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Education is and always will be the cornerstone of the College. Here students learn to work well with people from different ethnic, racial, cultural and social backgrounds. Emphasizing the relationship between research and practice, Psychology combines an ongoing commitment to social justice with an emphasis on critical science.

Grad Schools For Counseling Psychology

The Department of Educational and Clinical Psychology prepares students to investigate and respond to the psychological needs of individuals, families, groups, organizations/organizations and communities. Students of this department are trained to be skilled and competent researchers, to provide intellectual and educational leadership, and to become experts. Typically, graduates of these programs seek positions in teaching, research, policy, management, psychotherapy and counseling.

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The Winter Roundtable is the longest-running professional education program in the United States dedicated to cultural issues in psychology, education, and social work. The Winter Roundtable continues its tradition of bringing together students, scholars, researchers, social change workers, and students interested in the intersections of race, ethnicity, and social class. , gender, and gender, intellectual status, sexuality, and religious relationships in psychology. education, and social work.

The Spirituality Mind Body Institute’s (SMBI) Summer Intensive Master’s Program at Teachers College, Columbia University is the first Ivy League graduate program dedicated to integrating spirituality and evidence-based research into the context of clinical psychology.

The Bilingual Latina/o Mental Health (BLMH) focus in the EdM program, which was approved by the New York State Department of Education in 2015, is the only program in New York City that offers training taking Spanish to Latinas/os. .PhD programs in Counseling Psychology accept less than 12% of students who apply (APA Graduate Study in Psychology Summary Report, 2017). Due to the highly competitive nature of entering the doctorate, students often choose to complete psychology master’s programs first, where they can develop the necessary business and skills.

The Master of Science (MS) at the University of Kentucky is a two-year, full-time (12 credits per fall/spring semester), 48 credit hour program that provides students with comprehensive training and development. designed to prepare the student. . successfully applied for the Counseling Psychology doctoral program.

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Students who graduate from the doctoral preparation M.S. Programs related to the doctoral program (89% success rate) receive admission awards to counseling psychology PhD and / or PsyD doctoral programs.

The philosophy of the program is based on the values ​​and goals of the community. A social organization depends on the good health and happiness of every person in that society. People’s health and well-being depends on having a healthy ecosystem that supports healthy development and performance. We seek to educate future mental health professionals to facilitate optimal health and change inefficient and oppressive health systems through the interface between science and practice.

The program is not intended for individuals who may wish to complete their degree after obtaining a bachelor’s degree (ie, for individuals who wish to obtain a master’s degree as a teacher mental health counseling -psychiatry or other mental health professionals who provide mental health services to clients. .). Students wishing to obtain a clinical/counseling license must complete other programs, such as the UK CACREP 60-credit Master Counseling program.

Through intensive teaching, clinical practice, and research laboratory participation, our students learn the research, psychotherapy, business, and cultural skills necessary to succeed in doctoral studies. . Students receive two years of doctoral preparation instruction from faculty and doctoral students to help students learn the “hidden agenda” (ie, the unspoken rules and regulations ) of the entry. doctor, succeed in high school, and build a long career path in counseling. . education. Students receive feedback on doctoral tools and interviewing skills to help them feel positive during the doctoral application process.

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To keep class sizes small, we accept a limited number of students each year. This maintains a student-to-faculty ratio (4 students to 1 psychology faculty member), which is an important consideration when choosing a master’s program.

To ensure high-quality training, students complete the program online in Lexington, KY, where they work face-to-face with teachers. The program cannot be completed part-time or through online distance learning.

On-campus financial aid opportunities (eg, graduate assistantships) are available for MS. students through the UKJobs website ( In 2020-2022, an average of 70% of M.S. Students may receive full-time funding (ie, 20/hr/wk graduate assistantships that provide a full tuition waiver, monthly stipend [minimum $14,520 for a 9-month assistantship], student health insurance plan ). This percentage is higher than the percentage of mental health programs nationwide (please ask each program you apply to for this percentage so that you can calculate your decision based on what you receive).

Your professional training will be led by program instructors, who are some of the most famous, renowned and certified psychologists. Click on the Productivity radar map (Academic Analytics, 2016) to enlarge and see for yourself:

Gse Counseling Psychology (ph.d.) Admissions

Our program supports the educational principles of Preparing Professional Psychologists to Serve the Public and the Statement of Training Values ​​Model of Training in Psychology Against Diversity. We also use APA practice guidelines among others: Guidelines for Multiculturalism: Ecological Approaches to Context, Identity, and Interdependence; A Guide to Mindfulness Practice with Girls and Women; Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Older Adults; and guidelines for mental training with minors; A Guide to Psychotherapy with Gender-Different Transgender People; and guidelines for the assessment and employment of persons with disabilities.

Watch our video, where we answer students’ questions about Counseling Psychology and our program and answer six questions about their experience on the UK Counseling Psychology M.S. program. If you have a question about the program that you would like to ask a student, email Jaxin Annett (jaxinannett@null

Typically, students enrolled in the master’s program have completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related discipline (eg, sociology, pre-med). GRE scores are acceptable. There is no minimum GRE score or cutoff requirement.

Admissions applications are reviewed by program faculty who take into account the applicant’s GPA; (b) GRE score, if provided; (c) a letter of recommendation addressing academic, research and negotiation experience and interpersonal skills; (d) consistent with the emphasis on doctoral preparation in the program; (e) A statement of intent describing the professional goals (ie, consistent with our educational and social justice values, and demonstrating written communication skills); and (f) access to diversity, broadly defined to include people’s social and life experiences. Program teachers carefully review a student’s entire application and make decisions based not just on statistical criteria but by considering goals, needs, and values. Therefore, low scores in one area can be offset by business forces in other areas. Minimum GPA is >2.75 for undergraduate and >3.00 for graduate school. The minimum TOEFL score is 79. It is important for students to present their statement of why their professional goals match their qualifications for a doctorate in the program.

Master Of Science In Counseling Psychology

We hold master’s interview dates (via the Zoom teleconference platform) where top applicants meet with program faculty and current students. The Lord’s interview day is held every year on a Friday in March (2023 interview date: March 24). This interview process helps faculty and prospective students reevaluate the program’s effectiveness. After the interview day, program faculty meet to review, discuss, and make final decisions about admissions. If you are considering getting your master’s or Ph.D. in advice and you live in North Carolina (or want to) check out these top schools. When it comes to educational opportunities, North Carolina is one of the most diverse states in the Southeast. Although in this list of only six universities, you will find large schools, small schools, religious schools and public schools; programs to suit every budget and almost every educational interest; and an accredited bachelor’s degree in counseling recognized not only by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), but also by several institutions of higher education.

A rigorous, comprehensive and spiritually oriented education awaits students at Gardner-Webb College. As a master’s student, you will have a mental health counseling program or school (CACREP-accredited); marriage, family and couples counseling; or a double degree program that combines mental health counseling and theology. And while this unique international option is the only “professional” degree that incorporates faith into the curriculum, GWU makes a point of incorporating Christian principles into its outreach programs. As a result, students develop the cultural and personal knowledge that will promote their long-term success after they graduate from one of our master’s degrees.

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