Graduate Diploma In Education Secondary

Graduate Diploma In Education Secondary – Courses are offered in April and/or October each year. Apply for April intake from early November to January and October intake from early May to July.

Please consult the course page for course information. Group Student Insurance (GPA) Insurance is applicable to Part-time Diploma, Post Diploma and Skills-based Module Course (stackable).

Graduate Diploma In Education Secondary

From 1 July 2020, the Work Skills Support Scheme (WSS) will replace the Workforce Training Scheme (WTS). There is no financial aid for tuition at WSS.

Graduate Diploma In Cultural Education Leading To Master’s Degree In Cultural Education

1 Monthly income includes basic salary and additional salary such as overtime pay and bonus. 2 In addition, you must have an average monthly income of no more than $2,300 in the last 12 months. 3 The annual value is the estimated annual rent for the property that is leased, excluding equipment, supplies and maintenance equipment. It is determined based on estimated market rents for similar or comparable properties.

TCA is a cash award given to eligible employees after obtaining the required certification. No application is required for trainees.

MOE offers a number of grants to Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents* to help Singaporeans work hard or improve their skills through part-time studies at polytechnics. These include Part-time Degrees, Specialist Degrees, First Degrees and Diplomas (Transitions). Currently, an individual is only supported by their first diploma or first professional degree. In order for Singaporeans to stay in the sector they are in or switch careers to another sector, the MOE will increase funding for their subsequent Diplomas, Specialist Diplomas, Postgraduate Diplomas and Diplomas (Transitions).

*Singapore Permanent Residents must not have obtained a degree or higher level sponsored by the MOE or government.

How To Apply

Temasek Polytechnic strives to provide the best environment for students to have the skills and knowledge to experience what the world is doing. To this end, all students must bring their notebooks with them to study. They will be able to:

For information on technical specifications for the book and a list of supported Antivirus programs, click here.

If you already have a notebook, you do not have to buy a new one (as long as your notebook meets the minimum specifications required for your course).

Students with technical questions are encouraged to contact IT Services Management on 6780 5933 or email @. The center is located at East Wing Building, Blk 1A, Level 4, Unit 02. The center’s opening hours are Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. (except during the September holidays when the closing time will be 10:00): 00 p.m.) 14:30) and Saturday: 8:00 – 13:00.

Tertiary Qualifications: What Are Your Study Options After High School?

The course schedule will be communicated to students before the new semester begins. Depending on the nature of the courses, some courses do not adhere to the Course Calendar. Students are also advised to use the course schedule provided. Temasek Polytechnic reserves the right to change the Academic Calendar.

The main purpose of the Part-time Advanced Diploma is to allow Singaporeans to upgrade their skills so that they can perform their jobs effectively, even at a higher level, or even change jobs in other fields. This goal allows us to strengthen the curriculum and content to provide the latest knowledge and practices to students, while helping us to make the course simple and free.

What is the difference between the new CET Diploma under the revised qualification and the original one?

The new framework is based on Modular Decisions (MCs). Each MC on a separate degree provides students with content and skills in key industry practices, and is therefore valued by employers. MC was developed in consultation with industry to ensure that the curriculum is relevant to the training needs of adult learners.

Qualifications And Their Levels

Will the quality of the program affect the minimum number of study hours leading to the degree?

No, the quality of the program will not be affected. Program in the pre-model level after the equivalent pre-employment degree offered by the polytechnic. In the new level, the number of hours required to achieve the diploma (900 hours consisting of 5 modular degrees of 180 hours each) is lower.

The MOE part-time qualification, which is determined in consultation with the economic and industrial sector, has a wide range of training and a focus on content. SSG’s Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) is a professionally designed, developed and accredited industry-based benchmarking system for specific occupations and jobs.

SkillsFuture Singapore’s (SSG) Work Literacy Program (WPLN) serves as a formal alternative to traditional qualifications and provides training in general employability skills to enhance employee productivity and employability. The basic skills developed can be applied to all jobs, helping employees of all ages to better adapt to new job demands, job challenges and changing workplaces. For more information, click here.

What Is The Difference Between Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma And Postgraduate Award?

What if I don’t meet the minimum entry requirements? Can I try to apply for a course?

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements, but are considered by Temasek Polytechnic to be potentially suitable candidates, may at the discretion of the Polytechnic, be considered for a written and/or oral examination conducted by. reserves the right to admit candidates based on their performance in this examination.

Students must carry a valid passport during the course. Students must bear all risk of not graduating if their degree is completed and delayed during the academic year.

The duration of the CET Diploma is 900 hours including integration and non-integration (self-study) and consists of 5 Module Certificates (MCs) and each MC is 180 hours or 6 months. Successful completion of the 5 critical MCs, participants will receive a full Diploma Depending on the pace of study, students can complete the Degree in a minimum of 2.5 years.

Secondary School In Singapore

If I am willing to work and need a break from my studies, what is the maximum number of semesters I can take to get a full Diploma?

To get a full Diploma course, you get up to double the normal academic time to complete the course, ie 5 years or ten semesters.

The MC period lasts approximately 6 months, with classes held 3 times a week, from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and/or 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Lesson plans are subject to change. You will receive your course schedule 1 month before the course starts.

You can apply for a part-time postgraduate program related to your degree course at NUS, NTU and SUSS.

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The updated part-time diploma is designed to be more accessible to the workforce, and is done in a shorter time than the full-time diploma because the modules are based on different subjects, final year projects and practices, and academic skills such as Mathematics. . and Science, published. As such, the short-term program requires you to go through a bridging program to prepare yourself adequately before entering.

If I need to plan a bridge, how much will it cost and how long will it take?

The duration and cost of the bridging program will depend on the type and nature of the part-time course you are applying for. The duration is expected to be between six months to a year. The fee will not be more expensive than the first phase of the comparison period. You may want to check with the relevant authorities for details.

Courses are offered in April and/or October each year. Applying for April starts in early November and October starts in early May.

Graduate Certificate/m.a.t. In Middle And Secondary Education

Those who are interested can register their interest by signing up for email updates to receive the course by email. You may consider following the Facebook page for news and updates about the course as well.

Download all the required supporting documents by using the online application form. We will not be able to consider applicants with incomplete application documents.

Eligible students pay fees after tuition assistance from MOE. You can refer to ccourse and book private lessons for a fee. For a general explanation of grants and subsidies, you can find information.

You do not need to apply for MOE funding. will provide you with financial assistance, depending on your qualification level at the time you are admitted to the course.

Application Guide For Part Time & Post Diploma Courses

Do I have to pay tuition fees for the full CET Diploma or the Module Certificate?

As the new qualification is based on Modular Certificates (MCs), you will be paid according to the MCs or all the refresher courses you take in a semester. Fees are based on MC and before the start of the MC course.

You must pay the full course fee by the payment date when you are admitted to the course. It is to enable us to confirm your place on the course. Payment of course fees is considered admission to the course.

You can use PSEA to pay tuition fees. Applicants should call the Edusave Hotline

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