics, food and retail. If your SME doesn’t fit into any industry, there are technology solutions that span across the industry – such as inventory tracking, financial management, data analytics, digital customer relationship management and human resource management systems.

From 1 April 2020 to 31 December 2020, the maximum level of support for PSG will be raised to 80% and businesses will receive more cofinancing support for digitization. The extended suite of solutions supported by PSG will now include:

Government Supports You Should Know For Your Business During Covid 19

To see more details about the Singapore Budget 2020 announcement, you can visit the Singapore Ministry of Finance’s official budget website, here.

As your business faces new challenges and complexities due to Covid-19, how can you stay agile and embrace transformation to take advantage of new growth opportunities?

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Support For Business To Digitalize

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Summary Of Government Support For Business During Coronavirus

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How Government Support Schemes Can Improve Your Business Efficiency

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This is a timely announcement given the recent start-stop nature of Singapore’s reopening in May 2021. Coupled with the fact that government support was significantly less than in 2020, the haphazard nature of the easing and tightening measures was introduced and nothing the end seen before Covid-19, more businesses have given up in 2021. In a recent article we wrote, we found that despite the worst of COVID-19, more businesses closed this year compared to

Widening Pandemic Business Support

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