Graduate Programs In Southern California

Graduate Programs In Southern California – Become a highly skilled clinical provider in the first PA program to immerse students in allied health services. This innovative program emphasizes an integrative, whole-person approach where students learn to use scientific research and evidence to provide care to patients as well as other disciplines, including Chiropractic and SCU’s Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine programs.

SCU’s experiential learning style in specialty settings combines learning with other health professions, coursework, clinical experience, community involvement, and campus activities and clubs that expose students to a variety of philosophies, practices, and career options. treatment; help students develop a broad knowledge base; and prepare future health care professionals with a comprehensive understanding of adult, evidence-based, team-based and person-centered health care.

Graduate Programs In Southern California

SCU’s Academic Health Center serves more than 45,000 patients annually and has a large pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, and electronic health record system. DACM students typically begin clinical training in their second semester. Students train in a modern health center with an excellent learning environment. You will interact with other health professions and disciplines and learn how to manage patients in an integrated environment within an interdisciplinary team environment. Begin clinical training as early as your second semester.

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Healthcare that improves outcomes and reduces costs requires a team effort. The first program of its kind, SCU is the first university to offer a Physician Assistant program where PA students study alongside other health professions and gain an understanding of a variety of philosophies, practices, and treatment options for collaborative health care. it is finished.

SCU develops leaders to be caring and compassionate professionals qualified to provide high quality service to diverse populations.

Our program will prepare students to participate in collaborative health care teams and provide health care based on primary care to a diverse population by providing evidence-based instruction.

As healthcare changes, physician assistants are increasingly valued as important members of the healthcare team. Graduates are in high demand and enjoy personally and professionally rewarding careers.

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*Parts of the text above are taken from Accreditation Standards for Physician Assistant Education, Fifth Edition, ARC-PA, page 3, 2019.

US News and World Report named PA one of the 3 best jobs in the US in 2022.

SCU’s Master of Science: Physician Assistant program will prepare students to participate in collaborative health care teams and provide health care with a focus on primary care to diverse populations by providing evidence-based instruction.

The second year is devoted to basic clinical rotations, elective rotations, and seminars. Providing our PA students with these opportunities is an important part of building their clinical skills. The start date for clinical rounds will be Q5. Clinical duties are, at least, 32 hours per week. Students are expected to actively participate in all clinical activities (eg, “call-out”, large shifts, journal club).

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Each student will complete one rotation in each of the required clinical experiences. Elective time of up to 8 weeks may be available to students in good standing.

SCU’s MSPA program is a 28-month program, with 5-7 terms devoted to core clinical rotations, elective rotations, and seminars. By serving as a clinical supervisor for our students, you will play an important role in contributing to their clinical knowledge base. The clinical year consists of 10 clinical cycles: 8 core cycles and 2 elective cycles. Each cycle lasts for four weeks.

Our program emphasizes a holistic approach, teaching students to use scientific research and evidence to provide patient-centered adult health care. SCU is the first university to offer a physician assistant program that fully immerses students in a multidisciplinary environment. MSPA students take core courses with other students pursuing various health professions, including future chiropractors and acupuncturists. This unique professional environment enables students to succeed within collaborative health care teams.

Our Clinical Education Associate Program Director, Ashley Larsen, MPA, PA-C, is dedicated to developing and maintaining high quality clinical rotations for our physician assistants.

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Our Clinical Portal Information page contains materials needed by the Supervisor to make the clinical experience successful for the Supervisor and students. Our clinical team is also readily available to assist our administrators with resources and additional information as needed. Please contact us at any time.

We are very pleased that you have chosen to explore our program. Here at SCU, you’ll get a quality education while also having fun. If the proximity to Disneyland and the beach isn’t enough, we have a great itinerary. We believe in an interactive classroom that fully engages students and brings learning material to life. You will participate in case studies, oral case presentations, interactive examples, standardized patient experiences and much more. We have worked tirelessly to find unique clinical rotation sites to ensure a unique educational experience. You will graduate with confidence!

Our program is one of a kind that emphasizes integrated health care. At SCU, you’ll participate in a series of interactive health promotion courses that give students the opportunity to learn about alternative therapies, collaborate with other health professionals, and gain hands-on experience at integrative centers. These concepts are then reinforced throughout the clinical year and the Integrated Health Care cycle. We believe that not only students graduate with a good foundation to become Physician Assistants but also with a passion for a collaborative approach.

Each faculty and staff member that makes up our wonderful team brings years of experience and expertise to our program. You will be able to attend regular meetings with faculty, advisors and student advisors; as well as regular town hall meetings. Education is a calling, not a job, and we care about you! Your success is our main goal!

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SCU’s Academic Advisory Board is composed of top university academics, industry leaders, and content experts from around the world who are focused on the continuous improvement of SCU’s Physician Assistant program. Academic Advisory Board members volunteer their time and are a valuable and important asset to the program and the university.

Accreditation certifies that SCU’s programs, faculty, resources and partnerships meet or exceed national educational standards. The University of Southern California Health Sciences is accredited by the WASC College and University Commission (WSCUC), 1001 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 402, Alameda, CA 94501. Phone: (510) 748-9001.

In accordance with 34 CFR 668.43, the Master of Science Program: Physician Assistant (MSPA) at California Health Sciences University (SCU) provides professional licensure information for the program. Students should refer to the information below and contact the appropriate licensing board to ensure they meet the licensure requirements in the state/states in which they intend to practice after graduation.

After completing an ARC-PA-accredited program, graduates are eligible to take the Professional Board Examination given by the National Commission on Physician Assistant Certification. Upon successful completion of the exam, candidates are awarded the title of Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C). The candidate can then apply for a state permit and DEA certificate to prescribe controlled drugs. SCU’s Master of Science: Physician Assistant program meets the educational requirements for licensure in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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Some states have requirements as well as educational requirements: prospective and enrolled students are encouraged to research the licensure requirements for the state in which they intend to practice. These licensing requirements vary from state to state.

Acceptance of admission to the program or subsequent earning of an MSPA degree does not guarantee that the state or foreign country will grant the graduate a license to practice. Each country and foreign country, through its legal and administrative process, defines the levels of competence and the field of application of the Conventions under its jurisdiction. The American Academy of PAs maintains a list of licensing boards on their Directory of Licensing Boards – AAPA website.

Please note that licensing requirements are subject to change. Although SCU will confirm licensure requirements from time to time, we strongly encourage you to check with the licensing organization to confirm that you understand and meet the licensure requirements before enrolling in the program of your choice. Additionally, as you progress through the program, we recommend that you periodically check the licensing agency’s requirements to monitor if they have changed in a way that affects your licensing plans.

All international students are strongly encouraged to check the qualification requirements in the country in which they intend to practice.

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All admission requirements are posted on our admissions page. No discrimination will be made due to COVID-19. Visit our Corona Virus Information page for more information about COVID-19.

Yes. ARC-PA has granted continued accreditation status to the University of Southern California for the Health Sciences, a Physician Assistant Program Sponsored by the University of Southern California for the Health Sciences. Continuing Accreditation is an accreditation status granted when an accredited program is currently in compliance with ARC-PA.

Certification will remain in effect until the program is closed or withdrawn from the certification process or until certification is revoked for non-compliance with the Standards. The estimated date of the next ARC-PA program certification review will be September 2032. The review date is subject to continued compliance with ARC-PA accreditation standards and policy.

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