Graduation Gifts For English Majors

Graduation Gifts For English Majors – Oh, we always love the places you go, but these thoughtful, inspiring graduation gifts will be re-read after the glory and the occasion is over.

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Graduation Gifts For English Majors

Looking for great graduation gifts for the high school and college students in your life? You are in the right place! This mix of books has everything from inspirational graduation quotes and success stories to career and practical life advice. We hope that soon-to-be graduates will enjoy these 24 books long after the commencement festivities are over. Whether you’re looking for helpful non-fiction books, great memories, or meaningful art, you’re sure to find something to help them create the next chapter of their lives. And, of course, it’s not a bad idea to gift one of the best new novels, especially since your favorite graduate has a bit of a break.

What An English Degree Did For Me, By Tulip Siddiq, Sarah Waters And More

Here’s why: Some books are dog-eared on the bedside table, for easy reading and recommendation. Others should be visualized.

It can be both. A collection of quotes from Joan of Arc to Jack Kerouac (and more) presented in stunning, visual form. It is a rare book sitting on a small bedroom table in a first apartment coffee table.

Here’s why: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and big dreams don’t happen overnight. This book helps readers break down big goals and dreams into actionable steps and practices.

Easy to read and implement, but the simplicity compromises the power. Whether a graduate in your career wants to get fit, reduce stress, or build a business from the ground up, James Clear offers a helpful framework to guide you along the way.

Graduation Gifts 2019

Here’s why: Graduation is the end and the beginning. Morgan Harper Nichols’ collection of inspirational poems and prose captures Voss’s bittersweet experience of leading change. In short works that can be bookmarked and read over and over again, it inspires that there are lessons to be learned from each dead end and that there are new glimmers of hope every morning.

Quote: “What if all the flaws and imperfections are just part of your story – not the sum of who you are?”

Here’s why: A killer resume or letter of recommendation can help freshmen land their dream job, but so does maintaining good manners and poise. This self-help classic gives readers a solid foundation for life and work. Each of the seven habits is clearly explained, with classic examples. Class Reference, Class Reference Guide, Covey’s principle-focused bestseller is a timeless gift for graduates.

What I Wish I’d Known When I Was 20: A Crash Course in Creating Your Place in the World by Tina Selig

Luxury Graduation Gift Ideas For 2022 Graduates

Here’s why: Stanford University professor Tina Selig knows there is no one-size-fits-all path to success. Filled with student stories and personal insights, her book encourages readers to challenge limiting worldviews, learn to bounce back from failure, and see the world as a place of limitless possibilities rather than limitless institutions.

Quotable Quote: “It’s easy to follow the prescribed path, but it’s more fun to discover a world of wonder hidden around the corner.”

Here’s why: David Foster Wallace only gave one lecture in his career (in 2005, at Kenyon College), and the message was so enduring that the whole thing was published on Hackcover. What is special about Wallace Voss? As he cautions graduates about the daily challenges they face in adult life, he reminds them that newly learned skills will help them maintain understanding and compassion as they move forward on their journey to success.

Quotable quote: “It’s about simple awareness – it’s so real and important, the awareness hidden in the eyes around us, let’s remind ourselves again and again, this is water, this is water.”

Personalized Graduation Gift Registry Ideas For Your College Bound Grad

Here’s why: This book’s colorful illustrations, easy reading, and beautiful representation of diverse characters poignantly capture the love of a family raising a child to be released into the world. as a

The kind of book that will make readers of all ages feel a little sentimental and emotional.

Quotable quote: “Loved ones stand like puddles under their umbrellas, hold and kiss, and wish you luck. But you won’t be lucky enough to let go… because you’ll have love.

Here’s why: In this self-confident success guide, UK table tennis champion Matthew Said combines extensive research with his own stories to dispel the myth that talent is genetic. Syed has studied the achievements of great artists, musicians and athletes who all have one thing in common – hours, hours and hours of practice. No, really – about 10,000 hours each.

In The Salary Race, Engineers Sprint But English Majors Endure

Quotable quote: “When asked if he was lucky, golfer Gary Blair said, ‘Yeah, the funny thing is, the more I practice, the luckier I get.’

Here’s why: Tiffany Aliche is known online as “The Budgetist” because of her willingness to break down complicated personal finance advice into action. His methods work for both new and experienced budgeters, and the insights in this book are a great starting point for graduates who must simultaneously tackle debt, new budgeting, and investment opportunities.

Quotable Quote: “Financial wholeness is when all aspects of your financial life work together for your good, well-being, and wealth.”

Leave your mark: Land your dream job. Kill it in your life. Rock social media. By Alisa Licht.

The 9 Most Common Misconceptions About English Majors (and Why They’re Not Always True) — Dear English Major

Here’s why: It’s not just a career-advice book—it’s a complete guide in novel form. Talented fashion communications executive Alyssa Leach shares her secret to successful personal branding and how you can do it when you’re just starting out. It’s meeting someone for coffee and career advice, but in writing.

Quote: “If you push people to the top of the ladder, you’ll find there’s no ladder left or anyone to help you down.”

Here’s why: Mastering a recipe or two is one thing. Knowing the art of cooking—mixing spices, applying heat, understanding the way flavors work together—is another. Anyone looking to improve their kitchen skills can use Samin Nostat’s no-nonsense cooking method. The book is filled with colorful illustrations, recipes, and helpful tips for other recipes that can be applied to graduates’ current and future collections.

Quotable quote: “Play to each ingredient’s strengths: salt to enhance, fat to carry, and acid to balance flavor.”

Gift Ideas For English Teachers

A priceless call to one of the most successful writers of all time. Assuming they have saved their copy

From the first-rate collection, your brainy graduate would be hard-pressed to find a more useful book than Stephen King’s deeply personal, endlessly quotable guide to writing “anything you want.” This is a great gift for anyone who loves books.

Here’s why: When a recent college grad is moving home for a while or moving straight into a new apartment, downsizing makes the process much easier. What better advice than Marie Kondo?

Quote: “What you want to own is really how you want to live.”

The Most Eclectic Graduation Gifts For The Fine Arts Major

Here’s why: It’s easy for budding and seasoned artists to get distracted in life and miss the creative muse that inspires their joy in art, writing, or music. This book will again serve as a guide to that museum. It clears away the clutter, taps into your own creative process, and trains your mind to slow down and focus on the inspiration around you.

Here’s why: While often tense and complex, this book about current and future technologies is about staying mindful, going against the flow, and challenging the world around you. “You have to be human before you can share yourself,” the author wrote. They are great for any graduates who are addicted to social media. Because with great (computing) power comes great responsibility.

Quotable quote: “What these critics forget is that printing presses did not guarantee light output. It was men, not machines, who created the Renaissance.”

Here’s why:  If you know a recent student who loves to cook, why not help them improve their cooking? This cookbook and guide for entertaining loved ones and strangers alike has tips and recipes for everything from stir-fries to happy hour. Author Lila Sid includes stocking a pantry for last-minute treats as well as go-to bag tips for friends who are leaving early for the party.

Best Grad Gifts? We Got ’em!

Here’s why: Inspirational commencement speeches really do make a difference. In May 2012, best-selling author Neil Gaiman gave the commencement address at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where the entire book

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