Graduation Gifts For Graphic Design Majors

Graduation Gifts For Graphic Design Majors – What is the best gift for graphic designers? Think of things that can be called creative or weird. This is often a good way to inspire designers or make their work easier.

A designer is a person with a strong imagination, refined taste, creative abilities and a unique perspective on things. If you’re having trouble choosing a gift for that person, here’s a list of 30 great gifts for graphic artists.

Graduation Gifts For Graphic Design Majors

If your friend is a book lover, he will definitely love a collection of inspirational books. Any graphic designer should take the time to read one or more of these books.

Of The Very Best Gifts For A Designer In 2023 (tech, Software, Gadgets)

The series consists of 3 books: “Steal as an artist”, “Show your work!” Continuation by one author – Austin Kleon. All books are filled with interesting stories and useful tips for creating beautiful works of art.

If your customer’s health and well-being is important to you, offer them a pair of safety glasses. Most other professionals spend a lot of time looking at a 5K monitor, and the truth is that our eyes aren’t used to it. The anti-glare pair is designed to filter out some of the harmful elements that cause eye strain. It can also look great and be a great accessory.

While this gift is certainly affordable, it will make your designer jump for joy, cry like a baby, and kiss your hands. The Apple iMac boasts a 27-inch display with a resolution of 14.7 million pixels, a frequency of up to 4 GHz, a graphics power of 3.5 teraflops and 20 GB of bandwidth with Thunderbolt 2.

Developed by the Pantone Color Institute, this graphics guide will be useful for any graphic design professional. For web designers, the Color Bridge Coated version is the most useful for converting shadows to CMYK and RGB formats. Allows you to more accurately display Pantone colors on the screen.

The Easiest Way To Become A Graphic Designer

A set of 29 markers that your friend can use for short notes, illustrations or pop art. Make sure it is water based and can be used to paint on metal, glass, plastic, glass or any surface. The ink does not spread.

A special set of 400 playing cards provides hours of play and a great gift. This game will test your friend’s consumer knowledge. They will come in a beautiful open box. Find more interesting facts and surprises that will interest not only graphic designers.

This Wacom bamboo digital ballpoint pen can be a great addition to your friend’s note-taking tablet. It helps you write brainstorming ideas and sketches for projects, client meetings and storyboards, not just for professional purposes.

Illustrator is the best free graphic design software. If you or the gift recipient likes useful things, this is an obvious choice. Those who work with Adobe software will definitely appreciate this. It will also be useful as a resource for any designer.

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It is mentioned among gift ideas for graphic designers. Because these notebooks are quite popular among designers. That way, your buyer will be happy to try it or stock up. Especially if you are giving a large package.

Instead of a collection of useful or fun gadgets, you can take one tool and combine them into a cool cube. There is a speaker, a lamp and an alarm clock. You can also use it for hands-free calls and social media notifications, or mess around with the pixel display. A great tool to make a designer’s life more fun and easier.

Every designer knows the agony of trying to balance equipment, sketchbooks, and coffee mugs. To avoid screen cracks and coffee stains, you need a designer laptop, and this one has a great design. There is enough space for a 15-inch laptop, phone or animation tablet on a special stand and a corner for other non-serious things.

This is a great gift for graphic designers and others. This designer keyboard is actually made from natural, biodegradable bamboo. This technical marvel connects via a USB cable and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Great Gifts For Graphic Designers

The best gifts for graphic designers often encourage creativity, and that helps a lot. Dot panel saves time when working with user interface templates. But it’s also convenient and fun to try out different ideas for logos or other design elements. The product is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Don’t dismiss the idea of ​​a bag, because it is a classic, but it can still be appreciated among designer girls. Especially when it’s portable and as cool as this one. An everyday bag that will keep your friend’s essentials in one place: cables, pens, cosmetics, HDMI tablet, toiletries, tools and more. It also has a waterproof base.

Not only does this cup keep your friend’s favorite hot drink at the right temperature, but it also helps them take a break from the work process. If your designer friend likes long walks and coffee, this thermoregulating mug will come in handy.

Winter can be very depressing for a creative worker on the go. Take care of them by getting some nice, warm and breathable gloves that will keep your hands warm outside. These gloves have a finger and special woven threads that quickly react to any touch of the screen.

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Some graphic designer gifts have to worry about the security of their intellectual property, which is not necessarily digital. A busy designer can move easily with this bag. The bag connects to the smartphone for security, and the smartphone is charged via a built-in power bank.

Original entertainment for long evenings from the Australian Clemens Habich. Based on the CMYK color scheme, the puzzle consists of 1000 pieces and helps to develop logic and sense of color, as well as calms the nerves.

The most boring gifts for others, pens are the most common graphic design gifts. It must be of good quality to be useful only to the artist. You want a pen that won’t bubble, spill, or dry out quickly.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss this as a complicated idea. Every designer I know likes to receive if they haven’t already. This kit consists of a 20x telephoto lens, a 205-degree fisheye lens, a 0.5x ultra-wide-angle lens, a 25x super macro lens, a universal clip, a tripod, a viewfinder, and a bag. The best choice for designers and photographers.

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In the world of artistic or alternative people, where designers play a big role, it is difficult to find a more famous figure. The works of this creator are very popular. So some of the cards he’s created are great little souvenirs that are nice to look at and even nicer to play.

This is one of the gifts for true movie lovers and graphic designers. This is really helpful if your friend can’t pick a movie to watch over the weekend. From irreplaceable classics to modern blockbusters, thrillers, horror and award-winning animation, this stunning poster brings together 100 popular films to watch.

Something artists always struggle with is organization. Today’s artists are worse because of the amount of wires and cables they have to use. Help out your designer friend with the perfect laptop docking station to organize all your chargers and small items like your laptop or phone.

Another great organizer is the well-designed portable Type-C hub. It combines three USB 3.0 ports, an SD and Micro SD card slot, Ethernet, a charging port and a 4K HDMI video output. It can be a great addition to your photography laptop. You can be sure that it will be comfortable.

Gifts For Graphic Designers To Spark Their Creativity In 2023

Extra storage is one of those useful gifts for graphic designers that you can count on. There are many types of these devices, so you can find something that suits your friend’s needs. But even a simple backup device is great.

This little box is really something we should all be using by now. But for now, your designer remains the most incredible gift. It’s easier to carry around than a traditional iPad keyboard and mouse, making life easier for those who travel a lot and work on the go.

Graphic designers work with a variety of equipment every day that needs to be cleaned from time to time. An electronic brush is an inexpensive but useful tool that helps keep a variety of devices clean, from the best laser projection keyboard to a smartphone or watch.

When working on a user interface, web designers do several things

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