Graduate Programs For English Majors

Graduate Programs For English Majors – Good thinking. Be creative. Translation. Education prepares you for a variety of careers, including teaching, journalism, law, advertising, medicine, and the fine arts. Majors also find jobs in tech companies and other startups—in Silicon Valley and beyond. Whether they are writers or social workers, entrepreneurs or filmmakers, alums are applying their Stanford education in every corner of the world.

As a major, you are developing an awareness of the power of words. Your key points, understanding of structure, critical thinking and critical writing skills, the first job, give you unique speaking skills: precision, subtlety, persuasiveness and complete clarity of the total number of tools at your disposal. Your background knowledge of, and use of, literary discourse will strengthen your analytical skills and your engagement with contemporary writing in any field. These qualities, along with clear and effective communication skills, will serve you well in many fields.

Graduate Programs For English Majors

The depth of literary history through discussion in the discussion group prepares many students to be successful classroom teachers at all levels.

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The medical profession is more interested in the benefits learned from humanistic research such as . A degree, or two majors in , will improve your medical school application.

By engaging with complex texts, majors teach students to read and analyze in depth. These skills lead many of our students to careers in law and other fields that require complex data analysis.

A major will teach you skills in good reading and advanced writing. Masters often pursue careers in advertising, public relations, advertising, publishing, or teaching. Eligible positions include copywriter, columnist, columnist, reviewer, editor, production assistant, public relations officer, reporter, reporter, technical writer, or non-profit writer/writer.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, “what makes two candidates equally competitive may be as simple as who has better communication skills.” High-level reading and writing taught on a large scale, knowing how to put things into a narrative, will have a deep and lasting impact on your career.

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Our perspective is a human philosophy based on rich history and American literature. Our goal is to teach students the history and practice of the creative process itself. Graduate studies in teaching in understanding human motivation and participation in the big picture that supports business leadership.

Jobs do not follow the same path as they did in previous generations. The field of study you study at university gives you more opportunities after graduation rather than training for a specific job. The skills you’ve developed as a subject—including analysis and interpretation, critical and creative writing, and historical summarization—will prepare you for a diverse career.

As you begin your job search, remember that BEAM offers career coaching services that are available to help you through many aspects of your career planning and job search, such as preparing for job interviews. A detailed list of BEAM services is just one of the many tools this guide will provide you with. To access many of these BEAM resources, you must register with BEAM. To do so, just visit BEAM.

“I have spent the last seven years teaching high school in the San Francisco Unified School District. I fell in love with teaching after TA -ing life labs and then teaching in Vietnam. Most of all during my time at Stanford in the Institute. I have seen the passion of some of my teachers , I have shown myself in their passion and want to connect information to our lives.” – Daniel from San Francisco, California

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“After graduation, I was a reporter for the Alameda Newspaper Group. In ’98, I moved to NBC News’ Washington DC bureau to work for Dateline, where I created, wrote and searched for search results.” — Anonymous by Chevy Chase, MD

“I’ve been working since the fall at a small newspaper in San Francisco, doing everything from writing and editing to research/fact checking as well as PR and sharing. — Audrey from San Francisco, CA

“I moved to New York with 5 friends from Stanford, then worked in the web development department of Harper Collins. I became an online marketing manager for children’s books and created websites like and I currently work in editorial at Chronicle Books in San Francisco.” – Christina from Ross, CA

“I started my career in filmmaking at Fox Searchlight Pictures almost right out of college. I was with my boss when he moved to Focus Features. I work in the department that reviews the script/sound/remake ideas, etc., and we’ll work with writers , producers, directors, agents/directors, cast, etc. as we support the project throughout the filming process, which often involves the development of the story and the characters themselves.” –Rache from Los Angeles, CA

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“I first got a job as a reporter/journalist, freelance writer for various magazines and worked as a copywriter for a film-oriented website. I found my way to development in television because I have experience in developing writers and helping them tell good stories. I hope to continue my work at Nickelodeon and eventually become the Director of Television Development.” — Audrey from Los Angeles, California

“I started working in a restaurant and concentrated on writing fiction, my graduate studies. After receiving an award from the Berkley Fiction Review, I switched gears and worked for the network company NBC, and later as a financial analyst for one of the largest companies in the world moved me to LA, where I was an analyst. The story of one of the most prestigious advertising agencies in Hollywood before I became Disney’s VP of marketing. and a passport to see the top agencies.” — Fred from Los Angeles, California

“I studied because I liked the profession, not because I thought it would help me get a certain job. I started working in sports right after graduation working for the SF 49ers media relations department. PR and media relations are all written and verbal communication and you must love sports, my graduation proved that I have the important skills to learn how to do that, now I run my own media relations department for a women’s basketball team.” – Kimberly from Sacramento, California

“I spent seven years in politics, making an impact as a communications director for a US Congressman and now a political consultant, working in public relations, media relations and community-government relations. — Erin from Chula Vista, California

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“I knew all along that I wanted to work in the nonprofit sector, and my special projects supported that goal. I ended up in development/fundraising at KQED because 1) it’s the place to work, 2) I love my organization, and 3) I know the place , being a strong writer with analytical skills trumps all others. We are always hiring the best writers, all skills being equal.” — Amy from Oakland, CA

“After graduation, I worked as a research assistant for the neuroimaging lab at UCSF. There I studied the relationship between brain changes and chemical changes in people. serious mental illness: I started medical school in the fall of 2002, and now I’m finishing my second year. In addition to preparing for teaching, writing or pursuing a PhD in school. However, studying science and medicine with a graduate degree not only helped me become a unique candidate among thousands of biology majors, but also strengthened other aspects. important contributors. to interpersonal communication (including speaking, writing and interpersonal communication).– Andreana from Brooklyn, NY

“I have held many social work positions since graduation, in health matters, child protection, especially for many years, with people aged 0-3 and infant health. I am now a social worker and work with. Sick and disabled children, My education has served me well in writing and research – I’ve used it to write, create policies, develop, interact with different clients, etc.” – Libby from San Jose, CA.

“For the past five years, I have practiced law in Atlanta, GA, focusing on legal issues related to the financing of non-profit organizations, low-income housing, schools, hospitals, etc. In my work, I often focus on a certain topic

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